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  1. In a real RP server, though, assets shouldn't determine one's character Exactly, so you don’t need to NC.
  2. For a heavy roleplay server I feel as the process of renaming doesn’t fit the bill. I firmly believe that assets built on one character shouldn’t be so easily transferred (or not transferred at all) to another “new character” with something as simple as renaming and abandoning the concept you were going for in the first place.
  3. Username: Darkhorse 2-1 Comment: Its real.
  4. Tree cops are pretty cool. That being said having every dirt road in the county be a speed trapped national park is a bit annoying.
  5. ((DM Leggy3 if interested!))
  6. Theres a ton of businesses(and properties) that seem to have just been abandoned in Paleto Bay like the Bay Bar (Which was ran by some pretty cool folks), Hen House, so on and so fourth. Unsure if it works this way but I'd like to see some administration begin to free up or inquire about these spaces (even if it becomes something IC through foreclosures and real estate people coming in) for other players to come in and make the county feel more alive. As it stands theres quite a few roleplayers within the small area, but we're very limited on what we can do when we're surrounded by inactive businesses and housing.
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