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Secret hidden admin record from YOU


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1 minute ago, ThatDutchPerson said:

People are making fun of @zaXer. but fail to realize its actually a pretty huge GDPR violation to withhold account information from the account holder.. just saying.


When asked about admin notes, an admin/management member are required by law to hand them over to the account owner.


I don't think that's true in this case of GTA World, I made my early comment as a joke but GTA World is a private company AT BEST (in the sense people don't pay for a service). People aren't handing over their names, addresses, personal information either. They're not required to. GTA World is also not providing a PUBLIC SERVICE (IE, utilities, cable TV etc) so I think it would be a bit of a grey area but my assumption is that they have no LEGAL obligation to hand over any information at your request. 

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People seems to not get the point. Admins adding notes on your record for other admins to see it's needed sure, and it's a good thing of course. But the problem is that YOU can't see it so if an admin writes whatever they want on your profile and it's not true you will never know about it until it's too late.


How is so hard to understand for some of you the big issue that this is?

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'Scratchpads' as we call them in the team, are quite literally just notes on a player. They help us gauge whether a player could pose a threat to break a rule or if they have been verbally warned not to break rule before. They are there for the sole purpose of making our jobs easier, they don't act as a physical punishment on your record and in almost every case we're not going to punish off them but rather reference them in a punishment, "You've been verbally warned about this already" ect.


We also use them for a number of other admin related purposes like tracking potential ban evaders, hence why they are private. We're not gonna put a public entry on your record saying 'suspected ban evader, watch closely' as thats incredibly dumb and defeats the purpose entirely. 


We're not going to put things like 'bad rper' or 'weirdo' as that can be attributed to opinion. Scratchpads are only to help us gauge potential problems for the server and to make admins lives easier, they don't need to be public and won't be public as doing so would only be a hinderance to the team, not a positive. Rulebreakers would know they are being watched, banevaders would know admins are onto them and the list goes on.


Also... GDPR requesting over a scratchpad entry... really...? You know we spectate players when we have reports about them too right? Or am I breaking new ground?

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