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More 'fake crashes' then normal?

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I've been having a lot more fake crashes where my game freezes and doesn't respond for a short period of time then usual. Is this just me or have other people noticed this too?

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I've been getting the same things every 5-10min. Freezes for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. Started happening after the latest update

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1 hour ago, Cartoonhead said:

Had this once recently, when i didn't know the davis riots were going on and drove right at it. Nothing since or before though.

The reason for the stream lag during the davis riots were primarily because of the amount of vehicles SD had out and the high texture models like the armored trucks etc, I recall I couldn't even see some players / down the road. 

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2 hours ago, SavageX said:

Had like 3 freezes within 40 seconds in Davis, then on the 3rd freeze my game swallowed a bullet and closed itself.

that aint nothing, sometimes my game just freezes completely and i cant even close it. when i try to tab out or open the task manager my entire screen turns black and i have to restart my whole computer LMAO 

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