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  1. This isn't true at all. There are numerous factions that are supported by LFM that aren't associated with the government or LEOs. That being said, it's hard to accurately encompass the concerns of a wide variety of legal roleplayers. We're far from perfect, so if there's something specific we can help with, please reach out. Otherwise, I assure you we're working diligently to try to make the server enjoyable for everybody.
  2. Characters who treat their vehicle(s) like a core aspect of their personality. There's a huge difference between IC car culture and trying to show off your e-moniez. I see you've spent 300 hours straight trucking, and I couldn't be less impressed with your Elegy.
  3. Huge congrats to @Spider X3! Good job my lad. Also congrats to @Pillsbury!
  4. Nice! Thanks to the RAGE team and Nervous for this.
  5. Preamble Midnight strikes down upon the Los Santos County, and, with that, voting is now OPEN! Once more, Los Santos is calling out to every single one of it's citizens to come and make their voices heard! After many weeks of debates, rallies, and hard-fought campaigning, the tables are set. The only thing we need is you! Thanks to the tireless efforts of our two party leaders, @Hugh-Gi-Oh for the Democrats and @vrb for the Republicans. You've steered your parties well, and we look forward to seeing you prosper on the other side!
  6. Proud to announce, implemented and functional!
  7. I want to become a better mallrat.
  8. As both a staff member and member of SD, this is high on the priority list. I don't have further details or a timeline for you, but myself and others have been very vocal that this is something we sorely need, and it's been acknowledged.
  9. I have a character I RP living out of a van. I spent more money making the van look run down and terrible than it would have cost to buy and "max out" a sports model and try to be a cool kid. The RP that's come out of being a character with flaws, rather than another cookie cutter supermodel business entrepreneur has been both fun and incredibly rewarding. I just wish people would realize there's nothing to "win" here. There's no race to the best car, no money threshold that displays "congratulations, game over". People should slow down, enjoy the journey and let the RP dictate wh
  10. I also started using this as a shortcut to get the em dash. Please bring it back!
  11. I'm in support. Especially for businesses such as Late's taxi company. The vehicles near certainly would have tracking on them.
  12. Nervous announced today that the snow is being removed. Going to lock this thread as it's now irrelevant and drifting off topic.
  13. They can indeed @St3fan[NL]. Any regular average Joe can roll up and get SA EXEMPT plates on just about any vehicle.
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