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  1. Awesome roleplay from this lot, enjoyable experience.
  2. Great roleplay from this lot, very impressed ?
  3. lmfaoo love this faction keep it up
  4. Yes 100%. Brutally wounded from a fist fight is too much especially since there's no way to know when to stop until it's too late.
  5. Definitely support, this would be really useful.
  6. There's nothing unrealistic about owning two businesses... there are business owners IRL that have 4-5 businesses and sometimes they have nothing to do with each other. If your backstory fits the roleplay you want to portray, there's nothing wrong with it at all, no matter what anyone says. It's not like that money appeared from no where, obviously you have worked to earn that money, and if properly roleplay and fits the character development, then you have every right to roleplay using all that money if you wish. Not really. A lot of bar owners/restaurant owners or mechanic garage owners work at their own business, it's very common especially if it's the person's only business. It's also very realistic for the owner to rotate positions in their own business from bar tending, to being a waiter, and even being the cleaner, all on the same night. Don't let anyone tell you what you are or are not allowed to roleplay. As long as it's realistic and fits what you envision from your character, then by all means go for it.
  7. Just like if you were driving anywhere else. You would need to park it somewhere safe and have upgraded security so that it's not broken into. In your case, going to a house to do interior design, there's nothing stopping you from leaving your car in the driveway and going inside for thirty minutes to do your work, then coming back out and /vparking. Even then I dont think that it's entirely necessary, but if something is going to be implemented then a location timer would be more convenient for the majority. You would still run into the same issue you described if your suggestion is implemented.
  8. Yes please, with sub sections for skins/vehicles/textures etc. The current showcase section has a lot of WIP and private projects which aren't ideal to scroll through when trying to find mods to install.
  9. This is already a rule. "15) It is not allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay with the exception of the following weapons: (Pistols and small weapons listed)" If there's a video showing someone scrolling large weapons without roleplay they should be reported.
  10. Fully support this suggestion if the current/near future client is more synced and can handle it. I agree that if you have insurance then when you get your car back after parking it you should receive full health.
  11. I don't mind the way the test is at the moment because it still requires the driver to slow down at intersections and follow the speed limit, which gives the licensee an idea of how they're required to drive. I do support updating the instructions though to inform players that they can proceed if the light is green and whatever other important parts of the penal code they might need to know.
  12. You make a good point about players being able to /v park following a chase which limits the RP for PD/SD, but the issue I see with this is that for the majority of players that don't abuse the command it's just going to cause too much inconvenience. Players get to the end of their day in game and want to /vpark and log off, but this forces them to have to AFK for 30 minutes before they can log off. That's other than the lag issues it may cause. I would however support a timer between the time you can change your /vpark location since this would cause less of an inconvenience for legitimate players while still countering abuse.
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