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  1. Good shit on changing the topic author @Nervous
  2. I fuck with this heavy.
  3. Taking a stroll through Vespucci'.
  4. Wonderful. Thank you for your feedback. I'll make sure to get with you on some of the communication if I begin the rework of the system.
  5. /call 911 This is 911 Emergency Dispatch, which service do you require? if response is nothing -- Sorry I didn't understand, what service do you require? else -- Law Enforcement personnel shall be notified. What is your current location? (This is different depending on what service the player inputs.) if response is nothing -- Sorry, I didn't quite understand that. else -- Please describe the situation briefly! Then send the call with all the information to PD/SD/FIRE.
  6. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now, as well as add a non-emergency line. Here is the format for Emergency Calls that I was thinking: |__________Emergency Call__________| Caller: Matical, Ph: 420, Trace: Hawick Services required: Both Location: Hawick 24/7 Situation: I witnessed robbery at the Hawick 24/7! Someone is dead!
  7. A new system is in development to solve this issue.
  8. Already have been working on this as well as other door commands like /ddo.
  9. That's what /vunregister does. There is nothing else to it like where you have to pay extra, it just sets the plate to 'NONE', hopefully accompanied by good roleplay or it could possibly result in a jailtime.
  10. Rubberbullets are already being developed, waiting for them to be approved.
  11. matical

    UCP down

    https://www.gta.world/ucp - Seems to be working for me at this time. Try clearing browser cache.
  12. matical

    Ore seizing (SD)

    I would like to see some input from PD/SD members on this.
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