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Found 23 results

  1. Hey, I'm L I C E, a bitch from Britain and a former member of the mapping team. I've been interested in furnishing for a long time and back when I still played ESO I used to dungeon-master and build my own event areas using the house furnishing systems, from forests to dungeons to tombs to murder scenes and I thoroughly enjoy furnishing. This thread'll document my work and progression as a mapper, so... enjoy. My latest projects (and better) will probably be in the later pages of this thread. An apartment I worked on early when I began:
  2. This seems like a thing mappers do... so why not have a go of it myself? You'll find all the projects I work on in this thread, hope you enjoy! THE JOKER'S CROWN Casino FILLY'S LIQUOR STORE Liquor Store DAVIS CITY HALL Municipal Offices CLAPPERS RESTAURANT Restaraunt, bar and venue room (Loved doing this one!) EAST REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES Municipal Offices DAVIS HOUSE Personal Property DOWNTOWN VINEWOOD STUDIO APARTMENT Studio Apartment SANDY SHORE'S OFFICE SPACE Gruppe 6 County Offices FORUM DRIVE APARTMENT #1 1 bedroom apartment FORUM DRIVE APARTMENT #2 1 bedroom apartment
  3. Just a place to show off some mapping that I've done over the course of my time on the server. A lot of help has came from the Property Management discord, but a few notable people that have helped me the most would be @jesscatXD, @Adero and @Skitail! COMPLETED Little Apartment Clients Apartment Voodoo Shop (Only have one picture) Therapists Office Jamaican Restaurant Clients Small House (Help from @jesscatXD) Clients Apartment (95% Done & help from @jesscatXD) Apartment Alta Apartment (Small Budget) WORK IN PROGRESS Little Seoul Apartment
  4. Got into mapping thanks to Havana, Skitail, and Adero and I'm completely addicted to it. The ability to put in bits and the little details to bring the place back to life just makes it so much more mesmerizing. Each thing I've done below were for my characters, and especially since I take my time doing these I do not map for other people (pls no more requests <3) The first one ever made, I had to get loads of help from Adero and Skitail. It was the first time I set foot into mapping something and this is the result. It's a house in Senora Desert, just behind Chianski 24/7. It's cute, it's small and I absolutely love it. I mapped it around my LSPD character. This is my second project. A 1-bedroom house in Mirror Park. It's small, it's cute and I was totally invested in this one. It's one of my favorite builds and I am going to miss it. Unfortunately, the bedroom is now gone, but I am glad I saved pictures of what it was like. The Bay Bar! One of my character's small-town bar. It's meant to portray that feel, and this is was the result. The little hallway, my favorite part of this whole thing, was made possible by Skitail after I cried and gave up 3-hours into my attempts of making it. Unfortunately can't hide the part over the hallway entrance (where it is naked) with the wooden wall as it clips through and causes my "OCD" to go nuts. Pied a TerreThere was this little ο»Ώroom just above a taco shop and I couldn't resist buying it because my character is a fat ass. Although it is very small, this property was very frigging annoying to map. It took me more than I'd like to admit to justify the fact that there was only one door to enter this property, yet it had three separate balconies as you can see in the first two screenshots. The only justification was that the door leads to a hallway and within said hallway were three rooms in a row. So, I went ahead and mapped this hallway and three doors, although only one of them actuallyο»Ώ functions (because I'm scared of Bjork). The other two are dummy doors that supposedly lead to those balconies you can see. All I have to say about this one is that I absolutely adore the view. The Journey interior was a fun project, half-way through I had to ask @Dashing for help since he's got an eye for making things look rundown or old. I love it, and it's a shame we were limited to how many items we could add ? 1256 Palomino Avenue Complex β€” a little apartment block in Little Seoul that's brought to life. It was fun to map, and with a lot of help from @jesscatXD And again with the help of @jesscatXD, we made 6458 Power Street Apartment Complex The Tug interior! (Again, a shared effort with @jesscatXD who made it all possible :)) Brick Apartment I've been wanting to make this apartment for sooooo long and finally got around to it! It was surprisingly difficult to map out but once I got the layout down, it was fun putting myself in the mind of a 30-year-old-loser that had an edgy taste in decorations (hence the hung props.) My favorite part is the moody lighting that the screenshots don't remotely do it justice πŸ™‚ edit marker
  5. Welcome to Meatballs mapping projects! This is where I plan to post my mapping projects, and first out is The Rattlesnake Saloon. I've been mapping for a few months now (2 months, to be honest), and this is my biggest project (500 items). Feel free to trash it, comment it and give me some critique! The Rattlesnake Saloon Sandy House/Trailer
  6. I'll post some of my favorite projects in chronological order here. Peckerwood Tobacco Lounge in Paleto Bay Sandy Tattoo Parlor Back Room Sandy Shores Trailer Sandy Pawn Shop Peckerwood Tobacco Store in Sandy Shores Harmony House
  7. FURNITURE CATALOG - Preview objects/furniture in the game. Use "REVEAL HIDDEN CONTENT" to browse the category. Only (complete) ones are complete. Big thanks to @MartosG, @cxn, Lena, Azexor, Fahuky (@Fahuky) from GTAW:FR forums for volunteering to help with this ❀️ Navigate - Couches, Chairs, Armchairs, Misc. Seating, Office Chairs, Benches, Beds, Electronics, Appliances (this page - scroll down) Tables, Side and Coffee Tables, Outdoor Tables, Misc Tables, Shelves, Dresser, Safes and Lockers, Cabinets, Misc. Personal Storage Plumbing, Umbrella and Canopies, Traffic cones and barriers, Auto, Construction, Traffic Signs, Buildings and Structure, Industrial, Business and Store Related Pallets shipping boxes and storage, effects, trash cans, Trash and Litter, Public Utility, Machinery, Mail Related, Restaurant Related, Vending Machines Stars and ladders, Doors, Garage doors, Business doors, Blinds and curtains, Windows, Glass Walls, Misc Doors, Gates and Fences, Pillars and Poles, Exercise, Hobbies, Sports, Instruments, Cleaning Office, Beach, Animal Related, Death Related, Holiday Related, Drugs, Medical, Outdoors, Recreation Everyday Items, Lighting, Nature, Misc., Plants, Mature, Signs, Decoration, Wall Art Photos, Statues, Flags, Computers, Smartphones and Phones, Radios and Speakers, Clocks, Cameras, TVs Entertainment and Media, Misc. Electronics, Beauty Items, Food Items, Drinks, Toys, Weapon and Tools, Kitchen items, Clothing Accessories, Luggage, Backpack and Bags, Imported Objects, Imported Objects 2, Imported Objects 3, Walls / Floors / Roof 1, Walls / Floors / Roof 2, Walls / Floors / Roof 3, Walls / Floors / Roof 4, Skate Park, Gambling Couches(complete) Chairs(complete) Armchairs(complete) Misc. Seating(complete) Office Chairs(complete) Benches(complete) Beds(complete) Electronics(complete) Appliances(complete)
  8. 2nd Floor Apartment, Abe Milton Pkwy House. $300,000 Budget. Prior development experience required and a portfolio should accompany your statement of interest, as well as an estimated invoice. Would prefer to keep the interior reflective of the exterior, in terms of style and design. CONTACT AT: [email protected] (Forum PM)
  9. Hello! I am Adero and I am part of the mappers team of the server, I originally started mapping the mechanic garages around the server a long ago, and for a few months now I've been working on various projects now that the furniture system is fully functional. I will try to keep this updated, but sometimes I forget to upload stuff xD I have decided that it is time to start sharing the things I am making as most of them usually end being projects for a specific person and never see much love, I'll try to be updating this on a regular basis once I map a new interior. Sadly, I do not have most of my old interiors screenshotted so I will be mostly posting new stuff that I build from now on. We'll begin with my latest project, Cool Beans in Del Perro. I and @Kozinski have spent nearly two weeks doing this interior and it turned out amazing. Last time I checked, it is at 1120 objects and counting. This is about two months old now, a house in Paleto Bay, that I and @ashlyii created in Paleto Bay. This is the main floor that houses our office, along with the main reception area with the entrance towards the small lockers room. And this is the actual clinic that houses the waiting room, check-up room, kennels, and surgery rooms. The next upload is even older than the previous one, it seems like we're going backward tonight. This is the Workshop for Cross Munitions that I've made a few months back, @ashlyii provided assistance with the decorating of one of the areas. The main workshop area: And the storage area, plus some gun racks for firearms storage: And a tiny tidy server room + CCTV screens: The next one is a house I've done for a player a while back, it's a rather small one, but I loved the end result. If I recall correctly, it is a small house in Sandy Shores. And I forgot to take photos of the bathroom, oh well ? And here's another project that I loooved to map. The rave warehouse, "The Warehouse" that I made for @Perstephone. I really enjoyed making this place and loved it when it was open, with music and people ❀️ Here comes the skate park, I'll make sure to upload more photos once I do some more because this place is huge and three photos are not enough. This project is totally @ashlyii's and I was helping where I can, and oh boy did it not turn out magnificent. Recently we also made some mapping for the Beaver Bush Ranger station in Vinewood Hills. @ashlyii did some insane job with the furniture of the place and nailed it so well, probably my favorite mapping, ever. Here comes the new and renovated Hang Ten. Recently Skitail joked about redoing the interior and considering that there were numerous issues with it, I quickly agreed on doing it. So here's the modern Hang Ten Here is the main floor, which most customers get to see and where most of my efforts went: And this is the storage room, again on the main floor, just behind the counter: And on the second floor, we have the lockers, shower, and the office room: Now I also have my character's home finished, all thanks to @Kozinski, she did amazing job decorating the place. Welcome to my Rancho home ? About a month ago, I and @Skitail were tasked with mapping the Sheriffs' building in Sandy Shores, and hell, it was quite the task to come up with a proper floor plan for that one. Tiny building and so much to fit in it. The building contains a Briefing Room with some office desks, something like an open office plan, there're also cells, detectives' offices, as well as a separate office for the station' commanding officer. There're lockers, kitchens, armory, and even a rather empty evidence room ^^. The Sheriff's office comes first Briefing Room and open-plan offices The cells area that includes a small area to process the arrested. The Detectives' office comes next. Evidence room: Next in line is the Armoury, together with the kitchen, bathroom, and the lockers room. And that concludes this project. I hope you like it ? December was a busy month for myself, finished three more interiors and now I am working on a new one. I hope you like what I do because I truly enjoy it. 1356 Senora Freeway, a decent house on Senora Freeway. It comes with two bedrooms, a large kitchen area with cabinets and a counter and a big living room. 97 Cortez Street, a small but gorgeous apartment that I struggled to map. The owner of the property wished to have two bedrooms, which was the main reason for it to be re-designed, and oh boy, it was a pain to do it, but the end result is amazing! The home now feels like such. Warm and cozy. The Two Fools Tavern in Sandy Shores This bar was a joy to map, not only because it was something to be made old and "western" styled, but because I had a great mapper alongside to map with. It is always great to map with others. While I barely finished the property's design, @Cara was already doing an amazing job decorating this place to the smallest detail. The next morning I woke up to a beautiful interior. One of the very few bars I'd gladly visit to have a drink in if you ask me. Hotline Bar Right in the middle of Spanish Avenue, the place turned out to be amazing, and so fun. Big thanks to @Towbiefor his help with the place, saved me hours of work, came up with some nice ideas, and was ever so supportive! 934 Paleto Boulevard
  10. [WEBSITE] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ]
  11. Fancy's not-so-fancy mapping. Businesses: The Boat House Bar and Strip: South Alamo Pawn: Diginity Community Camping Goods Store: Up-n-Atom Diner: Homes/Trailers: Stab City Trailer: Sandy Shores House: Stab City Trailer: (Made with the help of @Scorch) Senora Trailer:
  12. ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ https://face.gta.world/pages/EdevaneInteriors ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ The Garden (Nightclub) [First Project] Build Components: Bar | Dance Floor | DJ Booth | Staff Room | Seating | VIP Area | Terrace | Bathrooms | Art | Walkway https://imgur.com/a/salDuwk ╠═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╣ Hawick Studio (Personal) Build Components: Lounge | 3x Bedrooms | Kitchen | En-Suite Bathroom https://imgur.com/a/QEZW0WZ ╠═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╣ Mirror Park Deli (Commercial) [Unfinished] Build Components: Kitchen | Walk-in Freezer | Deli Counter | Lounge | Seating | Shelves | Art | Storage Room https://imgur.com/a/YzuSVmA ╠═════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╣ The Venetian Hotel (Commercial) [WIP (Potential room for change)] (Updated 29/01) Build Components: Reception | Lounge | Bathrooms | Hotel Rooms | Restaurant/Bar | Elevator | In-door & Out-door Pool | Gym | Sauna https://imgur.com/a/IrApH4q
  13. Short description: As the title says. Detailed description: I roleplay a character who lives in an RV. Giving the ability to /furnish Journey and Camper would allow me to decorate it to my needs. Since /furniture does not work in a camper, you cannot add a light source to grow weed. I think growing weed in a RV should be possible. Perhaps if there is weed growing inside the RV could not be despawned. Commands to add: None Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? Allows people to decorate their RV interiors to their liking and allows growing weed which makes the server more realistic. Additional information:
  14. Welcome to the system of interior designing on GTA World. It's changed significantly over the last year, with introductions to simplify the user interface and streamline the mapping workflow, such as sharp rotation, duplicate and copy/paste. There's also been a large swathe of objects added to the database, all bursting with creative potential (Thank you to the team for organizing the items). Players now have hundreds of objects at their disposal, each for a very reasonable price. For example 100,000$ can purchase around 400 items! More than enough for most designs, although some do go up to and above 1,200 objects. Thanks to faster interior loading speeds and performance improvements there is no longer a risk in overloading your interior, so let your imagination run wild. *The default item limit for all characters if currently 50 slots. Permanent slots are available for purchase using WP. Temporary slots are included with Bronze, Gold and Platinum packages. You like the color of a surface? The texture? Size, shine and utility? Use it all! Bring your vision to the server for others to inhabit and enjoy rply. Businesses, homes... Be sure to join the Property Channel on Discord for help, tips and ideas - https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/13677-join-property-discord/ Also, be sure to check out @jesscatXD's guide for proper demonstrations and examples!- Okay let's jump in. Basic Commands /fixinvi This refreshes the interior and all objects within it, in some instances reloading missing objects *Set /preload in your interior, so that it automatically uses /fixinvi upon entry. /reloadprop This command reloads every object in your interior, refreshes them and freezes you in place to avoid falling (No longer a big risk - given obj loading speed). Moving an object and it disappears suddenly? Hit enter to purchase/lay the item down, type /reloadprop and then continue. *Use /pfreeze in your interior, to automatically freeze as you enter, which can help avoid falling into the void in special circumstances. /pentrance This command sets the int entry just under your feet. Using this command in your interior, then pressing Y, will exit the interior. Entering your property again will bring you back to the same spot. /dim This command resets your environment/dimension, dropping you outside of your property onto the very location you're standing on.This command doesn't affect your property entrance. /fixloc - *Abuse is prohibited by server rules - use in desperate circumstances* This command transports you back to your entrance. /sf (/fsearch) Used in conjunction with a keyword. Typing /sf and a color for example (/sf orange) will load a list of every item with orange in the name. /pmenu An assortment of options, EG enabling construction rights for others renting at your property. /pinfo Self explanatory, *When furniture value is 0 and you know it's incorrect, use /reloadprop to get the true value. /preload Automatic /fixinvi upon entering for any player. /pfreeze Freezes players in place upon entry - Press Y to unfreeze. /putlock Installs a (required)Door Lock to any door in front of you. /removelock Removes the nearest Door Lock to your character's position. /plock (/hlock) Locks and unlocks the entrance to your property. Useful when surrounded by swinging doors. /switchfurnituremovement Switches relative movement of spawned / actively selected objects /construction (Requires Platinum status + Admin permission) Enables exterior mapping /psp [PRICE] [ID/PartOfName] Offers to sell property to another player (Requires you to be standing at the property entrance/interior) /sellproperty Sells property back to the server for 50% value (Requires you to be standing at the property entrance/interior) Designing /furniture (/fur) Opens the main interface for purchasing and editing objects in your property. The choices it presents are the following; - Buy furniture (Erases all copied XYZ values once you enter this option) Opens a list of objects you can purchase for your interior. These are spread out in categories over 12 pages. - Manage furniture Lists the nearest objects already placed in your interior, along with their distance from you. Only lists the nearest items up to 12 pages. - Manage furniture (click mode) Pressing F3 enables the cursor, with which you may actively select any visible object. *Disable cursor while actively selecting an object to enable the item menu. - Search a furniture N/A - Use /sf , /fsearch, or the Buy furniture option. - Finish furnishing /reloadprop your property - Sell all Furniture Deletes all objects in the property. All of them. Purchasing an Item When you find something you want to purchase, hit enter once to spawn the object. The first thing you may notice is the object has appeared in front of you, or on top of you, and a list of values on the left of your screen. Most of these values are self explanatory, but let's take a look at the most important ones. Moving *Default* (Press R to alternate between states) - Allows you to move an object along the X, Y and Z axis. Movement is by default relative to the object itself. - Up arrow key moves the object forward, down moves it backward, left goes left, and right goes right. - W key elevates an object, the S key will lower it. ***Offsets of the X axis*** In the majority of locations a custom Int is placed, there's a slight deviation along the X axis whenever you move an object. For example you have Wall001 facing you and you want to extend it by creating another Wall001 seamlessly beside it. You might duplicate the first wall, and slide the second along to create a longer wall. IF you step back and see a seam jutting out in between the two walls, there's an offset at your location. The degree to which the duplicate wall will deviate as it moves varies, in my opinion on the angle of the terrain. Some locations have no deviation at all. To the best of my knowledge, this depends on the axis you're building on, in relation to the world axis. Rotating (Press R to alternate between states) - The rotating state allows you to spin an object along the X, Y and Z axis. - Rotations are relative to the object, IE rotating along the X axis affects the angle when rotating along Y or Z axis. You'll become familiar with each object over time, how they move and rotate and where precisely their core is. While an object is actively selected, the third notable value on the left is; Speed - Determines the distance an object moves and rotates by. *Adjusting Speed* Page Up increases the value by one step Home steadily increases the value Page Down decreases the value End steadily decreases the value *Tapping both increase keys can raise the value quickly, likewise for decreasing speed. Cancel the changes made to any active object by pressing Delete. *This either resets the object to whatever position it was in before you changed it, or sells the object if you'd just bought the item and haven't yet placed it with Enter. Accept the changes made to any active/purchased object by pressing Enter. *Places the object in the interior, however you've edited it. -Object is placed in a non-absolute state, and newly purchased items when moved again may easily pass through your character. Absolute state - This object is placed, not actively selected (or has been through /fixinvi) and is fixed in the interior for everyone to interact with. Non-Absolute state - This object is, or has been actively selected(or bought). They do not interact with light, and can appear translucent. The color will be flat, and will stand out from absolute objects in most settings (giving you an advantage in placing it without hurting the eyes). Object Menu Once the changes have been accepted, you'll find the main Object Menu where you can decide on further changes or move on to the next item. Let's take a quick look at these useful commands; Move - Actively selects an object, turns it into non-Absolute state Duplicate - Duplicates the object on top of itself. Deleting it will return you to the Object Menu of the original Copy Position - Copies the core X, Y and Z values of an object Paste Position - Pastes the X, Y and Z values to the core of an object (Appears only when Copy Position has been used) Copy Rotation - Copies the X, Y and Z values of an object's rotation Paste Rotation - Pastes the X, Y and Z values to an object's rotation (Appears only when Copy Rotation has been used) Flatten Rotation - Resets the rotation values of an object to their original positions Sharp Rotation - Rotates an object's X, Y or Z value once by a single 45* step No Collision - On/Off - toggles an object's ability to collide with your character while placing (set to original state following /fixinvi) Sell - Sells the object for its original value Back - Shortcut is Backspace, takes you out of the menu related to your selected/purchased item. Now that we've trekked through the UI, you have all the knowledge needed to design your dream interior. Get some cash on hand, you'll need it. Objects are very diverse and can all be utilized in multiple ways. For example, I use Black Topped Rectangle Dining Display Table quite a bit (formerly known as -634182963). I use this table a lot, as floor tiling, kitchen counters, TV stands, ceiling trims, shelves. Ironically never as an actual table. It's got a very shiny black finish to it. I like it, a lot. I want you to think of each object also as a texture, color and form, and finally its possible usage or utlity. For example, an ornate sofa used as trim for a bedframe, a coffee machine stack from the floor to the ceiling to create a metal pillar, or a door with a metal bar slid up in the shower wall to create a handle for disabled, frail and the elderly. All objects are open to you in this respect, and there are hundreds of objects. Here are a couple lists of items and their appearances - Much credit to the authors and creators; Even if you don't intend to map anything other than one int, I'd highly recommend creating a .txt to jot down the objects you like the look of (textures, colors, forms and utilities). This builds up your object vocabulary, streamlining your ideas and workflow. I created this guide hoping newer players can easily find the most useful commands for mapping. If there is anything you feel is missing in this guide, or would like to correct any part of it all feedback is welcomed, and appreciated. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tips Using the Camera Working on placing objects and decoration, there are gaps and misaligned angles we can easily miss. Given you're constructing in 3D, be mindful to use the camera and check that you're satisfied with all the X, Y and Z values of an objects placement and rotation. This is where the camera comes in. 1st Person mapping - However you're comfortable, with a shaky camera or not, the first person view has a lot of advantages in mapping, but also drawbacks such as distance and field of view. 3rd Person mapping - Very effective in checking all X Y and Z values. Paintings for example may look good from the front, but a quick peek around the side could reveal a gap. Super-Moving around your Property You'll often have ideas drifting through your mind, but find executing them to be a tricky operation. Or perhaps, you spot an error with the ceiling but you're surrounded by detail objects, and can't find the offending ceiling object within 12 pages. Use your powers, think outside the box. Spawn a temporary staircase, push a wall out at a memorable speed to exit the interior (or squish yourself out). Create actual scaffolding inside and outside your properties, with easily selectable items. Use /reloadprop to freeze yourself in place if need be, do whatever it takes. Exploit the duplicate feature. Every item when purchased and set down in a property will clip through your character when you select and move it again. However, if you duplicate the item, or you've freshly purchased it and haven't set it down yet, the object will not easily clip through your character. This allows you to create elevators using your floors, modify your character's position to better aim your camera, or ofcourse to squish yourself through surfaces. *No Collision allows you to circumvent the need to move objects out of your way. Select an object, EG a boundary wall inside your property, and toggle the No Collision option on or off to then walk through that selected object. Using /fixinvi resets the object to its default state. *Correcting the X axis offset* + Seamlessly overlapping surfaces This involves a good deal of camera work, some familiarity with the type of lighting in your interior and the two different states of an object. Let's demonstrate this. Load up a wall, (for example. /sf longwall001). Looks great! But, it's not long enough? So you might want to duplicate the first wall and slide it along, extending the overall effect. The first thing you might notice once you duplicate the wall, is texture flickering. Sliding this duplicated wall down the length of the first, you will either see this flickering disappear as it deviates along the offset, or the flickering will remain, meaning your property has no offset in that wall's location. This flickering has an inherent value. It tells you one thing, these two objects have the exact same X, Y and, or Z values. You can use this flickering to your advantage to find the seamless difference between overlapping surfaces. How do we create seamless, overlapping surfaces? Switching to 1st person camera can help us a lot in this respect, but there is no drawback in doing it in the third person view either. Two objects mildly overlapping, with a large seam can be made seamless by doing the following. 1- Place both surfaces, then type /fixinvi, setting them both to interact with lighting. 2- Select the second surface, or the one which deviated when moving, and it will change to the non-absolute state. 3- Choose a low speed, EG .50 to move the second surface step by step until it is overlapped by the first. Great, you're now within .5 of a seamless overlap. 4- Select .20 speed, and repeat the process moving the object in the opposite direction until it overlaps the first. You're now within .2 of a seamless overlap! 5- Move again in the same direction once, so the second surface is now between .21 and .4 of the first surface. 6- Adjust your movement speed to .3, and move the second surface once again to overlap the first. *If at this point, the second surface overlaps the first, you're now within .1 from the seamless overlap, almost there. If the second surface does not overlap the first at this stage, the layers are now apart by .10 -.19. At this point, you alternate the overlapping until you have the difference between the surfaces down to .20 and .21. Reducing your speed to .2, moving the object in one direction, then increasing your speed to .21 and moving the object in the opposite direction allows you to fine tune the overlapping of surfaces. You can go slower than .01 also, IE going from .2 to .21 takes three presses of PageUP. However, you should overlap the great majority of surfaces by .01 or you'll get flickering when staring at them from a distance. Creating Windows By using the /sf command, you can insert sheets of glass into walls and shape out a window around it using a mixture of walls, halfwalls and longwalls or other flat(ish) surfaces. While using /sf windwall001 is always an option, don't be put off from creating your own unique windows. Glass doors, Glass panes, even Glass tables are all viable solutions. Window framing also has a broad range of options and possible shapes are very diverse. Create angular archways, uniquely shaped windows and sky lights. Creating Doorways, Archways There are doorwalls ofcourse, EG doorwall001, which serve as a solid door frame for most size doors. Gaps can always be corrected by copying the doorwall's rotation and position, then spawning a halfwall and pasting the values to it, sliding it in place. For more complicated entrances, such as an archway, EG Balcony Door frame 1, it helps a great deal to be able to accurately overlap walls and surfaces. For the Balcony Door frame 1, I find it has a depth of approximately 1.89. The longwalls, halfwalls and walls however have much less depth, so leave a gap in the edges. Here's how I map to achieve a seamless effect using this object. *First, wrap the doorframe on either side in two vertical longwalls, creating the basic position for the wall surface and doorway. *Second, ensure the door frame is within .01 of clipping through these longwalls, giving accuracy between the longwalls and a nice, flat finish to the base design. *Third, duplicate the longwalls and move them to thicken out the overall depth. I do this first by pushing the longwall to the other side of the doorframe at speed 1.82, bringing it back to the original longwall by .2, before pushing it one last time by .27 to the otherside of the doorframe to achieve a layered wall 1.89 from the first, covering the gaps visible from the sides of the doorframe. *Fourth comes the tough part, which involves creating upwards of 8 walls. That equates to four walls on either side, maintining the thickness of your longwalls. Rotate them at different angles to match the top of the doorframe, slot them in and alternate overlapping them by .01 as you go along. Execute it well the first time to avoid any issues, flickering at distances and clipping through the doorframe. There are a variety of ways to acheive any effect when mapping. By creating unique doorways, double doors and sliding doors you can create a great deal of immersion very quickly, don't be put off from creating unique designs! Seating For clubs, various businesses and housing, you may find it immersive to set usable seating. In the future, there may be a time when we can, for example, /drawchair to move it back 10 spaces so we can sit RPly, and /fixchair to slide it back to it's mapped position. Until such a time, be sure to test out any seating arrangements before finalizing your designs, so that characters can, without climbing all over it, sit appropriately. This is another opportunity to unleash your creativity, mixing and matching couches to create L, U, V shapes and much more. Protrusions Unless your property has no rooms constructed in it, or exists as a windowless open space, you may discover protrusions on the outside of your project. These can always harm immersion, so be mindful of your end goal and take your time to prepare the floorplan and measure the walls. It'll save you a lot of time and masking at the final stages. Finding Placed Objects The Manage Furniture menu lists the nearest 12 pages of objects placed in your interior, to your character's core (rather than head or feet). Given the core of some objects are not obvious, beware when searching for a specific item in your interior. Watch and look for which object, when selected, is in the non-absolute state, or becomes translucent. This is the item you're selecting. Cancel any unwanted changes with DEL key, and continue searching until the object you want lights up when selected. Invisible Objects Sometimes, an object exists in your int that you can't find, or can't see. Some may be placed just out of sight, so be diligent in searching through your Manage Furtniture menu. In rare cases however, objects are actually invisible (while maintain their mass, creating invisible obstacles). In these cases, do your best to delete the offending item. In other cases, an item disappears due to the int refreshing automatically. In this case hit /fixinvi. Failing that, try using /reloadprop. If that also fails then this issue will be related to the item's placement or nature(EG Club Glass being visible on one side). Swinging Doors Creating doors which can be locked, unlocked, and swung open by your character is very simple. The property owner is required to do this. Travel to any hardware store (wrench icon on the map) and purchase Door Lock(s). Return to your property, and go to the door you'd like to make swing. Stand by the hinge, or in front of the door, and type /putlock The game will inform you that your lock has been installed. Press L on your keyboard, to lock and unlock this door. Once unlocked, you will be able to walk through it. *Type /sf Slide for a door which slides to the right, instead of swinging forward Functional Doors -While some doors can't have a Door Lock installed on them, the vast majority can. Elevator doors for instance can have locks installed on them to slide left and right, but the Modern doors might not respond to L once a lock is installed. -You can install doorlocks on two doors besides each other and create double swinging doors, and add even more swingable doors in the immediate area. Be sure though to prioritize the placement of these doors, and the installation of Door Locks. For example, you design a shower with a sliding door and frame it by tucking in elevator doors to create an illusion of the overall effect. Everything is in place, all that's left is to install the door lock to the sliding shower door. You stand in front of it, hit /putlock and tap L, only to see an elevator door sliding out from the wall. In such a circumstance, to save on Door Locks it's best to remove all the non-essential / decdoors and then install the locks, adding the decor afterwards. The hinges are generally the core point of all doors when rotating and opening/sliding with a functional Door Lock, so aim to install the locks near the hinge. Creating angles of 3, 6, 12 - Introduction Currently, sharp rotation allows you to spin an object to eight equal angles on an axis. You can thereby spin an object to angles of 2, 4 and 8, creating intricate patterns in your floorplan / overall design. However, measuring out angles of 3 is very tricky, when rotating and object with the eye alone. With the following tip, we can easily create triangles, hexagons and 12 sided dodecagons Here's how it works; - First, decide what shape you want and where you want it. - Second, copy the rotation of any object facing your property's North - South, East - West angles (eg the floor) - Type /sf clock and purchase the Big Modern Wall Art Clock, and paste your rotation to it. - Lay the clock on the center point of your decided spot for the shape and sharp rotate the clock to be flat against the surface facing outwards, blend it in slightly to the surface and then copy the position of your clock before moving on. - Type /sf revolving and spawn the Revolving Door. Paste both your Rotation and Position values to this door, it should align itself with the clock precisely. - Duplicate the revolving door, and select speed 3.33 (or whatever you're comfortable with) and spin it to the next hour marker. Repeat until you have three perfectly in place, all overlapping the clock in the same way. From here, you have the angles set down in your three revolving doors. You can replace the angles with other items to make them easier to select, such as halfwall001 through halfwall006 etc. Using these angles however, you can measure out perfect shapes just like you can with sharp rotation normally. *Getting Inside the Actual Building* Someone has accepted your property request, and you're on your way to check out the possibilities. You enter your new building from the outside, get in, and begin falling into the void.. until poof, you're in the middle of the city! What!? You're still in your interior right now. Hitting /dim will transport you to the actual game world, where cars may be driving very near to your character so becareful. First, do not press /dim, instead run max speed to your property's building. Forgot where it was? No sweat, a couple ways to resolve this - Hit /pentrance - You will be able to hit Y after pressing this to exit your int, and re enter onto the same spot. - Hit /pfreeze and then, /fixloc - You will set the interior to freeze players on entry, then transport yourself to the entrance of your int without falling again. This allows you to quickly /sf floor001 to save yourself, if you choose to build in the void, for example. Okay, so you're standing inside your interior, looking at your property's exterior from the outside. You think, hey, how do I get IN there? It's a bit obvious, and now very simple to do. To avoid possibly falling back into the void, set down a floor, say /sf floor001 and put it at the base of the exterior, where you would ideally want the floor to be on the inside. Next, nestle yourself up against the wall of the exterior, (on the temporary floor you placed just previously), nestle in really close, tuck yourself into a corner if possible. Next, about face, spawn a longwall (EG /sf longwall001). Given the longwall is freshly bought, it's in an absolute-ish state and can be used to displace your character easily. Bring it really close against yourself, and if need be, create a second and rotate it so your really squished up against the wall and can't slide out to the left or right. Essentially, cone yourself up against the wall. Then, duplicate either wall, rotate it so you're between your property exterior and the long face of the wall like a sandwich. Set a nice speed like 3.33 or 5, and press it up against yourself in incremental steps until the camera shrinks to your head. Don't pass the wall through you, not yet. Get it close, this wall is your backup, and will prevent you slipping out of the squish in the wrong direction. Next, with your backup wall still active, squishing you against the building, duplicate it. A duplicated object (longwall here) can be used to displace your character, unlike an object that has already been placed in the world. Squish your character even more by moving it once, or twice, to narrow the gap between the longwall and your property exterior (with you in between the sandwich). Repeat this step slowly, until the camera chaos stops. Test it out, if you can move, you're in. If you can't move, repeat the wall duplication squeeze. Once done, hit /reloadprop to refresh all the duplicated walls, select them in your Manage Furniture menu and clean up. Save us from the eye sore, and get your cash back. (Keep the floor) (You may /pentrance at this point, but beware complications may arise and you could possibly need to repeat the wall squeeze to get out of the building.) *Mapping Inside the Actual Building* Alright, great, you're in the building walking around on the floor you placed from the outside. But hey, everything is flickering! My floor it just disappeared! Why is everything invisible, you ask? When the player camera interacts with the environment's negative side (for example, a housing estate with the discarded formations of a stairwell right there in the apartment you just bought and wanted to map), it does something. I don't know. I have ideas, but anyway. It makes everything flicker in and out of existence including your character, essentially blocking the camera lens. This also happens in first person mode. How do you circumvent this? Well! If the player camera doesn't interact with the negative environment, you're good to go, is essentially the answer. What this means practically is, for example, you've gotten into the actual building you wanted to map, but there's flicker nightmare everywhere. Here are some handy tips on making a coherent environment. - Find the boundaries. Most buildings have two sided boundaries, so you can spread-duplicate your temporary floor all over the place and run around looking for these boundaries. These are crucial, as they may ultimately determine your final floorplan and design elements, such as windows. Becareful though, some buildings have one-sided boundaries, meaning you will casually walk through the building wall and have to repeat the steps of squeezing yourself in, or /fixloc to your /pentrance on the inside. - Use a flat surface, EG Large Glass Pane (If you are up for squinting) or a longwall, (try to avoid having windows that reveal longwalls or anything jutting out the sides of your properties) - Place the flat surface up against the boundary. Aim the camera between your character and your Large Glass Pane. Still see flickering? This is where you finely tune the placement. - Actively select the surface, and using speed 2 or so - move the surface towards your character in steps while the camera is sandwiched between the two, and keep moving until you see the flickering stop and ALL your floors reappear. Keep in mind, you may need to return to this once you begin laying down detail objects so use a memorable speed in your wall constructions. - Once this step is done, and you painstakingly lay down the design of all your longwalls/walls/etc with overlaps of .01, a good idea is to use Club Glass at any section of the boundary where it still encounters flickering, to permanently block the player camera from touching these negative spaces. The Club Glass is invisible on one side, so place it using the visible side before finalizing your barriers, then flip one, copy rotation, and flip all glasses along the surface. When you've done this for all the walls, do it again for the ceilings. *Warning: Beware when building inside buildings that wildly differ from your property exterior, and be faithful to the property's dimensions, or admin will be knockin. *Keep in mind this method isn't guaranteed. Most buildings are actually spaced in the game, but many more such as skyscrapers, or certain houses are not properly spaced. You will know the difference between the two in time. A building that hasn't been spaced properly squishes the player camera and doesn't reset it. Do not waste time with these. Typically, if a player jumps inside one of these properties, they will be ejected from the building sides or floor, into the void. Also, while your character may appear to be functional in this environment, in my experience you will see other characters wildly glitching, and they will see you in the same way. This environment has very little potential. A building that HAS been spaced properly inside, lets your camera fly around freely and always resets the distance. Speed Tips On the face of it, speed determines how quickly you can move an object. In my opinion, it's better to define this as distance-to-move or distance moved. An object moved at speed 5 will fix itself at points 5 speed apart, rather than actually moving a bit quickly. This is useful, because it allows us to make measurements, and ultimately create unique features and seamless patterns in our interiors. *all Speed values above 5 are slightly less stable, often moving two+ steps rather than a reliable one step increase My opinions of the Speed values; 5 - The most effective mover 20 - The best rotator .2 + .21 - The best for finesse 2.86 - Walls, medium sized surfaces, initial finesse 1.00 - Narrow the gap for further finesse 3.33 - Favorite for elevation of miscellaneous items, lights Find your favorite speeds, assign a memorable speed for walls / floors / ceilings to make revisions easier on yourself. The following is a quick demonstration of the above ((6x original speed)), where you may see some of the mentioned methods and tricks put to use. Above all else, patience and imagination are the most essential qualities for mapping. Luxury, and modern styles are great, however the gritty realism much of GTAW RP has is equally appealing. Mapping is an act of curating for RP, setting the stage, but you can enjoy bringing your ideas to life at the same time.
  15. This is a guide for using the furnishing/mapping system in-game. It takes 5-10 mins to read thru. TUTORIAL TIPS & TRICKS Once you have your custom interior set up in-game and you located where you're going to map, it's helpful to avoid rotating the first floor you place (Build facing North). This way when you purchase more floors and walls, they will spawn in straight or at a 90 degree angle to where you need them, in which case a couple Sharp Z rotations will do the trick. This basically eliminates the need to free-hand rotate, at least where floors and walls are concerned. It also makes moving furniture and lights around easier. Don't want to build facing North for accurate windows or other reasons? No worries. There are now Copy/Paste Position and Copy/Paste Rotation options available (these show up when you buy a furniture through /sf or select an existing piece of furniture). Try copying a wall's rotation and pasting it onto a light- you can now duplicate them and move them in one direction going straight along the axis of your walls. Use /fixinvi periodically while mapping to fix shading and lighting issues. "Ghost items" which are there visibly but cannot be found in the furniture list may be corrected using /reloadprop. If not, they will disappear when the server restarts. To fix the twitching/flickering of textures that happens when two items directly overlap, follow these steps: Find one of the items in the property furniture list (or use click mode) and go into "Move mode" Change the movement speed down to 0.2 (the lowest) by pressing [ and press W, the up arrow and the left arrow once. Then, change the move speed to .21 and press S, the down arrow and the right arrow once (the opposite directions). Now, press Enter to save your changes. After /fixinvi the twitching should be fixed, not leaving any visible lines. The principal at work here is: you're subtracting one movement from another in order to create a movement which is smaller than at .20 speed, which would otherwise be the smallest movement. The reason? To fix the twitching without leaving any visible lines. Don't map in the dark! Fancy Lamp and Flood Light are the lights that stay on during the day. Once your walls are up, it's helpful to put those around so you're not squinting in the dark. To get an accurate interior size, you can count the steps of your exterior's perimeter or use a large item for measurement while mapping, like the massive white and red tile (/sf massive). Also, be sure to get basement approval by Property Management before construction. You will find floors, walls and trim (all the essentials!) in the last two pages (11&12) of the buy menu, under "Walls / Floors / Roof (1-4)" Dressers (/sf dresser) can be used to make custom kitchen cabinets and elevator doors or black topped table (/sf black topped) are popular counter-top pieces. Join the Property Management Discord for mapping support and property related questions. https://discord.gg/RuAyYPn Need more guidance? Check out @BabyFelon's guide here, which includes property commands and much more.
  16. KevinFF Mapping Projects Welcome, in this thread I will show you all of my current on-going and completed mapping projects. Some are for myself, and some are contracted with other players. Enjoy! 1113D Imagination Court (Apartment) 110A Vespucci Blvd (Apartment) 2168 Senora Way (Trailer)
  17. Cheesy Mapping Going to be posting the small mapping edits I do for myself and others. I will explain in the spoilers if I created the design from scratch or added onto it. A lot of my mapping will mostly like be heavily detailed and smaller designed. If you have any questions hit my PM or hit me up on discord. LSSD Crime Lab (Completed) Completed this small project for LSSD, made a small crime lab inside the Twin Towers Admin Building. I stuck with detail, this was my first ever build from scratch. I was rather impressed with myself, I am sure I could add more detail, which I most likely will over the course of the following days. Grapeseed House (Completed) assisted by @_ELL1E_ (Little side project I picked up after buying my new house in Grapeseed. I was very on the fence about buying this place in hopes I could build inside a great a wonderful detailed Interior. I was able to create something amazing with almost ZERO flickering issues inside. I had help from the wonderful Ell1e who is a skilled and detail builder.) Joshua Road House Garage (Completed) (Working on a house that I own on Joshua Road. I wanted to start with the garage first and then work on the house. This garage was inspired by @_ELL1E_ The layout and design were pulled from previous work they had done. I was honestly in love with the layout of the garage and had to bring it over to the new house. I have added my own little twists to it, but I tried my best to keep it similar inside and design.) Twin Towers Correctional Facility - Commissary (Completed) (As one of the lead mappers for the LSSD faction I had the chance to get the much-awaited commissary done. One simple design with all the proper details required for a modern-day approach as a jail commissary. Looking to touch it up with simple detail in the coming days!)
  18. Started mapping in GTA over 10 years ago (MTA,SAMP,Map editor and LS-RP furniture system) and now decided to try it in GTA V. Prison Holding cells and control room. 16 cells with 2 beds Hours:36 Objects: under 400 Video: To Do List: [*]Yard [*]Hospital [*]Job area [*]Visitor area [*]Isolation [*] ... Next project: Hospital
  19. Short description: create a system to save custom interior variants for businesses. Detailed description: Right now it takes a huge out-of-character effort to create custom scenes for certain roleplaying situations in businesses. For example, let's say you run a bar and you want to roleplay that your bar is dusty after an opening. You want to hire a cleaning brigade to come over and clean the place but to make the experience better, you want to change the interior a little bit by placing down dust, moving the chairs to make a messy appearance, leaving cigarettes at the counter et cetera. The only way you can do that is making everything by hand over and over again and if you want to run your business realistically you need to repeat the process after every opening. This takes a huge effort from the business owner and ends up killing the mood for certain roleplay setups. We should add a command which saves the current interior mapping to a slot and after that, we can switch between mappings with a single command. Business owners can save different mapping scenarios (for example dirty, clean, formal event, etc.) and apply them easily. You need to create the scene only once, save them and after that, you can set up the roleplay scenario for other groups (cleaning companies for example) instantly. Commands to add: /interiorvariant -- the root of the command. save [name] -- for saving the current setup. E.g. /interiorvariant save dusty; /interiorvariant save normal apply [name] -- to apply a certain setup. E.g. /interiorvariant apply dusty; /interiorvariant apply normal list -- list all the variants you saved before. E.g. /interiorvariant list -> prints 1.) dusty 2.) normal Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe it would give a really good tool to the business owners and potentially create several new roleplaying situations which aren't really a thing now because of the effort it takes to transform certain scenes into others. It would help the server financially too because we can limit the usable interior slots depending on the donator rank. For example, the free tier could save two variants, bronze donators can save three, gold can save five and platinum ten. Additional information: This script can be abused by mapping completely different things into a single venue. I believe the script should check for the changes made in the furniture list and if the difference is more than 50 items then it should refuse to save the scene.
  20. Just thought I'd post up a couple of pictures of projects that I've worked on. Any questions about mapping in general, more than welcome to contact me via discord or here on the forums. Sandy Shores Trailer House Sandy Shores House - For Resale Del Perro Pizzeria Willie's Supermarket and Pharmacy - Paleto Bay Pipe Down, Vinewood Looking forward to more projects in the future, personally and as part of the Mapping Team.
  21. Quick about me: I'm a somewhat new mapper. Recently did several of projects in a row to found IC business. And I ended up liking it.. ? There is some minor things that I don't have SS'es of. But I'm adding a showcase for my projects, and I'l update it as I go along. Adding them in chronological order. Rosa's House - 1122 Procopio Drive This was the first job I did for someone else. The object was simple. Windows. The place has 6 different windows places on 2 of 4 sides of the house. It's mapped 1:1 ratio as all projects I've done. Fun fact: This is Cao's old house... She was not amused by it being Orange. Liberty Style Pizza: This was my real official big job. I was really pleased with several deatails. The solution for the stairs (It's become somewhat my signature style...For better or worse). The kitchen was really fun to make, and the refrigerated room as well. Sadly I couldn't enter the bathrooms, refrigerated room or the office due to not renting anymore.' - I'l contact the owner to ask for permission to get the missing ss'es. Spines Bookstore: This was a solo project for a friend. The view during daytime is amazing. Mapped at the actual place for working windows. Vespucci Sports Fighting Pit: This project was a joint mapping with Mtsykel . I did most of the ground mapping, he helped around when he was available. Especially the spectators room and the fighters rooms and hallways to them. We discussed several details together. Along with input on the owner on details he wanted changed. Star Brewery: This project is a strange one. It's from my first character. And it's been a bit back and forth with how brewing can be done. Due to getting custom item script, I wanted to make it industrial, so I went on for this project. (-This can't be used anymore) This project has been ongoing from before the new walls and such. And the tools for mapping. Most of the exterior work was done before our new tools. The distilleries was also made before this. So it's been quite a few back and forth due to so many new items coming, especially the floor and walls. Main goal was to keep the feel from a warehouse, but it wouldn't be logical for it to be dirty due to hygiene demands from an industrial building like this. - End result is a bit awkward, but a great showcase for many different designs. - This mapping has been deleted after it was finished. Since it's on a character I don't actually play. - Basement was never finished, just general walls setup. Paleto Bay Tactical Academy: This is my latest project. My partner Elena did the general layout of the "Course 1". Other than that, I've done the mapping. Did get some ideas from friends, like the garage door for the armory and aquarium. Some designs as the shower is also loaned. - I brushed over some alignemnets and such, since Elena is really new to mapping. - All targets in the building have beer bottles for the player to keep track of hits. They are hidden from plain view. Have had a high focus of bullet trajectory as i've mapped. Keeping all angles to the side or the front. Making sure the players never would naturally shoot towards the entrance or the back. - Everything is 1:1 as all my projects. The place is mapped above the property, and the position of the main building is walls that was brought from the actual building exterior. - Was some problems with FPS due to lighting, so did have to cut back on those effects. 220 - Occupation Avenue This is a smaller project I've worked on for my alt character. But...It ended up being quite challenging, due to the size of the apartment and the amount of windows I'd have to add. Bowling Hall: This was a project for a IRL friend, I'm fairly happy with the results. If I'd remake it the future, I might have done some things different. But for now, it's a unique place that hopefully will bring some good RP. A Kitchen: I did this quick project for someone and some other cleanup in their apartment. The kitchen was that one kitchen item, it was bugging and flashing all the time. Work on the County Sheriff Office and County Jail: I did allot of work together with Adero on the test servers. I have to note, it's refreshing to map as a team, you do get the perspective and thoughts of two people, helping each other out when you are stuck or have an issue with a certail detail or spot. I'l be adding a small piece from one of the interiors below, you can find more on his Showcase: @Adero Future projects: - My Paleto House. - Trailer for a friend. - Alts apartment. - Work for the server as a mapper.
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