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Found 11 results

  1. NEWS • Crime Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • June 15th, 2022 — 3:58AM • Updated June 15th, 2022 — 12:30pm Los Santos man wanted for four serial-killings in LS County. $50k bounty, DA offers During an LSPD press conference late in June the 14th, detectives from the LSPD and Deputy DA's from Los Santos County's District Attorney's Office announced an arrest warrant against Elijah Mandela, a 25 year old San Andreas resident, for the murder of four women. Elijah Mandela, wanted for 4 counts of murder and 2 counts of attempted murder - Courtesy of the Los Santos Police Department. Elijah Mandela, a 25-year-old male living within San Andreas, has been suspected of murdering a total of four women over the past year. There’s an active warrant out for his arrest, and the District Attorney’s Office is offering a $50,000 bounty for information leading to his arrest. “To convict an individual in the United States a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual is guilty, which is not an easy task, especially for cases such as murders.” said Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Li at a press conference held in Vespucci’s Police Station on June the 14th; started at 10:00pm. “Our system was made that way so no innocent ends up in prison for a crime he did not commit. “Recently, an arrest warrant was approved for the suspect that maybe behind all the alleged murders. The District Attorney's Office will remain transparent with the people, and will be revealing the suspect's name. Elijah Mandela is Hispanic twenty-five-year-old man living within the state of San Andreas, and we have enough evidence that we believe we can prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that he is in fact [the owner of the blog].” Jennifer Li mentioned the name of the blog, dubbing it as a moniker for Elijah. The Daily News has removed the name of the blog from the article due to the graphic nature of the blog’s content as well as the desire to not nickname the killer. Soon after saying their name, Jennifer Li lifted up a photograph of Elijah Mandela to those in the room; his face revealed to the press and the public. Mandela, according to detectives from the Los Santos Police Department and prosecutors within the District Attorney’s Office of Los Santos County, is responsible for the death of four women across Los Santos County. Elijah, through his online blog where he shares photographic evidence of his crimes, claims to be a photographer and an artist. “I filmed my first video with the help of a young girl named Claire. It was gorgeous, but far from a master piece in my opinion. The photos came out good, and she will be remembered for it.”, wrote the owner of the blog in the blog's journal page. Claire was one of the two woman who were the subject of videos on the blog Mandela allegedly created. The videos showcased a brutal beating of the women is question after a stocky male figure, which law enforcement claim to be Elijah, forces them to pose in various positions against their will. Detective Haas of the Los Santos Police Department detailed how they found the body of the four victims. “On the 20th of April, Los Santos Police Department detectives investigated a series of coordinates that were received via an external website … These coordinates led detectives to a partially exhumed female victim in the Tongva Valley area.” The coordinates were accompanied with two photographs; a bridge within the Tonga Valley area along with a close-up of a nearby sign that read “Head Downstream”. “Following a systematic and thorough excavation of the area, investigators were able to identify a singular female victim at this site. Investigators were able to identify the victim as Mercia Sauer, who had been registered as a missing persons by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department in September of 2021. “On the 2nd of May, following a series of additional images posted on the website, City Police investigators located a second homicide victim in the Capital Boulevard area. The South-Central homicide desk investigated this incident, and identified a singular female victim, identified as Samantha Johnson, a young resident of Mirror Park. “On the 22nd of May, investigators received an anonymous tip pertaining to a third victim, linked to an additional series of images that appeared on the allison7521 website. Investigators identified a singular female victim in the North Chumash area, who was later identified as Ella Winchester. “On the 10th of June, detectives discovered a fourth victim following a series of images posted on the allison7521 website. The Department has not yet been able to identify this victim, who is a young female of Asian-American ethnicity. However, thanks to the strenuous efforts of forensic experts and analysts, significant forensic evidence has been retrieved from the scene. “We are currently awaiting DNA testing to confirm the victim’s identity and inform the family” One of the ways law enforcement gathered evidence against Elijah to file the warrant was through analyzing the candid-photos taken and uploaded onto their blog. The photos were often from a high birds-eye view, taken atop of various buildings across the Vinewood-Hawick area. “Investigators were able to locate a series of areas described as 'lookout spots' that had been utilized as vantage points to create the countless images posted across the website, and the FaceBrowser account previously. “Through the strenuous efforts of forensic technicians and tire track analysts, investigators were able to secure substantial forensic evidence to progress the investigation and identify key information, such as the suspect vehicle.” The vehicle in question is a rusted dark-blue Yagou Classic. The vehicle was seen near the site of Elijah’s first arrest by the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department, and Claire later confirmed the van's description to the Daily News. Elijah Mandela, detained by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department; he was later released from custody — Courtesy of Ashton Love, Paradise. May 13th. Elijah Mandela was previously detained by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department according to reports from the LSPD and the DA's Office. However, due to a lack of evidence, the DA was unable to press charges and Mandela was released from custody. “On the 13th of May, following a joint investigation between the Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, a singular male suspect was apprehended and detained by the Sheriff's Department, following a positive identification of the suspect vehicle. At this time, investigators were not able to pursue charges. “As the Deputy District Attorney rightly mentioned, convicting an individual within the united states can be a monumental task, especially in investigations such as this.”, Haas explained in a response to a question by LSN’s Troy Francis. “At the time, the suspicions could not be substantiated beyond a reasonable doubt. As such, Mister Mandela was released at the time. All claims against Mister Mandela have since been substantiated, and as mentioned by the Deputy District Attorney, the Los Santos Police Department is now pursuing an active arrest warrant to bring Mister Mandela to justice.” Deputy DA Jennifer Li reinforced this statement later on in the press conference. They refused to detail the changes in information between the arrest on the 13th and the information that the DA possesses now. “I obviously can't release any more information than that as it's still an ongoing investigation, and as Detective Haas said, it may harm our investigation if we release too much information." EDITOR'S NOTE, 12PM: The article was published with the desire for a speedy release of the suspect's identity. However, in the rushed nature of this process, we neglected to gather a comment from the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department regarding the detainment on May the 13th against Elijah Mandela. This is a failing on the Daily News' journalistic standard and we wish to rectify this. We are currently waiting a comment from the LSSD, with the request for a statement submitted at 12pm on June the 15th to Public Information Officers within LSSD. "The Los Santos Police Department requests any individuals with any information regarding this cowardly individual and the associated incidents to step forward. Information may be provided to the Department anonymously, and we are looking into the possibility of a reward scheme for individuals that provide substantial information or evidence that lead to charges." If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Mandela, they can contact Detective Haas and the Los Santos Police Department through the LSPD's non emergency line 9101. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment:
  2. OFFICIAL SOUTH CENTRAL GANG MAP GANG GRAFFITI BRIEF DISCLAIMER & CONTACT INFORMATION Information may or may not be entirely accurate, suspected gang areas were mapped out based on gang graffiti, activity, news broadcast and police reports. If you would like to forward any accurate and well researched information / knowledge on gangs and their turf around Los Santos to be displayed on the map please email them to "[email protected]" Photos of street gang related hit-ups can be posted on the forum and will be added to the "Gang Graffiti" section once seen. Comments are enabled and unmoderated.
  3. UNNERVING ODDITIES OF THE GOLD COAST Hello ghosts and ghouls of San Andreas! I'm Mercy, a recent transplant to this horrible place from a different horrible place called Portland. My hometown of Portland is a really weird place with an undercity of old unmapped tunnels and fenced-off suburban parks with weird freemason obelisks. I used to love going around and committing minor breaches of the law (such as trespassing - honestly private property just makes life so much less fun) in order to find and photograph weird shit so I figure, what the hell. New state means new adventures. Not having grown up here though I don't know about any of this weird shit there most definitely is around this drought-stricken wasteland SO naturally I made a blog and here's how it works: STEP ONE: Comment with weird shit you've seen or heard about or things going on this page. STEP TWO: I will use my own time and money to go check this weird shit out and write a blog post about what I find there, any mysteries I solve, interviews with weirdos I meet. Now I'm not going into this with no content either - I heard a juicy rumor about a strange coyote mutilation up north so I'm gonna be chasing that lead alongside any that come in from you commenters. Blog updates will be posted on this thread and linked here as they come out. Stay spooky! [SUBMISSIONS ARE ENABLED!] Username: Comment:
  4. Review of Golden Crust Bakery Homepage By: The Celery Sisters GOLDEN CRUST BAKERY The first business we investigated in our mission to bring clean living to the conscientious people of Los Santos was Golden Crust Bakery, an interesting looking bakery near Morningwood. They appear to be an authentic Italian bakery, supplying coffee and various baked goods. Vegan options: Honestly, their treatment of vegans borderlines on discrimination. We asked politely whether they carry vegan options and they said that they do, however they had currently sold their stock. Whilst this would be a fine and reasonable excuse, with more and more people waking up to the realities of this world and choosing a clean-living lifestyle, we found out later that this was a complete lie. It later came out that they sell very little vegan pastries, in fact most days none, and therefore they just do not stock a vegan option at all and have to make them from scratch. In fact, a large amount of the menu they refused to make a vegan alternative at all, so our choices at their bakery were extremely limited. Once we had ordered what we could (a donut, a cannoli and a millefoglie) we were left to wait for an extremely long amount of time. This is not a good place to go if you are a busy Vegan on the go. We have discussed the fact that they should stock vegan options that were made that morning, the same time as the rest of their pastries, and they did not seem opposed to this, at least at first. This is at least something which gave this writer a little hope that perhaps this bakery could be a safe haven for those who choose a clean life, but alas, as you will read, there are several reasons why my hopes were dashed. In short, their pastries were awful. We asked for unsalted pistachios on the cannoli and it would seem that they added MORE salt to the nuts. It was truly disgusting. The vegan custard in the millefoglie was like water, completely gross and made the rest of the pastry a soggy, sticky mess. Even the donut, the simplest pastry to make, was inedible. When we returned these items to the counter to complain, we were met with a very muted response and a refusal to return our money, at least at first. We were directed to the owner of the establishment who was otherwise engaged, something I will get to in a moment. In short, 1/5 stars for this category. It would be zero, although they did manage to eventually produce something that could be considered vegan, however inedible it was. I am willing to revise this upon further reviews showing that they do stock high quality vegan options alongside their other stock. Sustainability: Whilst we were unable to do a full review of the sourcing of their ingredients, we did get to view their packaging. The items were presented in a paper bag with a GCB sticker on it. The sticker, in my opinion, was wholly unnecessary. We had to immediately rip it to get to the goods. All the wasted processing power and chemicals that went into that sticker was rendered immediately useless the second it was stuck on the bag. The items were individually wrapped in waxed paper, another indescribably awful choice. For the sake of a little luxury, this company opted to use wax made from palm oil (the manufacture of which is devastating to the environment) to render paper completely unable to be recycled. It is jaw-droppingly ignorant and just so unneeded when sustainable options are readily available. 0/5 stars for this category. Business Model/Ethics: The bakery purports to being a family run bakery. The inside of the space looks nice, if a bit manufactured for the likes of the sisterhood. More plants and other homages to Mother Earth would be appreciated to ensure that their company provides a calming space. Right inside the door is a sign that immediately restricts their patrons freedom of expression. It states a strict dress code and standard of behavior, stating anyone who does not abide by their rules would not receive service. The fact that they wish to impose a dress code on a person simply wishing to access food is beyond me. However, I would have been willing to let this slide had the situation that unfolded not happen. A group of three children entered the premises after we did and expressed their frustration at the hold up of service. Their frustration was mirrored by our own, as it was taking a long time for the staff to arrange our vegan order. The children expressed their frustration in the way that felt natural to them and their socialization. Yes, this did include some hard Rs and an F bomb or two, but nothing overtly insulting or aggressive, just in a tone that followed the themes of their vernacular. The management decided, upon hearing this, to call the police to arrest the children. This draconian measure was taken almost instantly and left us stunned. The children were not threatening, nor were they even aggressive. Just merely using words that the owner objected to. The police arrived and ejected the children, who then had to deal with this terrifying experience for almost 20 minutes outside whilst we waited for our pastries. In fact, the owner was still dealing with the police when we went to discuss our refund with him. When we spoke to the owner, he became very aggressive towards us, calling us "half brained" and "coco" because we chose a healthy living path. When I pointed out that his words and general demeanor was worse than that of the children, he had called the police on, he refused to accept the argument and continued his attack. When I pointed out to the police officer that perhaps he should do something about the verbally abusive, discriminatory business owner, I was told this was a civil matter. It would seem that if you own property you are allowed to force people to treat you how you wish to be treated, but if you do not you have to deal with all the abuse a close minded and, let's face it, racist, business owner can throw at you. -1/5 stars Overall: 0/5 stars - this place should be avoided at all costs by anyone with a sense of decency or wishing to live a clean lifestyle. If they wish to appeal this rating then they can do so by applying via our business email and explaining the measures they have put in place to ensure that their customers can enjoy a safe and welcoming environment within their bakery. - The Celery Sisters. -Comments are enabled- Username: Comment:
  5. Last Updated: 3/19/22 Dear Readers, I have recently accepted a job offer at Los Santos News Network to work as a professional journalist. This was a job that I simply could not refuse and therefore this website will be going into archive mode with no new posts being made under this brand. Please check out the LSN website or Social Media to see what I am up to if you so wish! Have a good day! - Camilita Archived Blog Posts: All of our blog posts are posted below here: Our review of La Spada Our trip to a great tea house in town; The Lumbini Tea House Review About the Author: - Comments are disabled on the main page -
  6. ((A photo of the writer, taken in the deep concrete jungles of LS)) Chapter 1: First Things First This is a crazy city but just like any other I must survive and get to the bottom of it just like any other city in America. I immediatly rented out a Blista from the Airport with an empty check. It'll take them some time to find me. I made my way to some motel in the back streets that would put the whorehouses in Banghok to shame but we'll talk about this later. After settling down in my room, I was hungry for some action and some high-quality Mexican blow, but more of the blow. I made it out with my Acapulco shirt and shorts and made my way in to the city. The first person I meet is some brown guy, that called himself Rakama or something, that was trying to push me these Punisher shaped X. I'd be happy to pop a couple but I was coming down from acid from the blotter I took in the plane so I didn't really wanted to mess up with my high BUT this was a great opportunity to get into the side of the town I was interested in and also to get a ride in to somewhere in town, my legs were fucking killing me. Turns out our little pusher-boy works as a Barista so we go to his workplace to drink some beans harvested by Latin-American slaves. Fucking fascist pigs... Anyways, the cafe is fucking closed but Rakama has a solution. Five minutes later, I'm on the phone with the owner of the place. A fat dyke called Madson or Madison or something. She's obviously uncomfortable but must be a greedy cow because she comes to open his shop in couple of minutes. After getting inside, I order a black American and of course the fatso gets offended. I remembered why I don't like this town straight away. I drink it as soon as possible and walk away like nothing happened. I have no money at all, and definetly no money to waste on shitty caffeine. After I leave with some free coffee in my belly some punk kid hits a car with his bicycle, while the owner is there. This is when my vulture insticts kick in. I ask for some compensation for the man so that I can pocket some of it as a good samaritan. My investigative processes need some investment after all. This midget starts talking some kind of a knock-off trap rapper straight away: "Nigga" this "nigga" that. I can't take it anymore so I give him a surprise pocket baking-soda rather than sand (we are not in LS after all) and get the hell out of there. Luckily I got a box of this stuff from some Indian corner-store. I went back to my motel after this and surfed the web for some bikes. Some bastard from Redneck-County asks me for thirty-one large ones so... I tell him where to shove it and hang up. After getting some rest and getting boozed on quart of Rum, I leave my room and get a taxi. I tell her where can I get wasted, fuck, snort and scratch some fleas all at the same time. She obliged and we made our way. I wasn't planning to pay her but she wasn't the smartest one to remember to turn on the counter. Stupid twat. While cruising and chatting, some Chink hits our car and just like before we are out of the car asking for compensation. I like this girl so I'm more inclined to push him more. His accent is really doing my head in and one thing leads to another, we start exchanging hands. Everyone knows that Chinks can't fight so his friends jump in. I get couple of punches in but I am in no hurry to get knocked out in my first days in LS. While this is happening, I realise this girl, Ivy, has more balls than all these Chinks combined. She takes out a big, fuck-off size, bat from his taxi and starts breaking some cock-sucking heads but like I said the yellow man are not really the bravest so the moron pulls out his piece in the middle of the street. While all this is happening, a fire marshal comes by but like we all guessed she can't do anything. She goes ahead and TAZES the wrong fucking guy and the Chink makes a run for it. I always said I hate pigs and they won't dissapoint all the time. I think this is all for now. I think I like this town. There will be more dark, head-ache inducing to come and I will of course write no matter what. Stay strong, fuckers.
  7. What happened in Mission Row? A mysterious event occurred in the Mission Row police precinct today. Police were preparing for a "suspect" to come inside and presumably fill out a form of some sort (We all know the LSPD loves their bit's of paper). However, when the man entered he was taken into custody and has not been heard from since. I ask you, the readers, who was this man? what did he do to warrant such an offense on his freedoms? Only time will tell, stay posted for the full story as Sparrow News digs deep to unravel the truth. If you have any information please, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  8. Gang Killing in Strawberry. On Tuesday night 4 bodies were found outside Bert's Tool Supply Co. Three in the Alley, and one on the side walk outside the parking garage. A nearby witness claimed it was the Main St. and Families gangs fighting each other. The fight was attributed to "Gang Politics" by the witness. When pressed further, the 13 year old claimed "They just don't F*ck with each other". Upon investigation of the scene police officers found assault rifle casings. When asked what happened the Officers on scene stated they could not comment on an ongoing investigation. After going to the police station Officers said events like this occurred all the time. Are we as citizens of Los Santos just ok with this? A lack of caring? A lack of transparency form our Police force? Why are bodies piling up in the street with no answers? Is it just because it's "Gang Politics"? Do people not matter in Los Santos? These are the questions I pose to you, the reader of Sparrow News your independent news source, focusing on what's getting overlooked. Stay tuned for our next pieces on local business in Los Santos, and city biker gangs taking crime to Sandy Shores. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  9. vespuccistoner.org - highdeas for fellow stoner bros and brolinas vespuccistoner.org post #3 : brain fog, chicks and meeting ur idles honestly dudes, ladies and everybody inbetwen? today i got brain fog... so a lot of you prob never experienced that cuz ur lower end smokers not adicts like me but guys and gals that do that shiz nit every day? yu all know that this is the freakin worst my brain feels freaking empty like 2 days a week like im blinded in the brainal cavaties. also i hired a chick to dance for me and willy boy like it was nothin at all, tell all below what causes brain fog? bascally if you get too turnt out one night and u are so high it bleeds into the next mornin? that causez brain flog, and it lasts the whole freaking day, its like a diability man it hurts the head so much that it makes youfeel like you just exist but dont say anything like when u have brain fog you ar eprety much just a rock, a stone, a fr***in nothing man. im just a pepperoni sittin on a pizza basicaly. now before any of u acall the cops on me am i feelin any strange thots? ya some what but idk dudes i realy need to chill on buddha do u even know how hard it is to take down orders at papa vics when ur brain literally only works 20% i mean lets be honest im one of the smarter guys in vespuci i know how to use a blog and shiz nit so in about 5 years from now im gonna be making more money than any of you lol so what if im wroking at a pizza place rn? gonna be on top of the world soon just watch me i paid a chick 5 grand to dance for me in my RV so like i was sayin earlier? i saw an ad on the internet that was offerin a service for dancing right? so i call that immediately i bang that line (as you guys know ive got a girlfriend sage) so either way i call the chick right she comes over and for five grand she drop down her clothes and she dancing on BIG H BABY! my girl is way hotter and shizz but either way it was cool shes this blonde chick named something russhian? idk lol but she offered me a bargain: before any of u dudes get afraid and call the cops? no i didnt say yes so basically she offered me s*x for money right? i was like "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... uhhhhhhhhhhh" i was basically really tempted here and i looked at willy and he wasnt down to smash eithor so i was out man i was like naw naw im good im good but thanks for the dance and she whispers into my ear like all hot like : "im gona do it hard next time if u pay the money" so im just like damn can u leave now lol?? im married to my girlfriend here so she dips and beau is passed out on the bed like its nothing just greened out from our sesh since he just got out of the can for posession and shit we had to smoke up and say f*** the police a few times man u know how it goes and sh** plus we were celebrating his promotion to supervisor at papa vics and shiiii**** like bro it was a good ngiht basically never meet your idles so a lot of you bros in vespucci im not gonna name the guyyy i think its weeeeird man but like theres this cool dude who works at the bike shop in vespucci and shiiiz i always thought he was a dope a** guy and shizz but man like the guy was not as chill as i thought he almost like kinda thought i stunk man like i wasnt even good or cool man honestly hart breaking to me because i idolize taht guy like hes chocolate and ive been havin the munchies for a hour idk man im bummed out by that i invite the guy to party at my rv and hes like naaa im on a date with this banging goth chick im like yea ok man fine but bros before hos right? idk bros and brolinas no disrespect to him i like him the guy too much sometimes you just wanna smoke a bowl with someone u wanna get to know you feel that? word up no slide and shiii** like for real. never meet your idels-... so umm thanks for reaaadin and shiiiit but guys im gonna question for you: is it cheating on ur girlfriend if she doesnt know and also its a hooker? let me know down below. also? heres a song by Howard from Vespucci Hosted By freeblogsls.org Comment Below! Name: Comment:
  10. vespuccistoner.org - highdeas for fellow stoner bros and brolinas vespuccistoner.org post #1 : introduction so let me introduce myself im howard, lots of ppl know me down at vespuci beach in los santos and im pretty relevant down there sort of seen as the cool dude, the successful one, etc. we can get started w what i do for a living, how old im am and what i stand for name: howard relationship status: in an relationship ( girlfriend name is sage ) age: 35 job: pizza place manager favorite strains: pineapple express, blue dream, mango haze, gorilla glue, purple kush, mostly sativa not indica it makes me tired hobbies: weed, pizza, driving, online videos, surf sometimes passion: weed decriminalization skills: sex and karate (peaceful only) so now that u know a little about me ? im gonna tell you something that happened to me and something i never want to happen to any fellow stoner out there in this state: weed is illegal even if your leg hurts and you have serious stress problems and trouble sleeping and addicted to it you can ask me if i even knew that bullshit but i got arrested for some literal bull shit recently for owning 26 grams of weed on my person at the time.. like why do anyone even care about that dude who the f*** am i harming when smoking weed so f****** ing what? holy crap and apparently now im a drug dealer according to the state? lol imagine that dude im a drug addict not a f****cking drug dealer im need it to medicate my addicton. so howd i go to prison u might ask? ill tell you. some b***ch walked up to my home and started acusing me of saying i wanted to attack her and im just lik wat i just got out of the RV? next thing u know im in prison for posesion of weed. just like that, a blink of an i. we really need to get together and fight for decriminalisaton of marijuana because whos next? some stupid B8***ch accuses a fellow stoner of some fake a** sh** and then someone else is in f***cking prison rite? its not fair. some ppl ask me whats decriminalization adn whats legalization ritghe? one sec ill explain: decriminalizaton means basically you can do w.e u want with weed, legalization means u gotta pay the cops to buy weed. worst partwas i had to learn the rules in prison aparently i have to fight sex ofender and black people if they sit at my table and sh*t like dude? ive never attaked a soul in my life, im just a weed smoke. not a fighter a lover right? so im sitting in prison praying that i get let the f*** out asap because im scared to death in there and i do not belong in prison just cuz i smoke weed. worst part is i lost so much weed i had to slave away at papa vics pizza for holy sh** man im so sick of it sometimes if u ever have been arested for owning weed please share ur opinions below in the responsses section below. by Howard from Vespucci Hosted By freeblogsls.org Comment Below! Name: Comment:
  11. vespuccistoner.org - highdeas for fellow stoner bros and brolinas vespuccistoner.org post #2 : pizza delivery - smokin on the job - alection politics as many of u who red the first blog know, im howard from vespucci and i slang piza for a living. usualy if papa v wants to open the store i am the cashier and manger but usually on a slow day i deliver the zas too so im p much just chillin on that shiz nit. lots of you guys asume that bein a piza delivery dude may suck nutz but surpsiengly enof? im makin a lot of money from tips + a lot of other percs. favorite strain to smoke on th job: MANGO haze so a lot of you probably wonderin rn; does it taste like mangos and why is it name mangkos in teresting story actualy = it is because they are made from mangos in the jar. essentially the medical benefitials from mango marijuana is it helps with really stress ful jobs like mine. a lot of u are like lol howard are you f***ing kiddin u work at a pizza place but u guys dont know how busy it gets and how stresful it is without a freakin compotant staff somet imes you gotat take the order get people dips and drinks sometimes i even have to fry the freakin wings and also sauce them. its honestly so hard and dificult to work in the store and i know papa vic reads these and i hope he gives me a freakin cover or second cashier or something like its so stressful honestly. first thing u always do when deliveries? smile at them so they tip you basically one time i got tipped 2.5 grand, 10 grand, 15 grand just for bein me (howard :3) and im just like so flatered sometimes. but sometimes i get tipped with weed nugs too so im down as a motha fuga for that. honestly prison echanged me an lot and i honestly like feel like ttrading means more than money now adays so i always exchange my moeny for weed and then i trade people for stuff w weed like chips, burgers, food like snacks, drinks like sprunks, etc. lol damn now im gettin hungry so hold up brb. ok back just traded a 15 year old some weed for a bag o chips LOL (just kidding feds ). "howard whats the best thing to order from papa v's"? - garlic diop, peperoni, uncle guidos, sprunk, wings so im alwanys an advocate for the creamy garlic diop with ur basic pepperoni slice but the place is good enough like that anything u get its so soft and hperfect cuz the homie beau (free beau from prison) used to slap those pizza pies like it was hot cakes they were the best pies in the city period over there, also the uncle guido is good too but i love chicken wings ntohing is as good as fryed chicken i always offer ppl fried chicken (regardless of race im not racist dudes and if u are get off my page) wash that shiz nit all down w some sprunk and u got like the best meal in all of liberty city and los santos combined, best meal u can get in the town that isnt gona run you over 500 bucks. respect. my thoughts on the up comin alections (rock ford was hitler) so as a lot of u dudes know los santos is havin election in octobor and im honestly gona advocate for anyone who decriminalize weed... no freaking need to keep it locked behind the government approvel, the weed commonity has been out there growing the FBEST herb out here ( know a dude who grows ) yeah yea some dudes put oregano in that shit but usually only kids smoke oregano or other poisons wher as seasoned dudes like myself only smoke the real stuff. so whoe even cares about the kids? they not supposed to smoke that anyway. im gonan vote democrat if thay decriminalize it but i want to vote green party cuz (weed is green) if they even will get an oportunity to run we got a lot of racism and bigotry in the city so im just hoping whoever runs has respect and is nice to everybody and makes weed decrminalized because honestly broskis im just so sick of having to live my life in fear from the drug watching loser moms who keep having my ass watched and arested for a simple joint + 23 more grams. so who even cares? i want my crimes deleted from my recerd and p much thats it for today thx 4 redain bros and why dont u leave a coment below what you think about up comin alections? by Howard from Vespucci Hosted By freeblogsls.org Comment Below! Name: Comment:
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