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  1. Hi. I propose that house alarms either have their volume reduced or an option is provided to manually adjust the volume of house alarms. They are loud, ring for long periods of time, and if you have to be on lots of house robbery scenes (as you do in PD) you tend to be exposed to their loud ringing a lot. IT's sorta really making my tinnitus worse when I have to try and power through that for PD related reasons (breaches, active TAC, etc) which make taking my headset off for them not really tenable. I don't know how other people feel about it, but it's pretty bad. I like house robbery stuff, but the volume is a tad too high.
  2. Short description: Add a phone command called /loudspeaker that allows you to broadcast the phone conversation to nearby persons. Detailed description: /loudspeaker should make the incoming voice call messages display within a small radius nearby to other persons. Commands to add: /loudspeaker (doing it turns it on, doing it again turns it off) Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? This would help massively in a variety of situations and serves as a good quality of life update for phones. Including but not limited to: sharing a conversation with people nearby that also applies to them so you don't have to repeat everything. It would also massively help with hostage situations/negotiations on the PD side of things. Additional information: N/A