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Found 1 result

  1. The Groves Crew “Arrest several drug dealers, and more will take their place.” Despite constant attempts at reducing the smuggling and trafficking of narcotics throughout The United States of America, drug trade organizations have developed unique mechanisms towards continuously smuggling drugs into and throughout the nation, whether it is by the land, sea, or air. For every single time that a drug trafficking operation is dismantled, another one seems to appear. This appears to be the case within Los Santos, in-which a total of sixty pounds of cocaine were seized by Law enforcement officers at the Los Santos International airport. The L.S.P.D. have reported that the suspect, known as Jevar Brown, bribed an L.S.I.A. fight attendant for a seized amount of fifty-thousand dollars to assist in the transportation and smuggling of sixty pounds of cocaine from the L.S.I.A. airport to New Jersey. The tip was revealed after the cocaine was discovered ditched in the airport’s restroom when L.S.I.A. fight attendant, Angela Robinson, was randomly selected for screening. The Federal Bureau of Intelligence stated that these arrests are simply an exceedingly small fraction of a much larger ring of operations which continues to plague the nation, as a whole. “It currently is a fight that we’re having very difficult time keeping control of. Every time we arrest somebody that is bringing the stuff into our community, there’s someone to replace them right away…” – New Jersey Police Chief “It’s hard to get a handle on them, because there’s no membership lists, like with the motorcycle gangs. There’s no initiation ceremonies, like the Mafia. There’s no signs, symbols, graffiti, or colours, like the street gangs.” Several dozens of these arrests have all connected back to one place: Kingston, Jamaica, and they seem to rely on both the Bahamas to Miami drug-trade route and the Mexico to California drug-trade route to smuggle narcotics throughout the nation. Sources indicate that smaller rings purchase a bulk amount of cocaine directly from suppliers, before cutting the substance and then selling smaller amounts to local street gangs for a higher price. “They don’t necessarily look or behave like the less powerful gangs they do business with… they’re very sophisticated. They’re very smart… it’s not like they’re going to be wearing colors or you’re going to run into them on a day-to-day basis. They don’t wear do-rags”, said staff inspector Mike Earl. “They have no name and no tattoos to signify their connections with one another”. OOC INFORMATION We are attempting to portray a small crew of Jamaicans that engage in nation-wide narcotics trafficking and laundering for an international-wide drug trafficking organization, whose main operations are within Kingston, Jamaica and Miami, Florida. We are NOT portraying a street gang, and this group is not intended for those that wish to engage in fast-paced criminal R.P., as these operations are usually off the grid and slow-paced. Numerous illegal and even "legal" roles are appreciated, as laundering is a major part of this org. All recruitment is conducted ICly. If you have any questions, contact @DLimit or Ras#4049 on Discord. Guides are available upon request, alongside with other necessary resources. Crew leaders reserve the Right to C.K. any character that joins the crew.
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