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  1. Well isn't this a bit awkward... It was a lot of fun to play Eirunn however her admittedly short story has come to a close. Maybe in the future I'll bring another Hitchhiker to LS!
  2. More wandering! With Oda's recent sighting by a driver in a curiously theme'd Ellie, this map features Oda's general area she may be in instead of just what sector she's decided to take a break in! It's about to get a little hard to keep track of her here soon however, she's train hopping and going Possum!
  3. Shit is like something outta southland
  4. Oda's done a lot more traveling in the city, but with the recent goings on she's decided it's time to try somewhere else! Lots of doubling back, and a handful more symbols to decipher. Remember, you can take OOC pictures of Oda and post them here! If you do, her paths become more accurate and easier to follow!
  5. Her new path and new locations! Of note, symbols have begun to appear on her map. These are symbols that mean specific things about the areas she has been in for a long enough time to learn. Some areas have more symbols than others, some areas have no symbols. I do encourage you to look the symbols up to find out just wait Oda is saying about specific areas! However I do request you keep that information to yourself so as to keep the mystique to the normal folk. Oda also did quite a lot of doubling back on her paths the past 48 hours, but I think a keen eye can figure out her total route through San Andreas! Remember if you spot Oda, feel free to snap an OOC picture and post it here! It only makes tracking her easier!
  6. Below is a map of Oda's travels from the past 48 hours! It will of course be a bit confusing as readers will not have as much information to rely on. However it is an accurate chart of her direct route between sectors (including her wandering), and any sector crossing she did. Note, it is easier to track her between locations due to the individual paths one has to take, once in a city or town it becomes much hard to track Oda so only sector crossings will be noted.
  7. ~~The Hobo's Creed~~ Decide your own life, don’t let another person run or rule you. When in town, always respect the local law and officials, and try to be a gentleman at all times. Don’t take advantage of someone who is in a vulnerable situation, locals or other hobos. Always try to find work, even if temporary, and always seek out jobs nobody wants. By doing so you not only help a business along, but ensure employment should you return to that town again. When no employment is available, make your own work by using your added talents at crafts. Do not allow yourself to become a stupid drunk and set a bad example for locals’ treatment of other hobos. When jungling in town, respect handouts, do not wear them out, another hobo will be coming along who will need them as bad, if not worse than you. Always respect nature, do not leave garbage where you are jungling. If in a community jungle, always pitch in and help. Try to stay clean, and boil up wherever possible. When traveling, ride your train respectfully, take no personal chances, cause no problems with the operating crew or host railroad, act like an extra crew member. Do not cause problems in a train yard, another hobo will be coming along who will need passage through that yard. Do not allow other hobos to molest children, expose all molesters to authorities, they are the worst garbage to infest any society. Help all runaway children, and try to induce them to return home. Help your fellow hobos whenever and wherever needed, you may need their help someday. Eirunn Oda is a True Vagrancy character. Her heart is owned by wanderlust. Her feet and thumb will carry her to the far ends of the earth to explore and see. This Character Thread will somewhat break the norm in that it will not directly follow Oda. Instead, a map will be posted once every few days of her last known location and with a trail if she's traveled broad distances. Players can take OOC Screenshots if they spot Oda, and post them here and the area on the map will grow smaller and more accurate with every sighting! I encourage players to keep an eye out for the friendly Hobo, and let everyone know that you know where in the world Eirunn Oda is! Rules for this character, please treat this as OOC knowledge as this is my way of keeping Eirunn true to her purpose as a True Vagrant! (Certain information has been censored to reduce chances of metagaming.) Can not own a car, or any kind of living space. The money given out at the start doesn't exist and the money in the pocket at the start can only be used to get the initial outfit set up and then must be put in the bank. All money must either be panhandled, or earned through worktrade. Can not have an official job in any capacity. Can not have more than (X$) in pocket, excess must be banked. At the end of the day, all money over (Y$) must be banked to simulate the hardships of such below poverty level living. If she has more than (Z$) in her pocket, her panhandling sign will change to express her gratitude to the area she has panhandled in until it falls back below (Z$) Can not spend more than ## hours in one location, however can travel between places on the daily. Can own a phone, but must roll a d20 every day she wakes up while sleeping outside/in public. If she meets or beats a DC(##) check, she keeps the phone for that day. Pictured below are sectors of the map that Oda has identified, in her mind, as distinctly separate areas. These follow no known faction maps, and their borders hardly align with the districts drawn on city planning maps. What these sectors mean to Oda are that they are places where she can expect differing attitudes regarding her actions and being in that area. These are also where you will be most likely to find Oda. She can only stay in a sector for so long before she has to move along and while there are quite a few sectors in Los Santos, she wont stick to the city just because she can wander through it so easily.
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