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  1. I just want to say that the mapping team got no notice of this mall being released. There were some more details added to bring the place to life. As for reflective glass and store signs, those things are not possible with the current mapping system. Hope you all enjoy it a little more now that there's been some detail added to the main mall area. There are still several stores that need to be mapped, so please be patient. I do recommend checking out the stores that are mapped though! You just might enjoy them.
  2. Thank you @Bombie for all you do for literally everyone @St3fan[NL] for doing lots of cool things for mappers (and everyone) And @effion I appreciate all the work u put into guides (catalog, eyo) and helping players with support stuffs ?
  3. Good stuff, thanks maaaan
  4. Struggling to finish a few big projects but here's a couple things I did finish, woop. Hwan's Cafe - A 'hole in the wall' type eatery in Little Seoul This property is lease-able (when available) through the UCP. La Puerta area (Tug St. Complex) Custom Interior Skeleton Something new PM is doing- this 1 BR apartment shell/skeleton is intended for a specific complex in La Puerta. This will be a new interior available for request through the UCP, as an alternative to the completely blank interior (ID 200). Also worth noting- you would likely need donator status or permanent slots to complete this build, which comes with 118 items.
  5. What an absolute legend. Thank you!
  6. Wow, that's amazing. Soon to be Registered Dental Hygienist here, working on passing my boards.
  7. The property exterior features hedges for privacy, a driveway, two-car garage and a small backyard. The interior features unique and colorful design and all the furniture is included. Property Value: $ 300,000 Furniture Worth: $ 219,555 Starting Bid: $ 500,000 Min. Bid Raise: $ 25,000 BUYOUT: $ 1,000,000 Please contact [email protected] for a private showing. ((Forum PM)) Property Showcase:
  8. jesscatXD

    Mapping Guide

    Updated the guide with info in regards to the new Copy Position function. I also added more info about sharp rotations and changed the format.
  9. A basic staircase- Palomino Ave. Apartments, Little Seoul Apartment in Little Seoul (1) Apartment in Little Seoul (2) Marquis Sailboat Interior For this project, I was limited to 150 items... it has exactly that.
  10. I had so much fun mapping stuff with u ? lets keep going!!
  11. Tysm for this ?❤️ Very informative.
  12. jesscatXD

    Mapping Guide

    Got it, that makes sense. Turns out, the duplicate function allows you to move things straight now anyway (didn't used to be that way), but where my tip does sometimes help is when you buy furniture using /sf or going through the buy menu- If you build on the angle that the furniture spawns in at, most items will then move straight left-to-right and such within your interior. Your method is valid, however, and some people will definitely prefer to build on their own angles. Thank you for clarifying that and for the feedback! ?
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