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  1. (( @MrSerious max sell price for the property is 385,599. Please adjust the ad accordingly. ))
  2. (( Sale on hold pending PM investigation. ))
  3. Preface: Initially spawning in As a preface to this topic, I want to explain what will happen when you spawn in your custom interior (ID 200) for the first time. In most cases, you need to wait for a server restart after having clicked pay/accept button on UCP for an interior change to take effect. Upon entering, you will spawn under the map, then most likely fall to your death on a platform (this is the camper interior which is constantly spawned in under the map). Use /fixrevive and jump off, you will eventually land in middle-city, still within your own dimension of the GTA map. From here, you can decide where you would like to map. Most people map just above their property because of the bugginess that comes with mapping inside the actual property. You can either ask an admin for assistance getting to the roof, or build your way up there. From here, you can put down a floor and use /pentrance to set the entry spawn point. Property Sizing For a stand-alone property, see #2. 1. The size of the default Rockstar interior that the apartment comes with is considered. For example, the Fancy apartment interior is more spacious than the blue (2 bedroom) apartment interior. The blue apartment is more spacious than the green apartment (1 bedroom), and the green apartment is more spacious than the motel room. Some approximate character step counts, helpful when the exterior features are too generic or there are too many apartments per floor to judge: Fancy/Luxurious Red and Black apartment (Interior ID 2): 20 by 20-30 steps, depending on exterior size Basic Blue Apartment (2 bedrooms, Interior ID 6): 15 by 10-15 steps, depending on exterior size All the 1-Bedroom Interiors (ID 7 - Green Apartment, ID 11 - Stairs Apartment, ID 79 - Janitor's Apartment) : Maximum 10 by 15 steps Motel Room (ID 33): Very small, maximum 10 by 10 steps 2. The next thing to consider is the overall size of the property compared with the number of apartments per floor. There are a few ways to judge the size of a property. You can count the number of character steps while walking along the perimeter and do some math to determine how much space would belong to your apartment. I personally prefer this method when there is a small number of apartments per floor because it's the most accurate. You can also use the item "Massive White and Red striped Tile" (/sf massive) for large properties; rather than counting the steps, you can count the number of squares or stripes. If it's a stand-alone property, you can also just build above the property which makes it easy to judge the size while mapping out your floors. 3. Another way to judge how much space would belong to your apartment is taking a good look at the exterior features of the property. Many apartment buildings will have several identical sets of windows and balconies per floor, helping you to judge approximately where each apartment would begin and end. While in your interior's dimension, you can spawn in things like pillars, columns or walls and place them where you think the borders of each apartment would be - here's an example: 4. The option also exists to choose one of the pre-built custom interior skeletons available on the UCP Interior Change page, bottom of the list. Several skeletons with walls and some basic structures are built which take the ? out of sizing. You can choose based on location or style. You need either donator status or permanent mapping slots to complete these, and all the furniture can be edited, unlike Rockstar interiors. Further Regulations The last thing to note is that while custom mapping, you are expected to adhere to the exterior of the building in not only size but style (is it run-down? consider the location you're in), and windows. If your apartment doesn't have glass walls on the outside, you shouldn't be mapping floor-to-ceiling windows. If your apartment has many apartments per floor, you should only map windows on one to two sides. Realistically, you would have neighboring apartments on either side and a corridor on the entry-side wall. If your apartment is on the second floor of a high-rise building, you shouldn't be mapping on the roof just to have a high-up view. Be careful with water effects and lavish decoration and keep in mind that if your property is in a run-down neighborhood, it should reflect that. Basements need to be approved by a PM admin before they are mapped. Indoor pools or jacuzzis are often not allowed in apartment buildings, but may be considered for a business. Always check with a PM admin if you're unsure.
  4. This is something that could be suggested to development team, I'm not sure but it sounds like it wouldn't be too hard to implement.
  5. And just for the record we don't manually revoke businesses for being inactive for 14 days, residential properties are more strict because there is a shortage for those, especially in certain areas. Businesses need to be inactive for longer than that to be revoked and when we do it's usually because someone reported the business for being inactive which requires a whole investigation on the property.
  6. You're essentially asking us to not only review businesses for inactivity (residential housing revoke is automatic so there's no way for us to notify on that), but to put them on some sort of list and review them for activity periodically which requires not only communicating with business owners but checking logs multiple times, re-visiting cases after a certain amount of time and keeping track of all those cases? I'll be honest with you @Lewis., with all the UCP work we do (Property requests, lease request, veh lease requests, move requests, shop requests, int change requests, garage requests, smart TP request), forum work we do (property investigations including interiors, inactivity, roleplay quality and more, keeping track of business and property ads, people who are property flipping, etc.), and in-game work we do (literally any type of support needed for properties and business scripts, like moving them, renaming them, troubleshooting problems, etc.), we are fully loaded with responsibilities. I for one (only speaking for myself here) am not willing to take this on when IMO it should be the business owner's responsibility to communicate with us, not the other way around.
  7. Why is that necessary when there is already a process to prevent the business or property from being revoked? Most people don't even appeal because if their business is inactive enough to be revoked, chances are they aren't even playing on that character anymore or they don't care enough to appeal. Point stands though, that there is already both a process to prevent the revoke and a process to appeal it, both of which are just a small piece of the work that we have on our hands as property admins.
  8. We already send UCP notifications if a property is revoked. People are much more likely to see that when they log into game than they are to see a forum PM.
  9. You clearly have no idea the amount of work PM has on their plates. No concept of how much forum, UCP and in-game work we already have. This would add a shit ton of work for us. Forum work, unnecessary forum PMs, etc. The process we have in place right now is good. The rule is clear, all you need to do is reach out to us if you're going to be inactive ahead of time. It's written right in the rule that you posted a pic of. Your suggestion is taking the responsibility off of property/business owner's hands, which they should have, and putting more work on our plates when we're already drowning. Big no from me.
  10. (( Locked & sale on hold pending PM investigation. )) (( Edit: Concluded, thread is unlocked and sale can proceed ))
  11. (( Locked pending PM investigation. ))
  12. (( Please hold the sale pending PM investigation. )) (( Edit: Size is fine, just some minor fixes on windows needed prior to sale, unlocking the thread ))
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