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  1. Going to Vespucci skatepark to hang out with my character who has been around for 3 years to be asked by new characters "ArE yOu lOcAl?".
  2. Are you looking for a trade only? Not interested in selling it?
  3. Full Name: Kirsten Landry Signature: K.Landry Comment (optional): YES! Dude yes, pls this is a really cool idea, it would help the town to feel more alive and i would love going there often to enjoy my favorite hobby outside of the city!
  4. The problem is the double standard imposed here, we cannot acknowledge the current economy and the way of how fast you can make money (I'm talking of the average player not a player who actually grinds money) but we have to acknowledge ridiculous prices for every single thing you can purchase on the server, that just doesn't make sense.
  5. This is not true, said by Nervous.
  6. That's the thing, prices being determined OOC but taken IC create an issue. They should make this clear from the staff. That, or start using common sense when pricing vehicles rather than a personal taste. Yeah he said that but as I mentioned before people keep and will keep taking those prices IC until they actually make this clear from the staff. Either they announce from the staff that prices are meant to be taken OOC or they change those prices to make them make sense.
  7. Everyone takes it IC though. Is there an actual rule or statement by the staff saying that the prices are OOC?
  8. I guess this is not entirely related to the economy updated but still related, specially as QoL improvement. Bring back the option to use "/deposit AMOUNT" and "/withdraw AMOUNT" when using ATMs please.
  9. For some reason it's rare to see melee weapons in Los Santos even though they should be more accessible, that's why they are so expensive. It's something they should definitely look into and in my opinion it has a really easy solution, just make them more accessible to the point that someone doesn't need to chop multiple cars to craft a weapon, they should just be sold at stores, literally everyone has access to a knife I don't get why it's so restricted.
  10. When cruise control was implemented it was working on boats as well but they removed, you know that because of gtav physics when the vehicle enters in fall stage it accelerates a lot (kinda similar to how driving over bumps with a car works) and this happens continuously with boats so when you enabled the cruise control with a boat it could easily reach over 300mph 🤣 I'm guessing that's why they removed it.
  11. Honestly, who takes their vehicle to a garage for the RP? Nobody and this is a fact, something that you can easily see if you go to the garages you will simply see a queue of people waiting for the mechanic to hand them a catalog (which is so dumb btw) so they can pick parts from it, then pull the vehicle inside of the garage so the mechanic can throw some emotes that nobody is going to see (as if there is someone actually interested in seeing that anyways) while the customer waits outside AFK. How is this something good that doesn't need to change? Who enjoys this? The mechanic who is inside all alone throwing emotes just because the rules says they have to do it? The customer who is waiting afk just eager to get his car back to leave the place and don't come back again? I know there is people interested in mechanic RP (actual mechanic RP), I find myself among those, but when you are actually looking after this kind of RP you never go to a garage open to the public for obvious reasons, you are not going to find that there when they are busy trying to clear the insane queue of people. When you guys say NPCing this is bad because it destroys RP, what RP you mean...? The "hey man, need a catalog? Let me know when you are done." RP? Is that your standard for mechanic RP? Seriously. So I'm definitely supporting this.
  12. Yes but it's still part and always has been part of the GTA universe, which is why I suggested it. (https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Hawaiian_Snow)
  13. My suggestion for the list of clothing brands, I would add "Hawaiian Snow". IRL it could probably be Quicksilver.
  14. My point is not about the way people RP around dead bodies (I agree with you on that), my point is about what he mentioned of people shooting back at their attackers which is not only reasonable but actually what happens IRL, which here is labeled as "unrealistic RP - no fear RP", which is wrong. Now let me tell you something, even if I agree with you about how people should RP around dead bodies (Again, I do). It's also worth to mention the fact that Los Santos right now is not much different from Somalia or any other country where death happens on a daily basis and it's "normalized", so when my character wtinesses murders on a daily basis maybe there is a point when it's start being normalized. What needs to change is how easily people kills each other.
  15. That means it doesn't happen IRL? No. And believe it or not some people rather to catch a charge than a bullet, as I said you can find plenty of situations IRL where you can see it happening.
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