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  1. Username: jlawson Comment: The LSSD cleans up after the incompetent pro-criminal DA yet again! What else is new? The people will remember this come next election!
  2. Username: AnActualRepublican Comment: You type like a child. Which one of your parents taught you the word "libtard"? Answer me later, I don't think you're supposed to be on your phone during class.
  3. Username: AnActualRepublican Comment: Didn't specify what agency I work for (not sure who "the PD" is referring to exactly) but your input is valued, thanks. If you have more faith in a "security" agency with a track record of misconduct and unjustified shootings than actual (not pretend) law enforcement agencies in our county, your room temperature IQ is on display for all to see and I don't even need to dignify you with a proper response to your unsourced anti-cop BS.
  4. Username: AnActualRepublican Comment: Hi, lifelong registered Republican and active LEO here. You're an idiot. This isn't how a justified shooting works (hence why the guard is the one under arrest, not the kid) and if you believe the self-serving Gruppe 6 damage control narrative, I have a bridge to sell you. Neither myself nor my colleagues have anything nice to say about Gruppe 6. They have proven themselves a danger to the public and ought to be barred from operating in San Andreas.
  5. i had this, bring it back. i logged on today expecting at least something other than long menyoo thot hair, but here we are. 90% of the new hairs look almost the same and there's nothing new for any character who doesn't fit that typical look, which is just disappointing to put it nicely considering a whole 200 hairs were added.
  6. Launcher etc. all work. Then game tries to launch (I can see myself go into GTA V on Steam) but a few seconds later closes without ever actually opening the game window. Steam version, no mods, all server assets already downloaded.
  7. Username: bigz87 Comment: What in the college student creative fantasy writing project is this? If I see "Sheriff" Avocado anywhere near my station I'm taking those three sad stars as a trophy.
  8. dude c'mon i started using this so much as a shortcut and now i look like such an idiot when i type it on accident-..
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