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  1. Username:Giles’Smiles Comment: I was JUST here, would have avoided this place if I had known. Seemed like a dodgy place the moment I walked in.
  2. Los Santos Transit - The cure to this city's awful driving? By Nathan Hastings Image taken from Los Santos Transit Website Los Santos is notorious for its poor driving. In 2019, official government sources reported just over 54,000 traffic accidents and an announced 236 fatalities from these collisions alone. With this information in mind, it's hardly surprising that car insurance in Los Santos is on average 500.00 dollars higher per month than any other U.S State. When the roads are as hectic as they are, some less confident drivers may be put off using their car, whether for professional or personal use. If you're one of these people, then there's no need to worry - there are plenty of companies out there ready to make your journey to work more pleasurable, and most importantly safer. We sat down with Ricky Castellani, Managing Director of Los Santos Transit to discuss the company's current situation and where they plan on going in the future. See below for LSNN's exclusive interview: Ricky Castellani perches on his seat opposite me - well-groomed in what I would assume to be a fairly expensive suit, which is exactly the image you want your Managing Director to portray. We exchange pleasantries and have a quick mingle over a warm cup of joe, before delving right into it. Q. So, what's your position within LST? And how long have you held that post? A. I'm the Managing Director (MD), so I deal with the overall logistics of the company. Hiring, payroll... things like that. I've been with LST for a few months, but we were in the middle of some major management changes - I stepped in as the marketing director within the last month. Q. What services do LST currently provide? A. The new management wants us to put ourselves out there and make it known that Los Santos does indeed have it's own public transport. We currently offer taxi services and bus routes. (LSNN is under the understanding that all bus journeys are currently F.O.C) Q. Is LST privately owned or government-funded? A. It's a mix of both. We're a privately owned and operated business that put in a bid with the city to get funding to run the bus routes. So, we're privately owned but publicly funded, which means every nickel and dime has to be accounted for. Q. So, I understand that LST has recently released some new bus routes. Are you the brains behind that operation, and what has the response been like so far? A. I've never been the brains behind anything, but I'm flattered you'd think so! It was between the executives, myself and the drivers. We've come up with routes for places that we feel need more public transportation. We're currently looking at the USLA campus; more routes in Davis; and possibly even a longer route up to Blaine County. We're taking the feedback from what our passengers are saying and trying to apply it to the business to not only stay ahead of the competition but ensure that the residents of this city get a system that works for them. Q. It's refreshing to hear that you're taking the comments of the drivers on board, considering they're the ones out there on the routes. A. At the end of the day, I'm a house cat. I've never driven a bus in my life... but those men and women are the boots on the ground. It would be criminal of us if we didn't take their opinions into consideration. Q. In terms of competition, what's the LS transport scene like? Are you the big fish in a rather small pond? A. I wouldn't go that far - I don't want to talk ill on the competition, but I will say this: We didn't get the government contract because we're bad at what we do. Q. So, is LST hiring? And if so, where can people apply? A. Our staff roster is filling up quick, but we're still currently hiring. Anyone interested can apply on our website or send us an e-mail directly, which is also on our website. So there you have it - if you're one of the few that are less confident of stepping in to their own vehicle and taking the wheel, Los Santos Transit are there to help! It's abundantly clear that a service such as this is needed, when the roads have never been more dangerous - and it's pleasing to know that the Los Santos Government are fully behind them. This article is not paid for by Los Santos Transit. Are you a business owner or media relations consultant for a company? Want to get your services out in to the public eye? Then contact Nathan today on [email protected] ((Forum PM @SpeccsOps)) to arrange a 1 to 1 interview. VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE
  3. This thread is like Trump’s Twitter feed when he lost, just you complaining because you didn’t get your way. it’s three days bro, put your effort in to something more meaningful.
  4. 🤔 There’s a lot the minority agree on, but that doesn’t make it right either.
  5. As someone who roleplay a homeless bum, snow adds a cool new dynamic to my RP (huddling round fires in the street; trying my best not to get kicked out of businesses so I can stay warm). So, in that sense, it hasn’t ruined my RP but altered it. I can understand the frustration with realism and the broken interiors, and if you feel that strongly about those topics you’re well within your right to. But it’s for 3 days, I’m more concerned that y’all are getting so worked up over it 😭
  6. These are just two suggestions in Grapeseed, the middle-man between Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay. I'd be happy to find more both in SS and PB, though. They're both un-owned and un-mapped. The plastic surgeon would be using the side-door of the farmer's market I believe, but it passes as being a separate building. (So you can copy+paste) Phone Store 1: X: 1655.068, Y: 4873.99, Z: 42.07716, R.y:0, R.z:102.7619 Plastic Surgeon 1: X: 1676.3, Y: 4970.909, Z: 42.03911, R.x:0, R.y:0, R.z:259.8527
  7. Doesn't particularly solve the issue of phone stores, plastic surgeons etc.
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