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  1. Some of my fondest memories on this server was of this faction, goodbye friends.
  2. Billions judging by how sparingly they use the helicopter for the tiniest shit.
  3. The PD on this server, putting it bluntly, get special treatment. When they do stupid shit they get no IC punishment, or OOC punishment for that matter. And when someone shoots them or attacks them for it, they get banned because killing police is unrealistic all of a sudden. I’ve just completely stopped fighting for fair treatment of illegal players on this server because it’s not gonna happen
  4. @FuscoI do apologize for coming off as rude, I didn’t get what you meant but I agree accessibility is a bit over the top on the server now that I do. You just didn’t do a very good way of explaining it lol
  5. Almost everything you posted is completely wrong and it’s pretty clear you’re not from America judging by your post, please let the Americans roleplay America.
  6. Anonymous (ID: aZ90709 ) 12/23/2020(Wen)04:47:20 No. 120532 ▶ shut up faggot lol
  7. I remember reading “has a big fat plump juicy Latina ass” in someone’s description, that’s important for rp for some reason apparently
  8. It’s not important for roleplay no matter how you want to say it, just admit you want to erp
  9. I /examine like everyone I meet, mostly to check for gang affiliations, or just to cringe at why the hell they felt the need to add how big their ass or tits are or how they describe how big they are
  10. This is an odd picture to say the least, throwing up gang signs and getting drunk at ur daughters birthday party
  11. Username: TokerPBS Comment: Aye idk about allat but I hope this is real
  12. Username: TokerPBS Comment: Lmao get fucking owned you Arab piece of shit
  13. Honestly pretty tired of people thinking that for an area to be a ghetto it has to be a complete shithole. Get on google maps street view and go to Koreatown. Looks like a regular ass area right? It’s the birth place of two of the largest and statistically most violent gangs in the entire world. But off of that people need to realize GTA is a parody of American culture, in the city there’s a bunch of self entitled hipsters, hippies, and drug addicted homeless people.
  14. The fact mallrats are still trying to say this can be a vacation spot makes me laugh. Either way I don’t think it’s big enough or has enough reason for it to be used in character. I mean there’s no town or anything. Just a mansion and a farm
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