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  1. I honestly think more vehicles should be regulated this way to open up a more diverse vehicle setting and cut down on the number of professional street racers who can't pull up to red lights without racing someone, whether the other person knows it or not.
  2. But bro they're from South Central..... Europe..... .
  3. Think about the amount of crime that happens in this country. And then think about the events that you're saying are a commonality. They're not.
  4. +1 to this. It's a very gamey system that isn't regulated very well. Appeals are basically ignored, and when they finally get looked at, it's weeks/months later and they fall back to the "too much time has passed" like it's everyone's fault but those who should've been reviewing it the day it got posted. So yeah, get rid of it, save for in house incidents and gross player negligence decided and reviewed by admins on the spot, and apt to appeal.
  5. You forgot to lock the thread after giving your input regardless if there was any resolution to the topic. That's my post. Because it do be happening a lot.
  6. Don't forget to do your CE's. 275011981_281921234057859_684647106734984954_n.mp4
  7. The community has already proven it's not trustworthy enough to handle itself when it comes to properties. And whether you agree with it or not, a system is required. I don't know if the current system is the right one - but it has to have some over sight.
  8. But what's the actual reward? A loot box? Who cares? Loot boxes are a gamey system designed to prey on people with addictive personalities and a drive them to keep playing the game with an intangible reward system. "Message Nervous if you get the golden panda" - so there's some prize out there that might be worth having. But a reward isn't spending time in game to cash in these tickets for literally less tickets. A reward for good RP should be the things like content additions, expansion of in game events, which I know - RAGE, further abilities to expand on characters. Good RP should be met with flexibility in ideas for factions if they shown the ability to demonstrate a good quality of RP and management. Something other than a gamey, house favorited system. That's not a reward.
  9. I have to return some video tapes that day.
  10. Everyone says it's not fun to be in jail. Then stop doing shit that will land you in jail for an extended period of time. Do you realize how stupid it is for a cop to put a character in jail for murder, and then see them on the streets next week acting like nothing happened? You ain't the only one suffering. People asking for realism all the time. Except when it comes time to answer for their crimes. Like explain how that works to me. I'm not trying to put it down. I want to understand but I can't. Because the answer is "Well it's not fun." Bro you can PM me, we can have a conversation on discord, I don't care. But I gotta know. "It's not fun" is a cop out. And too many people talk about their fun per hour, and in the next breath talk about realism. And that's bullshit.
  11. Right. It's the same, because - and hold on to your hat for this one. It's the same people. Which is obvious in the way they worship the very thought of the good old days, and want to replicate it in every detail. It doesn't make it correct. The culture was bad then, and it's still bad now. I agree, I don't think that jail should tick down when you're logged off. I don't think there should be an accelerator when you're online in prison. And I think that the penalties for committing capital offenses should be greatly improved from the slaps on the wrists that are out there now. If you get caught murdering someone, that should pretty much be the end of the character on the outside of prison. Because that's usually what happens IRL. But instead due to the penalties currently enforced, we have 16 year olds that have killed 6 people and are RPing it as being in the YA for 6 months because they don't follow the rules.
  12. There is a culture issue on the server where people who don't want to be in jail but like to be criminals, see jail as an OOC punishment. And nobody has said what should've been said "If you play fuck fuck games, you win fuck fuck prizes." and jail or prison is that prize. And they get in and just name change, get right back out there playing the same characters with a different name. Not everyone does that, of course. But there's a lot who do. As long as that culture is allowed to exist, then there will never be a decent jail population. Couple that with the notion that if you stay outta trouble for X amount of time regardless of how many people you've murdered but don't quite have enough points to go to jail for life, your points tick down over time to nothing, and if you're active in jail, your time ticks down faster (I think. I know it did for a while). So you can't have a dedicated faction, if that's the case. Only people who want to RP lifers will RP lifers. People who get sentenced to life in prison that didn't start there, they don't wanna be lifers. And for them, it's easier to just name change. A faction can't function in that environment.
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