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  1. ** A photo of the first meeting would be shown **
  2. ** Photos have been added at the gallery section **
  3. ** Website has been renewed ** First Los Santos Book Club meeting will take place TONIGHT at 6 PM! (( 15 of April around at 6 PM server time )) For more information Call: 3337 or contact via e-mail (( forum PM )) Join our Discord as well! https://discord.gg/KQarcFAn
  4. ** The website has been renewed**
  5. " Βασίλης Καρράς - Ψυχολογικά Vasilis Karras - Mental Instability "
  6. " Βασίλης Καρράς - Ψυχολογικά Vasilis Karras - Mental Instability "
  7. the “myth” himself, comes from Greece Jason "The Greek" Trileon Jason “The Greek” Trileon originates from a local relatively poor neighborhood in Athens, Sepolia but also comes from Lebanon. Jason was a fun of books and an introvert who loved basketball. He spent most of his youth, closed in his chamber, isolating from the utter world due to the bullying he used to experience in his highscool years. . At the age of 17 they moved back in Lebanon with his whole relatives, from his parents to his grand-parents. Both his grand-parents were friendly to each other and they decided to open up a small Greek joint with the few money they had earnt during the years. After spending a decent amount of years to his hometown his passion for books and Greek-Lebanese gastronomy never "left" him. Unfortunately, a striking event for his personality and his life occurred.. a firearm attack which caused the loose of his family and their tavern, burnt down. Jason struggled enough, found some courage and decided to head to USA and eventually he arrived at Los Santos where his "myth" begins. (( This thread will follow Jason Trileon's development, mixing his past, present and future. ))
  8. Username: nosDi_13Comment: Quality and quanity.
  9. ★★★★★ Username : iasonas_o_thrilos Comment : Great place with great people, namaste!
  10. Auction ends tomorrow! Current bid: 150.000
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