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  1. Nightclubs do cocktails chief. I hate night clubs, but best believe when I was in college, I was going to one specifically because they were doing 2 dollar Long Islands on Friday nights. And another we went to did dollar Tom Collins' on Thursday night. College town, bars/clubs started on Thursday. The problem is a large part in what's been mentioned to death already in this thread. The majority of these clubgoers and club owners have never been to, or do not habitually go to clubs or bars. It's the same situation as some of the lesser quality illegal roleplay who are basing their
  2. Pointless or profitless? Because if you guys were smart instead of trying to cut each other's throat for your little time bonus, you'd work together and open your clubs in sequential order with some overlap different drink specials going on at each club to promote a migration from club to club. But y'all don't do that. And I've never seen a club offer drinks specials at all because it's easier and more profitable for all involved to charge full price for everything. And therein lies the issue. Every club is more or less a carbon copy of the other with whatever flavor of DJ is hot that da
  3. Oh this one hits. But you forgot something. "After saying: 'We want to be investigated but PD won't."
  4. All 5 on duty admins too busy to answer a report, so I gave up after 45 minutes of waiting.
  5. What do you mean bro? All American cities are full of British people. They actually outnumber the Americans at least 3 to 1. Sick burn to the English self inserts. I like it.
  6. I mean, honestly if anything - staff reports and ban appeals should also be public. It's supposed to be about transparency, not embarrassment. When it comes to staff reports and ban appeals we have zero transparency. I don't know if I'd even play on a server with no transparency at all when it comes to policing members of the community. That's how you get people being banned for no reason and it marked as [Rule Break - see staff forums] Hell for all you know, when people get staff reported right now, a big laugh is had and straight to the trash with the report. The publicity of everything m
  7. That's gonna be a tough one. The hunting law bill was rewritten to be even half way realistic and for some strange reason they're voting no on it. So you won't be able to do anything in close proximity of anyone else without getting a ticket and possibly getting put on "tHe HuNtErS bLAcKlIsT" which doesn't actually exist. But yes, in the event that it was every handled realistically, I would like to see something like that too.
  8. Yes this. I would like to see weekly or daily mass. I've been RPing my character just going to church every Sunday. Would be neat to actually go to the church.
  9. I see entirely too much /me is 16 for that to be an accurate figure.
  10. I don't think you understand what a high powered rifle is.
  11. Because the pistol out DPS' it due to fire rate and the fact that the rifle has got reduced damage to stop every banger from becoming Chris Kyle. That was done intentionally. I think it was a misstep to think that gangbangers and robber squads who already act like we're RPing in Bogota and do all their crime from the back of a dirt bike wouldn't be out there acting stupid and basically doing it because they know they can't lose. If it was a 1 hit drop like a high powered rifle would be IRL, then it would be a moot point. Another dead banger. But then we're back to hood Chris Kyles making 50
  12. You know, I made the joke in another thread about gang bangers robbing hunters so they could have their Sureno Team Six and First Grove SF group sniper teams going. God damn y'all. I was just joking. I can't believe this actually a thing. That is failure at the highest level. Like, this is knowingly going to a place where people have high powered rifles, and trying to rob them. Because you know that you can out damage them with your pistol. Should be perma banned. Immediately. And not that perma banned that's actually like a month or two ban and a teary apology. The ban that says "No. Get
  13. If we a had something semi auto I would've dropped an array of shitty quality semi autos. Alas, we don't. So I listed bolt actions from meh to fancy.
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