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  1. Shoot them a PM, asking them to fix it and move on, if they want to act like an ass, let them act like an ass, it makes them look dumb if anything.
  2. Admins involved in LEO factions don’t normally take LEO related reports as per our administrative guidelines. While there are a lot of admins in LEO factions. The majority avoid LEO related reports and incidents because of attitudes such as yours where they’ll be instantly accused of bias.
  3. Username (Optional): J.A. Comment: The LSPD thanks you for your evidence submission.
  4. Meanwhile me, an American player who never gets to see the light of day.
  5. You know what? Bring it back, it brought some of the lowest quality roleplayers to one spot, this would allow admins to just watch the store for a few moments and just remove the folks who are here to troll and provide roleplay quality a roblox server would scoff at.
  6. As with everyone else in this thread, I agree, however I think 16 year olds should be locked behind some kind of application be it through IFM or RPQM, it's getting annoying to see people roleplaying as children get mad when they get treated like adults while they act like adults and result with a "/me is 16 and just got tazed." is just bad portrayal and roleplay.
  7. Ah yes.. One person talked about robberies and now it's a crying thread about robberies, which has nothing to do with the initial topic. On topic, yes it would be nice to see folks just passively roleplaying in a few different areas, local government could go and attempt to setup minor events being anything from a small fair, to a farmers market, to some random event that celebrates a current holiday that's not an overly spammy EDM party. Even business owners could host minor events as well following some of the ideas above.
  8. I'm gonna say this, whichever admin ends up locking this thread, I hope your boat gets boarded by this guy. On topic: Don't rob boats, this isn't Somalia, it's poor roleplay and you'll be punished for it.
  9. Folks should read the SHAFT act then if they don’t want to be charged with it.
  10. Oh look, this thread for the 20th time this year.
  11. Let's talk about this from a Detective's point of view. The LSPD Detective Bureau has a little under 20 detectives, and some in the pipe to become detectives. I'm unaware of SD's numbers but last I heard SD's MCB was low on numbers as well, with a majority of their detectives being OSS. Detective RP takes a very certain type of person and skill set, it's not cut out for a majority of people. It's slow, tedious and takes sometimes days to weeks of work to get anywhere. Some detectives are working multiple cases at a time, and most have a certain field they specialize in, so not all detectives are looking into homicides. On top of all that, most patrol officers and standard deputies don't want to, can't, or won't conduct a basic investigation into a dead body, it's normally straight to calling a detective. Once that detective gets on scene all they have to work with most of the time is a single dead body and multiple casings. Fortunately we now have blood, but that leads to another issue with overworking the extremely few but dedicated Techs the LSPD has. Most of these bodies turn out with 0 leads, and even if you have a lead, if it's not a CK, odds are their friends or family won't talk with you anyways regardless of how their character should feel. The crime rate on this server is absolutely absurd. People will attempt to twist and bend how reality actually is so they can involve themselves in Child Soldier Simulator 2021. Block wipes constantly happening, random shootings over extremely petty and stupid shit. Shooting at cops for extremely petty and stupid shit, and then the reasoning was "Oh I had a gun and didn't want to go to jail." yes, a day in jail or a slap in the wrist now turned into Capital Murder. The LSPD and LSSD do their best to patrol multiple areas of the city and county, and people complain that they see them only responding to serious calls and never basic body calls or simple incidents. It's because they either have all their units tied up in the more serious incidents that can involve up to 20 officers and we have had at least 3 of these incidents happen at the same time recently to a point where units on patrol have to be stretched thin to respond. There's a lot of issues, and none of them are simple fixes. Reduce the amount of automatic firearms and heavy weaponry to a more realistic standpoint, to put things into perspective Rifles of any kind were only used in 364 homicides in 2019, in the ENTIRE US. Automatic firearms are extremely rare, most of these shooting incidents in the US are the result of handguns, a good portion of that time being .22lr or .38. Start looking at the guns, and you'll start seeing less block wipes and less incidents that result in homicides, and thus reducing work on LEOs, and thus less dead bodies and more interesting responses to non-violent 911 calls. tl;dr American think too many gun, too little detective.
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