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  1. sure you want to come get it now?
  2. For sale is this well maintained low flight hour Mammoth Dodo Sea plane. Take control of the skies and land on either land or sea. $299,995 obo
  3. Hey brother I will send you a text right now, hopefully we can link up soon!
  4. This is not a Auction there is no bidding. It's asking price, OBO. (Or best offer.)
  5. $449,995 OBO Looking to sell my Obey Argento, It has no major mechanical issues. The vehicle runs and drives well. The vehicle features the industries best security suite, along with a Obey Performance Package. Call or SMS 1267 Or send a email ((forum post)) ((OOC in Spoiler))
  6. It's 2022. Who still uses physical catalogs for things? yikes.
  7. I think all realism regarding the economy in GTA:W has gone out the window when the server portrays a mustang GT as a vehicle that costs 315k. Also for a server full of "heavy RPers" kinda shocks me that people are concerned with others in game assets. This is the culture the server has created itself. There is no /fix/ Leme ask you this. Lets say everyone logged in and the economy was reset, and everything was /cheaper/ (scaled down in price) Would you still be mad when people had money and cars? Probably.... Stay in your lane, let the admins do their jobs, and quit sideline dictating how people should roleplay.
  8. Holy hell brother, I think you're way off base. When we talk about flipping we are referring to "phone dealers mainly." People who sit on their cell phones and list 25 vehicles for sale and that is all that they do in game. If someone has a lease and owns a dealership it wouldn't be called flipping, it would be called running their business I don't think you know what you're talking about brotherman. This thread has gone no where but has served as a circle jerk for 3 dealers stroking their ego's while bashing others. I'm out. Have fun.
  9. This is false as you can go to their website and see they have literal race cars for sale. Anyways, thats off topic once again. Theres also a dealer who's been doing it longer than both of those people combined and has books going back to 2018. But hey. What do I know?
  10. We work within the confines of a server that is not perfect and not completely flushed out. Besides, this thread is about car flippers anyway. If a dealer has a expensive car next to a Rusty Rebel as you say, make a RPQM report and let the admins handle it, stop sideling. I would also be curious how many vehicles on the server are /cheap/ compared to ones that are /55,000/ and above. I would venture to say there are a lot less cheap vehicles available in general as well, if we really wanna go that route... since people seem to lack nuance.
  11. That's true you are right, guess I wasn't thinking when I typed that.
  12. The big issues I have with the discussion regarding limiting dealers to a certain type or price range of vehicle, is that in the used market I HAVE NO CONTROL over what people bring me as far as things to buy. If other dealers want to limit themselves be my guest. It would be one thing if we were supplied by LFM or had some type of bulk auction for dealers (a fantastic idea btw) And a shoutout to whoever ran that vehicle auction I attended over the summer that was amazing. but that's not how it works, its completely driven by the current market. Plus I may never have inventory if I just have to sit around and wait for someone to bring me a specific type / price vehicle to sell. I will say my goal was to mainly stick to lower budget vehicles, which I have done by far. Occasionally a high end vehicle for a good price comes my way, sue me. I MOVE WITH THE MARKET, which is what would happen in real life. Not only that but it's unrealistic, go to almost any used car lot and they will have a wide range of vehicles/prices (for the most part obviously there's exceptions to this.) *From someone who's bought several vehicles from used dealers in the past, and has worked at 3 different dealerships in the past irl. As for the flipping thing, it's been echoed but to me the best solution still seems to be, simply limit the number of vehicles sales per month for non dealership employee's. (Which would still be abuseable as people could just avoid the /sellvehicle script and bank transfer the funds independently of the script. Which im not a fan of people being able to do at all.)
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