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  1. 10/10 "Hey do you guys have a bed time? Cool. Me either."
  2. A lot of people who do that subscribe to the mentality that more is better. So they pile in a lot of over detailed stuff to make things look more technical I guess? I think there's a lot to be said for detailed lines in some situations. But at the same time it can really disrupt the flow of RP. So I would say that unless there is just a scene where everyone is really doing the over the top detailed lines for a scene that is important to everyone there - just save it. But that's my opinion.
  3. If you want top level simming, out of the park 24.
  4. The audacity of not having a baseball option.
  5. Drug hp shouldn't exist anyways. So nah.
  6. So what the IRS would look for on an IC level is not accumulated wealth in general over time. But large payments in and out of individual bank accounts, things that would in theory be beyond a character's means. For instance, an 18 year old kid depositing 80,000 a week into his bank account in addition to the script paycheck. Or large consistent withdrawals as well. It would almost have to specifically exclude property purchase and vehicle purchase to some extent unless it was just very skewed. One thing that could be done to also extend this would be the addition of business accounts for business owners, where the money from openings/profits could be stored. It would encourage characters that are interior designers to actually RP being interior designers and not someone who just slams a bunch of props down and calls it an interior job for the monetary gain to facilitate them also being a model/mechanic/club owner/trucker. It would help alleviate some of the flagging that would come from large deposits. I'm decently sure that when you buy furniture, it shows that you purchased furniture through the bank system. Script jobs would have to facilitate this sort of thing as well so when the truck grinds out his 3rd million, it shows that it's all from legal source. It opens up avenues of money laundering businesses and characters as well which encourages creativity in beating a system with a specific set of rules.
  7. Would actually like to see to stop gun/drug suppliers from having a money faucet that goes directly into their bank account with minimal consequence. Part of having a successful illegal cash only business is storing/laundering the money. Could lead to some interesting roleplay. Would probably get pegged as another "tHiS dEsTrOyS iLlEgAl Rp" concept and cried into oblivion. It's one of those things where people say "Oh yeah we want to be investigated." until they are. And then it's not fair anymore.
  8. The system I had lined up was using the baseball simulator Out of the Park. Completely random based on stats. My only thing was not wanting to play on a team full of silver sluggers, gold glove winners, and cy young finalists
  9. Yeah, I mean he still exists. Full disclosure he's an alt but I was pretty active on him. I don't even think he's in the ULSA faction anymore.
  10. Honestly, I've had my ULSA character RPing being on the baseball team for months already. But there just wasn't enough people to implement it.
  11. I talked to the people at ULSA about it. They were all for it. The problem is, nobody on the server especially in the faction seemed interested in being a baseball player because they don't know how the game works.
  12. If we're becoming Fudds, all LEO's must shift to the 1911, because the only reason we carry .45, is because they don't make a .46.
  13. Yeah, I worked in a fab shop during the summers in high school. It sho is.
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