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  1. I cancelled my pre order, They've been working on this game since like 2012 and they really have no excuses anymore
  2. Name: Killerfrm5H Comment: Every FD bitch is a lesbian lmao prove me wrong
  3. Username: KillerFxH Comment: Oh nigga this gonna get removed real fast
  4. Username: Killerfrm5H Comment: LMAO you wish, smoking on this cop pack rn, wya bitch?
  5. Username: Killerfrm5H Comment: Go back to sucking down a barrel of a gun you white faggot
  6. Username:Killerfrm5H Comment: Bro fuck 12 they were probably harassing him anyways lmao
  7. Thank you to everyone for the positive words and comments. Let’s get this show on the road!
  8. 5Hill Lowks throw it up
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