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  1. Would be interesting if you can create a group for your faction on the tracking website so you can track your faction's activity.
  2. Hey, I've seen these questions posted somewhere on this forum and figured they might come in helpful when thinking a new character through: 1. How does the character look like? 2. What impression does the character make to a stranger? 3. How did they grow up? 4. Do they still have contact figures they bound to during their youth? 5. What's the characters motivation to go try their luck with whatever they do? 6. Which places has the character visited in their past? 7. Does the character believe in God? If yes, which one(s)? 8. What's your character
  3. For the Day is Long and full of terrors...
  4. Sorry? I don't understand what you mean. 😄
  5. Decided I'll be posting my content on The Greek Mob's thread only from now on. (https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/46265-the-greek-mob/) Can be L&A.
  6. WANNA BET ON SPORTS? First, make sure you know what you're doing and what are the odds against you. Seven U.S. states now offer legal sports gambling, and as many as 30 more will consider jumping on board. So here are some of the basics, as well as some more esoteric aspects, of betting on sports: PONY UP: The biggest difference between placing a legal sports bet with a casino or racetrack or their online affiliates and placing one with an illegal bookmaker or "bookie" is that with legal betting, you have to put your own money up fir
  7. another Greek hits the city
  8. from rags to Greek souvlaki
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