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  1. Username: TEEZY213 Comment: This goldie bitch got a fat ass ** IP will lead to his house because he's not a pussy **
  2. Username: Seoulsyd13 Comment: this nigga a snitch
  3. Shekh

    Seoul Boyz 청소년

    Day in the life of Toh 청소년
  4. Shekh

    Seaside ABZ

  5. Seoul Boyz 213 청소년 (SBZ) Origin In the mid 2000's , Little Seoul birthed a group of asian teens, forming together to protect themselves from opposing Hispanic and African-American gangs in the immediate and surrounding areas. Originally beginning as a type of "Neighborhood watch" in the area of Palomino Avenue/Little Seoul, but soon enough the pressures of living in an impoverished area with no youth clubs or community centres turned the group into a violent street-gang that contributed to a large amount of the crime-rate in Little Seoul. The loosely-organized street gang can be identified by the area code of Little Seoul (213), a number scattered around Little Seoul in the form of graffiti, tattoos, vandalism and slang. Little Seoul (Areacode 213) The group operates in West LS, Little Seoul, a region dubbed "Koreatown" by the locals following an influx of Korean immigrants in the 1960's. Little Seoul is a diverse region, with a high Korean and Latino population, with these two ethnicities making up majority of the Little Seoul population. Although Little Seoul today is a sprawling business hotstop that attracts investors across Los Santos, lack of community resources and investment into housing, aswell as a tight community culture that makes "snitching" tabboo, has overtime transformed Little Seoul into the perfect boiling pot for crime to develop. Modern Day As the group was open to diversity and allowed a variety of teens from different asian backgrounds to join them, it quickly grew in size due to its inclusivity. Following rivalries with red-ragging street gangs and because of their close alliances with crip sets, they consider themselves bK, associating with mostly crips and asian/polynesian sets. The group falls under the Members of the group mainly partake in petty crimes, including but not limited to: Robbery, drug trafficking, vandalism and prostitution. OOC We intend to portray a fictional faction, drawing inspiration from LA street gangs including but not limited to the LA ABZ/KoreaTown culture. The development and progress of SBZ will be shown in screenshots through this thread, and as such the contents of this thread are subject to change and will be updated as the group develops ICly. Originally beginning as a sub-fac, this group has had a lengthy and completely roleplayed IC development. If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact the thread holder.
  6. ofc, go for it. It will just never be approved and you'll be forced to disband by illegal FM.
  7. https://gyazo.com/017f944f60b68065e572a725c0c6db6c
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