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  1. fuck charles love my homie @Conway
  2. vika

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    i am concerned with elitism but i think that'll always be a factor no matter where you go. giving players incentive to strive for something should, hopefully, be a net positive. just hoping it doesnt bring unwanted drama from the competitive environment it might provide
  3. i like that you included lower end phones, there's really only two i can think of off the top of my head- the nokia and the iphone 3 im sure there's others but more variety would be nice. 😗🤏
  4. kind of agree with this i think having snow is nice to spice things up a bit. its only for 2 days. it 'breaks' interiors by snowing inside, but i feel like that's pretty easy to look over
  5. vika

    Long Term /ame

    i like the idea, definitely think it should be toggleable though so it doesnt clutter up
  6. vika


    i dont really mind the whiplash that you get from it but it is kinda annoying if it isnt too much effort to implement this id like it to be added however, shouldnt this be in the suggestions thread, not general discussion?
  7. the vast diversity of midrange civilian cars and trucks that arent spor-
  8. likin this solely for the BF Furzen lets go baby
  9. agree with this. couple months back one of the mechanic companies or whatever set up a whole track on the street with the assistance of LSFD and LSPD. closed off roads and all that. was pretty neat the flash gt, if it was removed, was also in the game at a certain point. if it was removed, it was removed for a reason, if not, it's already in i dont think we need more go go bigly cars and changing a horse track into an oval race track doesnt seem like it'd bolster the rp very much just set something up with the LSPD and LSFD and make an event out of it if you really wanna legally race
  10. lotta rap in here... feel like im in the wrong neighborhood...
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