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  1. Uh... Yes they do. They own it. They have every right in the world to find out exactly who they're selling it to. They aren't required to just sell it to whoever, it's the same IRL, property owners have every right to pick who they sell the property to. Why should it be different IG?
  2. The fact that 80% of county properties are owned by people that RP only in the city & never use their county properties is enough reasons as to why OOC Requirements are 100% needed. If people stopped buying properties just to buy properties & never use them, OOC Requirements wouldnt be needed.
  3. The current CK system is fine. The length of time it takes for CK Appeals to be sorted however is not. Whats the point of a CK Appeal if it's gonna sit for four and a half months or more before its sorted? Any RP around that character is essentially null and void after a few weeks as it is, especially characters at the top of a group or organization. It just makes no sense. TL;DR; The current CK format would be perfect if it didnt take months on end for appeals to be dealt with.
  4. My friends and I have a dedicated PVE server that we actively stream on Twitch. Mainly just exploring, building & RP adventures & stuff, though.
  5. "tell-me-you-play-gtaw-without-telling-me-you-play-gtaw" where every forum topic somehow gets derailed because people cant act their age
  6. FOR SALE - 6 SOUTH SEAS LOCALS ONLY ((ACTIVE PALETO/COUNTY ROLEPLAYERS ONLY)) DETAILS: 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Private Balcony Amazing View Walking Distance From Paleto Beach Asking $80,000 CONTACT #9722 or EMAIL [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) GALLERY:
  7. stop worrying about your game looking good & start focusing on RP. set your textures to normal & put everything else at ultra. Looks perfectly fine & doesnt have crashes or texture loss.
  8. There's several, most truckers just don't like making the long drives. Which is kinda what trucking is all about. Theres multiple warehouses in Paleto Bay & a few on Senora Freeway.
  9. You're missing my point, I didn't say take the script money away, I meant you can create your own RP instead of standing around waiting for a business to make a request for the time being. It's clearly a problem that there's a lack of deliveries, however that's not stopping truckers from taking the trucks out to RP. If companies can afford $1,000.000 - $2.000.000 worth of trucks, plus all the insurance, I'm sure they can afford to pay their drivers a bare minimum of $5,000 to incite them to create more RP until this issue is fixed.
  10. Can always y'know, roleplay random deliveries instead of relying on the script. It's an RP server afterall. The only thing stopping y'all from RPing when there's no script businesses asking for deliveries is yourselves. Make up your own routes, create your own RP, companies should be paying their employees a salary in situations like these. Perfect time for convoy RP, custom route RP, long haul RP, door to door deliveries, etc etc. Yes, you have to rely on the script for the physical script job payments, but when there's nothing available, the only thing stopping you from hopping in the trucks & RPing is yourselves 😄
  11. the only faction that was ever active there shut down so its legit just an empty street now + all property requests for that area havent been answered & have been sitting for months now so i dont even think anyone lives there lol
  12. Exactly. When there's 700+ people IG and only about 200 of those are actually outside because the 500+ others are staying inside because the second they go outside they get robbed, kidnapped, killed, etc etc? It's an issue. Anyone that says it isn't is better off on GTA Online, ngl.
  13. He's not trolling. The rules were made because people cant do it properly. They're fine how it is. The admins didnt change the rules to gatekeep it, they changed the rules because 99% of people were doing it wrong.
  14. i think using vehicles is fine so long as you arent kidnapping people to rob them
  15. True. I love panda points, I love that it provides an incentive to be active & I love that it helps the server, but there's a line that needs to be drawn here because it's clearly not being used for it's intended purpose.
  16. some people have too much money for their own good
  17. as someone thats in the paleto community & the discord & is most definitely NOT in their friend circle, I can say that what you said there is false, theyre some of the nicest people Ive seen
  18. and here I am wishing we could get more 911 calls & action in the county cuz 95% of the time its ded & boring
  19. They've been added back & the male variant has been added. Might as well lock this.
  20. Why are there chances to get like 1 panda point as a reward? Spending 300 Panda Points to get a lootbox, then to open said box & get anything less than at LEAST 200 panda points seems off to me. Not sure if its a bug or something, but I'm seeing people getting literally 1 panda point from lootboxes.
  21. I love the concept of a text based Red Dead Redemption RP server, and as much as I WANT to like it, I feel like RDW would be nothing but a massive DM fest because "lOl ItS tHe WiLd WeSt BrO". Ontop of that, there's already an issue with people living out their racist fantasies on GTAW as it is, I feel it would be ten times worse in an era where that was largely the norm.
  22. this is.... this is just... we love you nervous. im speechless this is just amazing
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