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  1. There are two outcomes though. 1. robbers will start stealing your whole outfit every time because it's funny and leave you standing in your underwear anywhere 2. your house inventory will have like 1,000 clothing items in it that you have to sift through every time. Nova5 tried this and it was a disaster to actually use day-to-day
  2. It also takes an action which currently takes 1 command and makes it take like 12 commands
  3. If you're roleplaying your character's assets realistically, the amount in your bank is irrelevant. /charity it if you feel bad.
  4. Username: 1984 Comment: Tell me you hate women without telling me you hate women.
  5. It's a good idea tbh. It would also solve the age-old problem of people making new chars just to rob. Who receiving 5k/hour in government assistance would need to mug somebody for petty cash anyway.
  6. There are 21 unanswered forum reports right now and 9 of them are about dumpster-tier robbery RP/scamming. That's over 40% of all unanswered reports. The rest are about DM mentality but that's another discussion entirely.
  7. Lets turn off PVP for a week just to see what happens
  8. Property Master would like your vote as well
  9. State of San Andreas Official Press Release From the desk of Hannah Clarkson, Chief of Communications: For Immediate Release to the General Public: San Andreas Public Servants Join Forces for the Greater Good B.J. Smith Recreation Center and Park - Davis, Los Santos, San Andreas (2022) 24/APR/2022 - Members of the San Andreas State Government, The Los Santos City Government, The Los Santos Fire Department, The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, and the Los Santos Police Department join forces on a project to feed those less fortunate in the community. The "None Left Hungry Charity Food Drive" is a soup kitchen and pop-up health clinic which was open to the public in the community kitchen of the B.J. Smith Recreation Center in Davis, Los Santos. Advertisement for the Food Drive and Soup Kitchen: During the time the kitchen was open, volunteers were able to provide meals to dozens of people in need in the community of Davis. Future food drives will be announced on the San Andreas State Government's Facebrowser page; a link to which can be found in the 'Attachments' portion of this release. Some may have recognized Secretary of State Noah Wade and Senate President Pro Tempore Adrian Rossi serving up meals in the kitchen during the event. Photos of the Event The San Andreas State Government also wishes to thank the individual members of the Los Santos Fire Department for their volunteer contributions to the kitchen today. LSFD Volunteer Group Photo - Davis, Los Santos, San Andreas (2022) In addition, the Department of Communication and Outreach would also like to express its gratitude to the volunteers from the Los Santos City Government, The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, The Los Santos Police Department, and any other individuals who volunteered their time for the event. Attachments:: Links San Andreas Government Website Los Santos Government Website Los Santos Fire Department Website Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Website Los Santos Police Department's Website San Andreas State Government - Official Facebrowser Page Notes:: All current and future media inquiries may be directed to the office of Strategic Communications and Outreach at [email protected] All information contained within this press release is recorded and archived by the State of San Andreas, and can be retrieved via official request. Author Communications Officer Hannah Clarkson is reachable at [email protected] for any inquiry. > Comments are disabled
  10. ULSA needs a ligma ligma kappa sorority/frat.
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