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  1. This is because in order to run GTMP, you need 11 and not 10 or 10.1 otherwise the game will crash. Regarding the fps drop, it is a common issue and alot of discussion was held on the forum as well as on the discord. It seems that GTMP developers are still working on that issue. The problem seems to be a memory leak which causes slow rendering of objects after playing the game for few minutes and causes FPS drop too. Another such example is PUBG which causes memory leak too as of now.
  2. Common bug. Happened with me twice so I just use default ped skins for now.
  3. There isn't any detailed information about factions on forums. Only the following things have been mentioned in feature documentation which I guess you've already gone through :- Can be created by any player Legal or illegal with different features Players can defend their faction territory, build a drug lab or a weapon warehouse.. If you want to know more about the faction system, my suggestion is that you ask over discord where you get instant reply by community members.
  4. I guess you can factionize any vehicle. I am not much sure about it.
  5. 45k. It's capacity is 65KG
  6. I would highly recommend plays.tv for people who has weak pc. I used to record my gameplay using plays.tv when I had a potato pc back in the days. I could easily record 1 hour of my gameplay without any FPS drops or whatsoever. Just make sure you have enough space in your hard drive if you're recording hours of your gameplay.
  7. It's a common error most likely from the client. Well yes you need to wait for the client developers to fix this issue. As far as I know, they are well aware of this problem and might be coming out with a solution or trying to fix it.
  8. top notch roleplay going around!
  9. rank-3 kills-8 is my top score till now they need to optimise the game i got a mid end pc :(((
  10. CrewMaster

    FPS stutter.

    The reason we haven't yet switch to RageMP is because they haven't release some compatibility module which Nervous has mentioned alot of times before. Also, the language on which the script is written is different and servers on RageMP use is some other language. So, if they want to move to RageMP right now they would have to rewrite the entire script. These are not my words, developers have discussed about this in discord.
  11. My bad. Today I was searching for my background story for some reasons in the UCP but I couldn't find it. So I guess I figured it out that it disappears after we get accepted :).
  12. If you got accepted, the background story will disappear from UCP. So it's better to save it in your PC because some of the legal factions ask your background story so you can just copy paste what you've written while making the application of master account.
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