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  1. There is a difference between giving someone a moment to realize on their mistakes and provide a teaching moment versus someone actively ignoring a forum report and still utilizing the game/forums. I mentioned Hoggit earlier because say you CANT respond for whatever reason to a report? They will keep that in mind and they can usually track that via you just not being around reddit/forums/the game in general. If someone is actively hopping on, ignoring notifications of a report with evidence that will bring an admin to a default punishment, they clearly do not care that their actions have a consequence and will rely on that admin going "okay have a 30 minute ajail." That's not a "we're a teaching server" moment, that's a player not acknowledging their own actions and will very likely be back in the report sections soon again.
  2. Doubling up on this: A lot of admins tend to have a "default" punishment for non-responders. It's pretty obvious that some people do actively and willingly take the zero-response punishment as responding in general may lead to them getting a worse punishment. However this leads to them outright ignoring reports in general. Large communities, my favorite to point to is Hoggit, have a "if you wont come explain in the report, you can explain in the appeals" rule. If you dont even show up to acknowledge the report, they quite rightly take it as you not acknowledging your actions and you dont care, thus if you want to keep playing with the community please tell us why you are a fit for the community. They have leniencies for if say you lost power or internet or any major reason that keeps you away for days on end, though it normally shows as "okay, explain in appeals and we'll take that into account." And before people fire off about "this will put a strain on the already bogged down ban appeals section", reply to the damn report and this wont happen. Hoggit is a MASSIVE community that equals and possibly even rivals GTA:W yet their relatively small admin team pushes right through reports swiftly and effectively.
  3. Big support, even if I'm grave digging this one. Two, maybe three taxi calls an hour and an inordinately high chance of having "/me pulls their knife, putting it to the driver's neck" and getting robbed of every single item you have and /maybe/ even your car... Yeah nah, good way to get people to not want to drive taxis. If someone randomly hops in and robs me? Cool, sure, I can dig that. But calling just to rob the guy who showed up even after it tells us your name and the number you used? Yeah nah.
  4. Dustin is a big impact on my character, Ava Kehrli. I look forward to seeing more of these in the future my dude!
  5. It's a legit issue. Whole parking lots become locked out by Dealerships hijacking the first empty lot they see. Business get clogged up, look busy, but are empty inside because there is simply no where to park. It's practically common curtousy to not litter and leave your stuff everywhere and to clean up after yourself. So the fact a rule like this needs to be suggested is a problem in of itself.
  6. Well isn't this a bit awkward... It was a lot of fun to play Eirunn however her admittedly short story has come to a close. Maybe in the future I'll bring another Hitchhiker to LS!
  7. More wandering! With Oda's recent sighting by a driver in a curiously theme'd Ellie, this map features Oda's general area she may be in instead of just what sector she's decided to take a break in! It's about to get a little hard to keep track of her here soon however, she's train hopping and going Possum!
  8. Shit is like something outta southland
  9. Oda's done a lot more traveling in the city, but with the recent goings on she's decided it's time to try somewhere else! Lots of doubling back, and a handful more symbols to decipher. Remember, you can take OOC pictures of Oda and post them here! If you do, her paths become more accurate and easier to follow!
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