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  3. This, in my opinion, sets the standard for depicting a realistic and authentic police officer character. Even though my knowledge does not begin to compare with his, I know just enough that he conducted a thorough and meticulous research for his character and story. I have been knowing Yass for a couple of years now. While everything is in a written form (masterfully crafted), I can confidently say what he presented above is a direct reflection of how he portrays Joaquin Perez in game. I’m glad that you finally pushed this out. I look forward to read your future chapters.
  4. Nemo


    20190922 METRO TRAINING (2000-2300)
  5. Nemo

    20190922 METRO TRAINING (2000-2300)
  6. @ThatDutchPerson Army National Guard STILL fall under the umbrella of the U.S. Military. Sure, each state has their own National Guard entity. State Governors can mobilize them. They get mobilized for extreme natural disasters and civil unrest. Remember Hurricane Katrina? California wildfire? Ferguson riot? I don’t think we’ve reached enough player counts or capacity to initiate an event where all infrastructure has collapsed and the Governor has to declare the state of emergency. Besides, everyone and second cousin here wants to roleplay a Billy Badass former service member who is/was SEALS-Delta Force-Force Recon. I don’t know why y’all want Army National Guard here rofl. If you want realism, you’d roleplay driving to the base one weekend per month, just to sit around until 1700. THEN you do your two-week annual training and listen to sexual harassment and equal opportunity briefs every month. Don’t forget to stay green on your medical readiness because you have to be “deployable” within 48 hours 🙂 You get the gist of it.
  7. This. Having a court system IG would be dope as hell. DA’s office, prosecutors... It would expand the demand and need for public defenders and lawyers in general. It would be an awesome way to implement a functioning (and fun!) checks and balances system for LEO factions IG too.
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