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  1. would be pretty cool, would like to see cars like congoscentis
  2. Shekh


    Username: Bigz2020 Bet: 100,000 Comment ( optional ) : Masdival is about to get his little booty smashed into peices
  3. Shekh


    * You might stumble upon a website through pop-up ads when surfing some shady sites. * Upon even being on this website your IP is logged and stored, and you are bombarded with more pop-up ads. * The website host is hidden behind a VPN. !!!TAKING BETS 100,000/USMAN. 100,000/MASDIVAL. COLLECTION Email: [email protected] ((forum pm))
  4. Shekh

    Stash Commands

    anyone who comes to rent there can take stuff out of the property if u stash in a rental
  5. Shekh

    Stash Commands

    u just press Y if its an outdoor stash and ull automatically pick up the whole stash, if its in a property u just use the property inventory.
  6. how the fuck do u "decrypt" it, it's just asteriks all u saw is the first two numbers in his IP, so u capping. still kinda weird showing the dudes name and first letter of his last name, not sure how that was necessary.
  7. Davis Church Response: Thank you for your generous donation brother! Jisak-Allah, as your people say!
  8. We at the Davis Protestant Church are asking for donations. Upon reaching a road-block during refurbishing of church facilities, we must now rely on the genorosity of the public to finish construction of the church. Our goal is to open facilities by the end of July, but to do this we need to reach a total of $450,000. While we know this is a lot to ask, it is essential to the grand refurbishing of the church. We ask you donate whatever you can, any donation, no matter how small, will help us reach our goal. We have already reached 5% of our goal due to generous donations from Davis locals, however we still have 95% of the way to go! Please donate what you can, any amount helps, and if you cannot donate, #share and spread the message! All donators that donate above $5000 will have their names placed on an honorary plaque that will be put inside of the church! We will update on the website as we get closer to our goal. Amout of money donated will be displayed publically and updated daily. To donate, click the button above and fill out the form it directs you to. You will be given the option to donate anonymously if you wish. Status: $57,500 / $450,000
  9. Username: BlackSupremacist_1987 Comment: If the new Mayor isn't black, expect Davis Riots p.2
  10. people will most likely just vote for the funniest candidate, if someone bald or a troll character applies theyll probably win lets be real. they need to limit who can be voted for and do heavy background checks and quality rp checks so we dont get stuck with some dumbass
  11. they make up majority of the legal rpers on the server sadly, all it takes is one ricer to run for mayor and put it in a discord that everyone should vote for him and theyll win
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