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  1. +1 I think a middle ground can be found and drastically improve the experience in crowded places by lowering the reach of /low a tad bit.
  2. I mean we all agree that hardened gangsters high on crack will shoot you regardless of consequences, those definitely exist and we hear about them a lot IRL. To me there is a problem when those sick individuals who are a very, very small portion of the society are overly represented because it's easier to RP for criminal players, so as a civilian you're always on the edge and facing Death Matching so often it doesn't look like criminality makes any sense anymore. And when a room feels unclean, it encourages people to dirt it even more so you get light RP and stoopid stuff like cat ears vigilante. It's a complex problem that has been going on since years and years on this community. Just my two cents about the last handful of posts.
  3. +1, no further explanation needed!
  4. Looking for an affordable place anywhere in the city with a useable balcony. Buyer with a decent budget, luxury rooftops not considered. Contact me at: [email protected] (Forum PM) or 17617592
  5. I ran away in my motel room to call the police as I felt threatened by a group of five lanky individuals approaching me. They rented my room to get in and shot me dead.🤡 There is no fix for this, bad rpers will always be eager to get a hard on from executing civilians.
  6. Worst reason to add those clothes ever. We have way than enough european influence in a city supposed to parody one of the most iconic american places imo. I mean I have nothing about the clothes you suggested but really the reasons why you did pokes where it hurts.
  7. I'm not sure about the laws but I'd assume psilos are illegal. I think they are IRL California at least.
  8. If you mean psilocybin, of course there are items! There is a whole drug market and they have their spot in it even if it's not the most common stuff to find. If you want to produce your own shrooms or be a hunter gatherer I'd suggest taking a look at the Supplier role in the illegal faction sub forum or at the Scheme making guide.
  9. Trolling over trolling, can this come to a stop?
  10. I never even rped LEO so you're kinda missing the point here. It's just silly to hear criminal rper bringing the lack of balance as an argument all the time. This isn't competitive gaming, this isn't team fortress, it's heavy rp and police do have a major technical advantage over gangs realistically. Even way more than what they currently have in gta w. Which adds to the merit of actual criminals running their schemes and getting rich without getting caught IRL but guess what, they don't partake on killing sprees anywhere near as often as in gta w which seems to be an extremely valued scene in the git gud criminal community.
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