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  1. Yes snow please for two weeks! It doesn't have to be during Christmas since it will ruin interior rp and a lot of people decorate interior with Christmas decorations but why not making it a climate event during January or February like a cold wave hitting San Andreas, those things happen!
  2. You have nice shoes
  3. Let it be a vote and announce it on discord as many players don't go on the forum and it's an important decision to take?
  4. Okay here is a hot take on businesses. Some people open new businesses concept thinking it will bang but basically their "new concept" is just selling something uncommon so the rp provided here in its essence remains: Customers gets in: hello I buy this Seller: this amount of dollars please Customers: bye And then businesses owners are so very surprised the boom their idea created didn't sustain and that people don't come to their store anymore. So how to turn around this situation? Make businesses that provide an interesting service and rp experience rather than just selling script items. Here are a few ideas: Tailoring, I'm sure this had been done before, the idea being to rp the measurements and make each player coming in feel special and having their own unique rp from the business. Funerary services, organising burial ceremonies or such, in a city like ls this would certainly be useful. Pampering rp, hairdresser, etc, try to imagine the experience you'll provide to your customers. I've seen laundromat open before and I thought it was very cool but the experience was nothing more than self service and paying. So yes it provided a new scenery and hub for rp to take place in but it gets old rather fast.
  5. We had this back when I played rp on wow server when I was a teenager, we had a community of 100 players and 2 to 3 game masters to pop random animations, events and make the world more lively with the use of commands it was great!
  6. Basically what previous comments said. Taki,g your time pruning the mod and adding it back when it's more optimized with less unnecessary props seems like the best option! Also if it can apply to dim 0 only i don't think anybody would complain about it.
  7. I was joking months before about people playing climate experts to support their positions regarding weather in Ls but now it actually happens first degree, I'm in state of shock. 🧐
  8. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Username: notoriousJAD Comment: good service and affordable prices for every budget, a must know stop if you're looking for presents!!
  9. i forgor maths 💀 But seriously i don't think 49k hours is even possible? 😨
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