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  1. @hentai! Hi there! Apologies, I was working night shifts. I am happy to proceed with the sale.
  2. Thrown something her way. Brave girl. Hope she has the best for the future!
  3. Wait… Aren’t you the guy who was driving around Strawberry telling the kids you were so rich and you were going to buy their mothers before running one over and getting arrested?
  4. Just remove the obesity hotdog stands on each corner. Like, just those. Everything else is fine. Just the wiener stands...
  5. We have a very intellectual population who enjoy their chess is all.
  6. This is one of the weirdest paywall items to have ever existed. People shouldn't need to donate to avoid harassment. Complete support.
  7. There’s a reason these videos get a lot of attention. It’s rare. Exceedingly rare. It’ll promote entirely the wrong type of roleplay we should be pushing for.
  8. Just needs some stuff ironed out is all. Fixes and changes are being made.
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