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  1. Short description: Allow the usage of /bad to every business owner and it's employees. Detailed description: Since we aware that some of businesses that doesn't have a default icon on the map will not showing the blip and not listed on open businesses list when the owner open the business through /openbusiness or /startshift, which require us to do manual /blip or /bad to let the players on the server aware that our business is open. Commands to add: /bad improved (not stricted only to gold donator & above) Items to add: N/A
  2. This non-collision ladder automatically trigger on climbing straight to the top on the opposite side when we're near to it.
  3. I like the idea of this suggestion, but I have some other thoughts in mind, in my opinion it's better to divide the tenants permission to 2 extents; the first one is the tenant that has the rights to do all the commands like the owner but can't sell the property (requires owner permission), and the other one just works like the current tenants system. Edit: for businesses, maybe the permission to have first tenants permission as I stated above shall be automatically granted to the supervisor and manager (with exception).
  4. Pretty sure that robber has very very desperated life to get money, me personally haven't experienced that myself, but I see it's might be the easiest way to get the victim from the advertisements, but also it's not that hard to avoid them too as an advertisor. I don't know how did you manage to get robbed from it, Advertisements transaction is just not that risky based from my experience. I suggest you better to avoid doing the transaction with the group of people, and better just do it straight between you and the buyer only, and in the safest place.
  5. as long as it's IC information, why not. Also I agree on top comment. seeing all the advertisements in logs would more non-sense than it shows on CIM (people in jail and in some unrealistic place around the city can still see the logs, there's no way to evade that. It is of course gave them "metagaming power" to aware on every advertisement shown). Things goes different when it comes to CIM 🙂
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