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Sim    74

My old username was Simplicity

Then I simplified it to Sim for simplicity's sake when I registered my first PS3 account (Username was Sim2014)

Then when I got into Gmod numbers in names weren't trendy anymore so I went with just Sim



I also like playing The Sims and my english pronunciation is so unintelligible I sound like a sim, but that's something that came later.

Edited by Sim

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king__    3

i named one of my game accounts king when i was like 10 and people just started calling me it and it stuck
the two underscores is cause it was prolly taken

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Woona    15

i wanted to be a instrumentalist when i was 12 years old. i wanted something catchy, so i went with "Ze Wonna". years would go on and i thought "Ze" is stupid so it got removed. more time would go on until i just drop "Wonna" and go by Riversparks. then for some reason i decided to back to the the basics, but with an extra "o". 


didnt realise "woona" was a brony fandom thing, but now im staff so im stuck as woona forever.

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bncal    39

some letters are from my surname, some from my name. I don't know how you can say bncal... 

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