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  1. [4RENT] 2110 Vespucci Blvd Apartment in Top Floor. INTERIOR EXTERIOR This is a week-by-week contract. Tenants can sign a contract for more than one week. For any questions regarding the apartment or in the case you want to arrange a viewing, send me a message via e-mail.((Forum PM)) OCCUPIED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
  2. Dimitri "Dima" Lazovsky Dimitri is a male in his late twenties, born and raised in a local city near Moscow called Kolomna. He lived with his overprotecting parents and his brothers Konstantin and Yorika. A family with a simple goal, to survive. Yorika was the biggest brother of the three and the main source of income to the family. Yorika was affiliated with a local gang, dedicated to frauds, drug and gun trafficking. One day, a drug deal didn't go as planned with their brother, Yorika, being shot to death. After their brother's death, Dimitri stayed calm and had no other thought
  3. New bid is 175.000$. Will expire in 48 hours.
  4. Currently winning at 170.000$. Will stay for 72 hours.
  5. Starting Bid: 170.000$ Buyout Price: 230.000$/Highest Bid. ((OOC Information))
  6. Send me the kind of business, the location and the price and we will talk.
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