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  1. First! Thanks for the shout-out and good idea on this!!! ❤️
  2. There are a lot of people experiencing this, but not everyone.. I personally do not. There is a similar question in the a rchive if you want to peep it.. There might be a solution in that thread that might help you.
  3. This can all be done on the UCP Available properties can be found on the map. 🙂
  4. I’m just going to archive this guys as it has been ruled not a GTAW issue by Nervous himself. Possibly rage or hardware.
  5. Would have been up to 9 but this guy started y’all over? Anyway. Staff wins again. You may all start over now
  6. Players gave you proper instructions, but this is something that must be handled in-game with /report as already stated. L&A
  7. Answer was given properly. You can change your characters name on the UCP using the links given above. L&A
  8. I think I did in summary on one of the pages or in another thread. It is a long read, so I would have to format it to make it easier to not make people fall asleep. lol!
  9. My pleasure.. I warned you it would be long 😛
  10. @Nervous @Maple @St3fan[NL] @Static @Westen I figured I would grab you guys, because I've been working with this for a while and it is becoming more and more wide spread. Most of the computers in this thread are powerful enough for the game. Everything from full windows install to changing hardware have been tried. Would you like me to forward this as a Bug report? I've explained what is going on in the best english that I can, but maybe its any easy fix server side if it is, or one of you can explain it better than me.
  11. You've posted this discussion twice. I recommend you avoid doing that as it is against the rules. L&A
  12. Locking this as it is a form of evidence if you need it. Will archive later, but not really a thread to allow discussion?
  13. Yeah but it would be more difficult for newer players to find rentable places by preventing you guys from seeing them. Gray area I know, but this is something @Bombie or @Thirteen might be able to elaborate on more. Maybe its a suggestion that can be forwarded? There could also be a reason as to why it's not an ability.
  14. I don’t support this. Information like this should be learned IC’ly,
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