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  1. The person who knows the minimal knowledge for roleplay scenes is having a lot more fun than the person who spent hours researching every niche and bit regarding it. If you're too caught around with details that only you know and only care for then you're not having fun. No one outside of your circle of roleplay cares that you know "advanced" EMT training or that you know some niche case law, or what gang belongs in what part of Los Angeles. Literally no one cares for your niche knowledge.
  2. I believe being a neutral character in the server makes you fodder for the illegal roleplay community, and nothing more. This server is faction leaning heavy, to the point civilian roleplay is either stay inside all day, go to yet another club/bar (because normal businesses are scared to open because of extortation), or just become a ricer (or ERP if that's more to your taste, I guess).
  3. i've never really seen any admin not deny a void if every party involved is 100% okay with it. if there has been then im sorry but you got a relatively shit admin who cares a bit too much about the rules. oh and literally players can void their own situations easily (if again, every player is 100% okay with voiding ) cos admins aren't an all-seeing eye as we think em to be.
  4. I would like to imagine people don't wanna roleplay trucking because of the community constantly making fun of truckers calling them the worst roleplayers and making fun of them at every turn of the way.
  5. The same argument could be done about the ten minute to one hour roleplays from cops or criminals. Why should a civilian roleplayer be forced to go through a robbery, or why should a player be held up for a hour in medical roleplay because of a car accident? This is the reason why civilian roleplay is considered low-tier amongst the entire community. Not only does it get "buffed" by updates that allow them to be lazier in roleplay, but then you got legal and illegal groups wanting to skip roleplay or not do it at all for their own sake. "I can't find any mechanic shops!" - because of people in the community who gatekeep the mechanic scene. This is done by either calling mechanics mallrats, poor roleplayers, or entirely misrepresenting the community. The entire mechanic/car scene is open to people to learn more about cars, and even learn the basics of mechanic roleplay. This is an entire "reap what you sow" moment caused by the community's indirect harassment of mechanics. Mechanics are incredibly passionate about what they roleplay when they're given the chance. Overall, the lack of mechanics ingame to open their garage? It's a problem for sure and should be addressed, but blaming mechanic garages for this issue isn't the way to go about it. I'm all open to trying to remedy this issue, but this finger pointing isn't going to help anyone at all.
  6. Garages shouldn't be treated like a normal business. You don't need to max out your car every time you decide to get a new car. You don't need a new paint job just cause you feel like it. I am in favour of moving some car menu things over somewhere else. License plates, tints, etc - that should be able to be changed out w/o the need of a mechanic. What mencurry said earlier in this thread is the problem. Components are hard to come buy due to lack of interest from truckers, and just generally odd timings.
  7. Didn't you TP to people as a sadmin to help them? If so, based as fuck.
  8. this one is dedicated to people in china town. a very threatening local
  9. No; remove futa, "elite" illegal RPers, and Fast and Furious cosplayers and then we can acheieved (GTA) World peace.
  10. I'm against this suggestion simply because I haven't owned a proper apartment/housing in a month, and honestly? Hasn't affected me at all and I use that to my advantage in roleplay. Instead of having the OOC need for some sort of housing, try using it to your advantage IC, make something unique out of it. Even then, you don't need to own a house; this isn't a RPG server, it's a roleplay server. You don't need everything given to you, so make the best out of everything you have.
  11. "Lesbian", yeah okay buddy. I spend several hours a day writing a character who's ulimate goal of the night is just dying at the end of my session.
  12. Just don't be stupid and take examples from other roleplayers. Research the ethnic/nationality you're gonna roleplay and kinda figure out from there. If you think you can't handle it, then there's no shame in just speaking properly in the IC chats.
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