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  1. Honestly dude it's very difficult to tell the difference between a cop baiter, someone lagging horribly, general desync on the road, and someone legitimately roleplaying a DUI unless you're hammering out the /me's about your activity. Make sure the people you're trying to RP with know you're actually RP'ing something and you'll get a more definitive reaction, is my recommendation.
  2. San Andreas is a single party notification state. That means you can record a conversation so long as one party is aware they are being recorded. Absent this awareness, a warrant is required.
  3. We tried that. It just doesn't work well, unfortunately. It's actually a very hard thing to build around because you need one to be available with regularity, you need enough people to cover everything, there's a lot to keep track of and there's minimal CAD to support you. We had it once, and it was an information and work overload for the people trying to do it and the people trying to train people to do it. Would it be cool if it could work? Yes. Does it work in the video game? Unfortunately not.
  4. Hi. My post specifically addressed why x thing happens not the specifics of how people RP it. If you have any instances of individual PD members not roleplaying correctly, or generally roleplaying poorly, we have a roleplay quality complaint form you can fill out on the PD site. Alternatively, I believe smokey has said their DM/PM's are always open if you want to report individual cases of poor OOC conduct so they can be handled.
  5. Re: Going into buildings. For clarification on this because I've witnessed a few odd scenarios: Police Officers can enter a place of business that is open to the public, but only those areas which are clearly open and accessible to the public, especially while on legitimate police business. They do not need a warrant to go into any publicly accessible section of your bar. This is not a thing. They do, however, require exigent circumstances or a warrant to enter the staff only sections of your business. Second point, officers entering and looking around and immediately leaving. Typically, officers enter a business for one of three reasons: They are a customer. They are doing an immediate sweep for a suspect they reasonably believe to be there, or community relations work. Officers can and will enter, do a sweep, look for the person, then leave. This isn't them not wanting to roleplay, per-se, but that they want to get in and out as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to your business. And also because they're likely horribly busy and having a chat at a crowded club/bar is not a priority at that time. If you're a bar or club you're not typically going to encounter the other two; community relations officers are not going to engage in community relations with a bar/strip club in downtown Vinewood and officers do not typically purchase alcohol on duty. So, I hope this has cleared up officers going into businesses for people.
  6. Short description: Change cruise control to not require the UP key, or allow users to disable its functionality. Detailed description: As a left handed person, I use the UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT keys to drive/walk/move in general on GTA. As such, I can no longer drive on GTA W which is quite an issue for me. It would be nice for the player to be able to rebind this key to something else, or, failing that, allow the player to disable the cruise control option for themselves. Commands to add: /togcruisecontrol or /bindcc (KEY) Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? It would allow left handed people/others who use their keyboard in a way that is different from the norm to play properly. Additional information: Turns out @St3fan[NL] made this so I suppose this is mostly for them. I would like to be able to drive again :S Thank you for your time.
  7. Sam2


    Joint response, barricaded incident. C and K-9 Officers debrief and wrap up after the successful negotiation and surrender of a suspect who had barricaded themselves in an RV. K-9 Platoon Training. New handler recruits learn the fundamentals of the platoon and working with a police working dog. C Platoon Training. Tactical Support Officers regularly train in a variety of scenarios to make sure they're ready for anything. Search Warrant Execution in Grove Street. Tactical Support, SWAT and K-9 regularly search and clear houses in support of other sections of the department. Captain Max having a photograph with police K-9 Bolo at the dock.
  8. Hi. I propose that house alarms either have their volume reduced or an option is provided to manually adjust the volume of house alarms. They are loud, ring for long periods of time, and if you have to be on lots of house robbery scenes (as you do in PD) you tend to be exposed to their loud ringing a lot. IT's sorta really making my tinnitus worse when I have to try and power through that for PD related reasons (breaches, active TAC, etc) which make taking my headset off for them not really tenable. I don't know how other people feel about it, but it's pretty bad. I like house robbery stuff, but the volume is a tad too high.
  9. Short description: Add a phone command called /loudspeaker that allows you to broadcast the phone conversation to nearby persons. Detailed description: /loudspeaker should make the incoming voice call messages display within a small radius nearby to other persons. Commands to add: /loudspeaker (doing it turns it on, doing it again turns it off) Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? This would help massively in a variety of situations and serves as a good quality of life update for phones. Including but not limited to: sharing a conversation with people nearby that also applies to them so you don't have to repeat everything. It would also massively help with hostage situations/negotiations on the PD side of things. Additional information: N/A
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