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  1. ohshititsali

    Ayeee 😅
  2. ohshititsali

    Slither love 🐍 💚
  3. ohshititsali

    Underground Lyrical Genius (no industry rap)
  4. ohshititsali

    Lordcumiring i really in love with your development content can you please update the the thread daily?!
  5. ohshititsali

  6. ohshititsali

    Legends. I lowkey play in MTG ( but not that serious just mat running DM and leave), PR-RP in mr187 era, lsrp banned multiple times till now. but yeah all these memories.
  7. ohshititsali

    Legendary script.
  8. ohshititsali

    We suppose to roleplay here, not putting our real life into the game at all and Server serves ilegall oportunity for all people who want to roleplay in this way i think yeah there is no problem with it, its just personal reference. But why not, we suppose to have fun trying we barely or never do in real life "having fun". Its just the start, gta:w still evolving by day to day mostly ilegall roleplayers still stuck in SA:MP, so we just need to wait.
  9. ohshititsali

    You all on some legendary thing, satisfying!
  10. ohshititsali

    On gang 😈
  11. ohshititsali

    Lets get it man, how did we started.
  12. ohshititsali

  13. ohshititsali

    Me as SEA player envy and sad to see this! ?
  14. ohshititsali

    Tufff, take it far homie.