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  1. Yeah. The get rich quick scheme and not giving a business time to develop and flourish in the short attention span environment is the real killer. I would love to see more businesses that are like the pride and joy of a character. You know? Life's work and livelihood kind of thing. But, given the current climate, you don't see too much of it.
  2. Well, my statement was very broad. And you're correct about the club part for sure. I mainly meant I would like to see more businesses that cater to something other than just the club experience. And I realize that it can be difficult and the over head on something like a restaurant is a lot larger, plus I'm not sure if long term interest is there from a server stand point. I think it's something that the community in general should take steps in helping establish. I know several months, maybe even a year ago there was a restaurant that opened a few times. A fine dining establishment. And I think I saw the restaurant open maybe a handful of times? Other than that? Just the roof top bar.
  3. So I'm yes and no on this. That port is not designed that realistically and is open. Real life major ports are not. The Port Authority's job is not security. The Port Authority's job is actually to control navigation into the port from the sea side. Think of them as air traffic controllers, but for floating sky scrapers. The PA is going to be the people who are sending out pilots that take over the ships and navigate them into the port. If you want to talk security, major port security is run by Department of Homeland Security. More specifically the US Coast Guard and Customs and Border Patrol. Now, why people are trying to commit armed robberies in the middle of a zone that would realistically be crawling with what breaks down to federal level security makes no sense to me, and those people should be dealt with accordingly over realism portrayal. By and large, ports are not owned by the city. It's a federal trade zone and handled as such. So for the most part you're not getting local cops on you for that. You're getting DHS and depending on the crime even FBI on you. But that's not to say that crime doesn't happen down there. It obviously does, moreso in the veins of trafficking items. They have to come in somewhere. So I think the actual play is to limit petty crimes down at the port. And it would be up to the staff team to figure out what exactly they want limited if anything even at all.
  4. Yo hooo ahoy and avast, being a pirate is a really bad ass.
  5. Game Wardens in the real world police anywhere there is fishing or any possible offense involving wildlife. So given that there's only two piers in the city, what's the harm? Or alter the script where people can fish from the land on any body of water and implement the same sorts of hot spots that the boat fishermen get. Implement a fishing license the same way we have a hunting license for personal and commercial instead of the current situation which is no personal fishing license and a forum license for commercial. Change it to the same format of going and buying one or both at the licensing office downtown, or hell, even make the hunting and fishing licenses at the SAPR office so the money goes directly to them, which is how that would generally work IRL.
  6. There should be no "less rewarding" if a fish is caught in the city versus if it's caught in the county. They're by and large going to be the same sorts of accessible fish. In every state in the United States, a Game Warden, or in this case a Park Ranger -these two things are not the same by the way, but we have them acting in both capacities- have jurisdiction in places where they believe that an offense that pertains to them is occurring. And that is because they're a state organization. Their scope is not the same as state police, but they more or less have no jurisdiction when operating inside their state borders. It is the state. In my mind, you lift the "forbidden zone" and you allow people to fish wherever. And you allow the Park Rangers to conduct duties within their scope, where ever that people might be fishing. And they should make an internal rule that more or less says if you're found acting outside of your capacity and heading down to the hood and looking for trouble or whatever, then you're gone. It's that easy. Give them their state powers in a small scope, have them have an internal addendum to their "jurisdiction" that basically says the only time they're supposed to be inside another entities operational space is when they're conducting an investigation pertaining to their specific scope, which in this case is wildlife related. And if they find their people violating that rule, fire them.
  7. Would you be interested in me trading you my sultan/elegy/jester + money on top for the car you're trying to sell?
  8. Hey they were sickening and disturbing. But also pretty please with sugar on top, if it's not too much trouble can you not do it again?
  9. Honestly, if we're talking transparency, nothing should be hidden as far as admin judgements and complaints.
  10. It'll work this time, dammit. OT. Stop treating every traffic stop like you're in Mogadishu in 1993 and you won't have 20 cops on your traffic stop. It's literally that simple. Some of you people would rather shoot a cop than take a misdemeanor L on a gun possession that might not even come up and then come to the forums and be like "WhY iS iT lIkE tHiS. wE dInDu NuFfIn"
  11. I'm not saying we shouldn't have additions. But really and truly, and I'm sure someone has already said this, and I know someone is already doing it. But we should really look into having our own stuff mapped in that fits the server. That's the only reason I voted to remove it. It's a neat concept. But I think what we have isn't really very well executed.
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