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  1. I'll be hosting a server for 41 multiplayer when it comes out.
  2. If someone legitimately has to go do something that's gonna take 5 minutes or their pizza is about to burst into flames in the oven, who cares? Take that five minutes to breathe, fuck around on your phone, or just pass the time.
  3. Who would win, 3 virgin level 30+s with KS-23's and MP7s, or one level 7 chad with an almost stock 40% AK-74 with PS rounds? https://streamable.com/tjcbvj
  4. Easy fix for both sides. Pop a menu up like when you have to deal with multiple casings, for us to pick and choose what we pick up off the body. No more inventory full of trash, no more body burgers, and everyone's happy.
  5. Shout out to @Adv for assisting PD with 8+ search warrants by bouncing between three different groups.
  6. This 100% is needed, so when I'm doing detective shit I can knock out the guards and sneak around.
  7. I'll bitch smack anyone who thinks they can conceal an MP5K in their pants too. Definitely agree with this, there's a reason criminals still use revolvers in the modern era.
  8. While we're at it. "Dracos" aren't concealable either, every one of the 4 videos I saw floating around on youtube, shows the dude printing like an HP.
  9. Agree, the script is already there to make firearms semi-automatic, why not add in the AR-15 for civilians to nab under say a new license that requires a training course or to be LEO.
  10. Yeah, this ain't it chief. If folks want to dive into better RP for illegal factions they should probably look into more commonly used firearms. Here's a nice little infographic about that. I don't know how a Mac10 is easily concealable unless you're one of those folks who thinks a Krink' (commonly referred to as the 'Draco') is concealable but in reality they're printing more than a Epson. Your price is super off too. On topic, I'd love to see revolvers make a big splash as they're commonly used as well.
  11. I don't think we should have unconstitutional agencies within the server.
  12. It's all fun and games until someone gets arrested for murdering a Ped. No, this will just lead to more LSPDFR mentality.
  13. No, my family doesn't need to know I pretend to be a grizzled old detective, and write books worth of paperwork and reports for fun.
  14. Alright, I saw some people bringing up pool tables earlier in the thread. Keep in mind safes are also an item that you can buy at a store and place in your home, hopefully it'll be a super heavy item that makes it super inconvenient to just carry around. And as far as a timer on DNA tests, I feel like 6-12 hours is a more realistic number and wouldn't overwhelm Technical Services, who already get battered to death by PD's Detectives.
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