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    Hell yeaaah big skeleton esp
  2. Ian reading all this but we up 🍊🔥
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    But I'm the biggest bird, I'm the biggest bird, I'm the biggest bird, I'm the biggest bird, I'm the biggest bird, I'm the biggest bird
  4. https://streamable.com/pc3c9s
  5. Welcome to the Espejo Criminals, Allow us to introduce ourselves on behalf of the leadership and high council we'd like to hold ourselves up to a pretty high standard of roleplay with the Espejo Criminals we intend to bring great roleplay to GTA:W. Instead of instantly trying to roleplay with the faction, it is recommended that you join our Discord server for a more in-depth look behind the factions infrastructure and how we operate as a whole faction, and what we expect to come from yourself as role-playing any role that is given at the second. Keep in mind that before making your character, That we are portraying a street gang filled with misguided young individuals with little to no guidance roaming the streets of Los Santos, but However development of your character will be needed, basically on how you roleplay your character and develop your character into being something, and interaction comes into play. It is imperative that you check it frequently to stay up to date with the conversations and topics that are present revolving around the faction within the Discord We have many helpful links to help assist as well as a great high council. With that being said, it is strongly suggested if you want to roleplay with us. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to message @[email protected] via forums or discord messages.
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