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  1. Everyone can't always get their way. Having Paleto open is not going to immediately catch on. But in due time, it will. Just trust me!
  2. Leaving Paleto where it's at, in my opinion, is going to be the best option. The LSCS has been created, let's leave them where they are at. People will catch on sooner and later and start heading out that way. Right now, there's just not enough RP that occurs there or people that care to stay there. Do you remember back on LS-RP how when you were in the county and the SD would pull you over for just driving through? That's how Paleto is at the moment. The CS doesn't see anyone out there so they run to the city. I promise you when people start moving more into the county (which may I add, this is where most of the crime takes place. Yes I see you) the CS will stay more out in the county than in the city. Let's not be discouraged by the first few weeks/month of Paleto being open. I can promise you that Hemma and Genny are doing a great job with it.
  3. I'll forward this and see what we can do.
  4. You can always request to transfer some resources/money :P.
  5. Kota

    the caption thread

    haha had no idea i was listed in screens here :P
  6. I love this boy, even though he doesn't talk to me about shit.
  7. @Maybe Magpie - If you would've asked me if you would ever be a admin back in December, I would've laughed and said do what? Naw. Not interested. But I am so proud of the progress you have made on this server and your willingness to help others. Keep on trucking!
  8. Hello, As Chief of Police I would like for the lightbar to be switched from the rotators to the LED lights on the crown vic (police) cruiser. @CodenameTim said this was possible.
  9. In real life, deputies and city police patrol within city limits and Sheriff's patrol in the county as well. With that being said, there will be jurisdictional boundaries here. Police are welcome in the county and the SD is welcome in the city.
  10. I agree with this, but not the mirror park one. Maybe at the Land Act reservoir off behind the dam, that would be nice. Would like to see a bit more in the county as well.
  11. Who saves me from login hell? Kele! @Ikechukwu
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