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  1. This has been suggested previously many times - unfortunately it is prone for abuse and we are not planning to implement it at this point in time. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  2. The system has been updated and you will now be able to use it for no fee - with a maximum of 3 times per month.
  3. Hi, I appreciate the compliments! But to address your concern - we have done a forum software update which caused certain areas on the forums to bug out. Many things were already fixed yesterday and we're still working on fixing the rest.
  4. Hey there! We offer numerous World Points packages, and throughout the time - the prices were changed and optimized throughout the time to provide a fair value. Sometimes we may also announce giveaways/events and promotions throughout the time, but at this time - we are not planning to create something along the lines of the scheme you suggested here. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  5. Hi! We will add an option to save attributes by clicking a button and an ability to access them later/delete them, etcetera. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. Hey, Thanks for the suggestion! It will be looked into.
  7. Hey there, Considering that you (the user) will be the only one that can see this image in the character overview page, I don't see how it will contribute much. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  8. Using & managing websites/services related to GTA World Creating a GTA World related website We understand that in some cases you would want your faction or business to eventually have its own website to operate, whether it is for IC information or OOC information/uses, and we know that it can highly contribute towards the development of your faction/business and highly encourage it. If you are interested in having a gta.world subdomain, you can redeem it using your GTA World account's World Points here. (subdomains under gta.world are no
  9. @LiiveYourLifee Certain issues may take some time to investigate and to resolve, sorry for the inconvenience! If you were not able to boost your posts during your PRO period due to the issue, even if it ran out, we will let you utilize the perks of the PRO feature to do the boosts that you didn't get to make. We have still not identified the cause for this issue.
  10. Hey! This will be implemented.
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