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  1. The robbery system in my opinion is currently fine, increasing the amount of money to be made from robberies will only increase the robberies themselves. All you'd see is an increase of duos on Enduros.
  2. You have people who have the same name as other communities but have a completely different character. A good example is GTA:W Jake Anderson is a completely different person than say RCRP/SAMP Jake Anderson. You can't force character development only encourage it.
  3. Y'all starting to head towards insulting territory. Keep it civil.
  4. Launch RageMP as admin, and if that doesn't work make sure the Rockstar Launcher is starting as admin, since it's bringing up an error regarding permissions "Access was denied."
  5. I've seen coin flip used in tasteful RP and I've also seen it used in borderline powergame scenarios. It really depends on the person using it. It's just another script to be utilized. Wether people abuse or make it look bad is down to them.
  6. I'd personally love to see more journalism regarding crime and other things in general. The problem is a lot of people lack the drive to do actual investigative work, and those who do have that drive normally end up as Detectives in the LSPD or SD anyways. There's a lot people could write about just based on active court cases, a lot of the time if a Detective busts someone for a crime, our entire casefile and summaries are part of the evidence provided in the trial, which I'm pretty sure realistically people can get a hold of during and after court cases.
  7. My last good game of Rimworld was when the WH40K mod was around in 1.0. Nothing like Salamanders drop-podding through your roof and lighting your entire colony on fire while your traitorous patchwork legion returns fire with bolters.
  8. Ooh, this looks fantastic.
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