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  1. Audio Visual people, show up!!
  2. anything in FOH is dependant my friend.
  3. would like to expand my connection to any Visual Jockey within the community! my setup for one of HW Group's outlet;
  4. Company Update, 29 December 2022 Added 4 New Business Associates. (The Family Suite, Tubbie's Doughnuts, REBOOT Consulting and Nusantara Atomic Racing Club) Removed 3 Past Associates as they're no longer operating. (1957 Bar, Cafe Austere and Panadería La Camilita) The Family Suite Initially established in Liberty City as a Primary Care Clinic in the mid of 2022, The Family Suite eventually moved the entire operation to Los Santos by the late of 2022 to coverage the clinical needs of local Los Santos residents. Tubbie's Doughnuts Tubbie's Doughnuts is part of a foods & drinks division producing mainly bakeries to supply associates with consumptions. REBOOT Consulting Reboot Consulting is a business consulting company that provides business owners(clients) with solid business plans, marketing, PR(Flyers, logos, advertising) and management. We offer businesses the optimal strategies to improve as well as the best marketing and PR services for their business to excel as well as management for the clients who request it. Nusantara Atomic Racing Club Nusantara Atomic Racing Club is a collaboration between East Indies (Racing Team) and Atomic Auto Repairs that provides Automotive Services and Racing Team.
  5. Merry Christmas 25/DEC/2022 The gift of love, the gift of peace, and the gift of happiness - may all these be yours. Croq-A-Hoop wishing you a season full of light and laughter!
  6. thank you to PM admins too for supporting us implementing our ideas! shoutout @Adv @Selena @Lomadias
  7. anything comes from @Andrew Brandenburg I will agree!
  8. don't archive my threads! 😠

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      Keep your threads active! 

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