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What are some valid levels of escalation with “legal” roleplayers?

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As someone who primarily roleplays illegal, a gang in a heavily gentrified area where homes cost that much is fucking stupid. Find a realistic area. It's not that hard. Making passive aggressive quips about how the legal roleplayers don't want to roleplay just makes you look stupid. Despite what the server leads you to believe, not everyone who lives in Mirror Park is an erper with six sports cars - I know a couple of people who make proper use of what they have and roleplay believable characters. 


Come on. Don't be dumb. 

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On 6/6/2021 at 4:43 AM, RoyalPainter said:

You’re walking through Mirror Park with your homies before someone calls the cops on your group for acting “suspicious “ and what not, this is not a specific example but it ties back to the broader question. What would you do in this scenario? What would be fair levels for revenge?


What I would have my character do:


Interact calmly and respectfully with police so they see there's no problem, and then have my character get on with whatever rp he was doing.


Fair levels of revenge:


None, or at most yell at somebody and be done with it.


Wanting revenge for something like that proves the people were right to call the cops on him in the first place. 

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