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  1. Ok, I went back and read Sugar's post that you were responding to, and your comment was a tangent about gun control, and this discussion we're having about gun control isn't relevant to what OP wanted to talk about.
  2. Yes, that's exactly right. It's completely reasonable for a city with a lot of gun violence (and hammer robberies) to have harsh gun control laws.
  3. My point was, a lot of gun violence can exist at the same time with "heavy gun control", and that gun control laws are reasonable for a city that has a lot of gun violence. Anyway, I chose those cities because they have restrictive gun control laws and high gun violence at the same time, which was my point. I did not make the argument they were among the most dangerous cities. I did not address the causes of gun violence, you went on that entire tangent by yourself. This is what he said: Really, I don't know what point he was trying to make. He could have meant a city shouldn't have gun control if it has 20 homicides a day for 1000 people, or he could have meant heavy gun control wasn't working, so I made my best guess and stated that it's very reasonable to have restrictive gun control (heavy is a vague word) in a city that has a high rate of gun violence.
  4. What was your point? My point was that places with a lot of gun violence frequently have restrictive gun control laws.
  5. Yes it is. The places with the most gun violence often have the heaviest gun control. New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles. That's because only law abiding people abide by gun control laws and the criminals, who are doing the homicides, don't give a shit about gun control and do whatever they want.
  6. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the best character concept ever created.
  7. That's just the seven secret herbs and spices of a particularly spicy discussion.
  8. Pushing staff to consider this as rule abuse covering poor rp might be a good way to curb this behavior. Another idea is refusing to accept rp unless the inflicting player agrees to accept similar rp in return, and then send a screenshot to faction management so faction management can keep a record.
  9. What about the children, waaaaah. They have every right to be here, waaaaah. Everyone adapt to them even though they knowingly entered a rated M+ environment, waaaaah. But seriously, let's not force rp on each other. Only cops and criminals are allowed to do that, waaaaah. Oh, and firefighters, wah. Note: not directed at the Petey, it's criticism of those overused threadbare arguments. And these people who misuse the rule protecting the rest us of from some sick shit weaken that rule. That must never be allowed to happen. That's refreshing. I wish I could fade to black during tough guy cop rp. It's so boring it feels like innocent balls are being flayed.
  10. No, I'm not derailing the thread. I was talking about the consequences of including real life pop culture references in fictional settings, and GTAW is a fictional setting. Creators, like the admins who are going to set GTAW lore, must be very aware of the consequences of the things they include or it will create continuity problems.
  11. Not really an appropriate question. Characters' backstories are often secret for good reason, like dramatic reveals for people who get to know them.
  12. Yeah. Here's the thing. Consider this. If there's a song called "Hotel California" in the setting, then there must be a band called The Eagles in the setting. If there's a band called The Eagles in the setting, then there must be a guy called Don Henley in the setting. If there's a guy called Don Henley in the setting, then everything about his life must be in the setting. His mom, his dad, all the places they lived, his pet hamster, everything. That means there's a place called Los Angeles, because Don Henley lived there. Same thing for all the other guys in The Eagles, and all the studio engineers and the recording studio, and all the concerts that the Eagles played, and everybody who went to those concerts. See how this gets out of control in ten seconds flat? This is why creators need to make their own lore.
  13. I'm not I agree with the policy, I'm only responding to Shao's comment.
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