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  1. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion, but we will not implement this at this point in time.
  2. Hi, That's not really needed, you can just either create another email using any provider you choose if you wish to not use your actual email.
  3. Hello, Next time when submitting a suggestion please use a more appropriate topic title & body rather than "Redesign the UCP Property Requests, it's bad", your frustration/anger because of some formatting issues doesn't help much, something like "Issues with inputs in UCP property requests" / "Issues with the form in UCP property requests" would make much more sense. We will look into the issues you mentioned here. Thank you!
  4. Hello, We currently track bug reports and suggestions internally. In most cases when a bug is marked as fixed or a suggestion is marked as added, the implementation occurs in the next update, which usually happens in the next server restart or after several days. When it comes to the web services, this usually happens after several days. In some cases, even after testing has been done by the developers or members of the support team, the issues still appear - this may happen due to different factors that are relevant to the fix (such as specific circumstances that the fix was tested under). In case you notice any issues, feel free to either message the developer that replied to your bug report or suggestion, or create another bug report on the forums. It is also recommended to elaborate as much as you can about the bug. At this point we do not have a publicly available bug / suggestion tracker, and it is currently not being planned for the near future. If we decide to make a public tracker for bug reports / suggestions, we will post an official update on the UCP. Thank you for the suggestion!
  5. Boost your business with GTA World's Banking API If you own a business and would like to automate your payments, the banking API will allow you to collect payment from your website users and automate actions. You must have prior programming experience to use the API. We do not typically provide assistance with setting it up on your website. To request API access, use the form below to message @Everett: TITLE: Business API Access - YOUR_UCP_USERNAME Feel free to reach out on Discord for any questions.
  6. Website approval requests Before creating a GTA World related website (for example, a website for your IC company), you must read the rules on this topic. If your website falls under one (or more) of the rules that require your website to get approved, you will need to submit the form below to @Everett and @Nervous via private message on the forums before allowing GTA World users to use your website. INFORMATION FOR WEBSITES THAT REQUIRE APPROVAL: If your website was created before the 13th of September 2022 and requires approval according to the rules linked above, you may keep running your website (as long as it complies with the rules that do not state that an approval is needed) and submit the approval request as soon as possible. You have to submit the approval form and have your website approved until the 1st of October 2022. After this date, your website must comply with the rules. ------ FORM START: COPY AFTER THIS LINE ------ Website approval request: YOUR_WEBSITE_URL 1. UCP name (required): 2. Discord (required): 3. Additional website URLs / aliases (required): 4. Provide a short description of what your website is about (include the name of the faction or business if the website belongs/is related to one) (required): 5. Additional comments (optional): ------ FORM END: DO NOT COPY THIS LINE ------
  7. Feature Showcase: Pilot Job Become a Pilot! Overview In order to boost the aviation roleplay around the server and to provide an additional job opportunity for players, we have created the pilot job! The pilot job will give you an opportunity to put your pilot license to another use aside from leisure - working as a pilot. You will be able to choose which routes you want to fly (out of the ones available), and make money while flying. What do I need to start? A valid pilot license. What if I don't have one? You can obtain a pilot license from a flight school, such as Blaine Aviation. An aircraft What if I don't have one? You can either rent a plane from a company such as Blaine Aviation, from a private entity, or even from a friend! I'm ready. What now? Type /pilot and go to the green plane icon on the map. Type /pilot confirm to get the job. Congratulations! You can now do flight gigs. I've got the job. What now? Enter your plane and type /startflight: Choose the flight type (only cargo flights at the moment) and then choose the route: Confirm the route: Now you are ready to go! Taxi the plane over to the loading spot that is marked on the map: After the loading is done, it's time to depart! After your take off, proceed to the waypoint that is marked on your map: Make sure to pay attention to the altitude displayed for each waypoint (e.g. 1038 feet as shown above) to avoid missing the checkpoint! Once you've reached your destination, park at the last checkpoint and type /finishflight to unload the cargo. List of commands /pilot - Get the pilot job. /startflight - Start a new flight. /cancelflight - Cancel your current flight. /loadcargo - Start loading the cargo. /finishflight - Start unloading the cargo & end the flight.
  8. Limit has been removed.
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