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Escape From Tarkov


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Level 20 Flea Market is probably the best thing that happened to the game, ever. It incentivizes exploration, looting and balancing out your gameplay because you know that you can't pick every fight out there. It's made me more cautious towards getting hideout upgrades and all that jazz sorted out so I can actually have a means to not blow my brains out due to the frustrating gameplay loop.


But, hey. Last night was good cause I got two LEDX back to back.



I'm up to Level 25 by now and I'm actually having fun with the game. Had only two run-ins with cheaters but it is what it is.

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6 hours ago, bonk said:



1 day later, still tilted


Lol, I swear weapon malfunctions are more common on 100% condition weapons. I've ran 50% conditions without a single malfunction, then I get a 100% condition and it keeps malfunctioning. 

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