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  1. This is such a cops and robbers suggestion. It's ridiculous and would cause more play-to-win mentalities in the server. It wouldn't reduce any reports by any means either as players will OOC botch robberies and both parties will be left unsatisfied and angry.
  2. I love capitalism in real life and I wholeheartedly support it, but having a monopoly over other industries in-game can ruin roleplay opportunities. Comparing real life to in-game companies on the surface levels seems reasonable, but it just isn't. Expanding into new business ventures isn't just one of those things anyone does overnight; it takes legitimate planning other than just saying "hey, we can tow cars, because other security companies do it irl". No significant cost is lost if any company expands into other lines of work, which is why it's just silly as heck to allow companies to monopolize other industries in-game.
  3. We're aren't a island state. San Andreas replaces California, and Los Santos replaces the entirety of Los Angeles. https://wiki.gta.world/index.php/San_Andreas
  4. Trying to be 1:1 of portraying anything is boring. Having a faction be like how it is IRL in-game is incredibly lame. Of course I only mean this until we start having British police policies or Yakuza in Los Santos, but the sentiment still remains.
  5. i mean if you're unironically racist, transphobic, homophobic, a bully, or whatever not then you need to grow up. if you get mad over a game because someone killed your character then... stop playing. if you get mad over new regulations then... chill out a bit.
  6. Illegal roleplay will always be subpar due to the amount of new people who want to roleplay it. It'll also remain subpar with the amount of people who disregard the rules and just hate civilian roleplay because they think cars and houses are a bad omen of roleplay.
  7. Remove player reports all together. All punishments are dealt with in a 1v1 on Rust.
  8. this thread is comparable to r/unpopularopinions
  9. there shouldnt be a faction chat for any and all factions
  10. day three, still popular opinions. consider taking literature classes, i beg of all you. leo factions don't need every niche vehicle thst the lapd and lasd have. it should only be scouts, buffalos, victors, and bearcats. all these unnecessary vehicles contribute to texture loss
  11. this thread is called unpopular opinions because some y'all were unpopular in real life. police factions should stop not wanting to write paper work. this lack of wanting to do paperwork makes ricers keep doing what they're doing.
  12. day 2, still popular opinions this thread is now as lame as cursed images
  13. Boomboxes should be be removed entirely. They're more of a nuisance and offer no roleplay value.
  14. unpopular fact, this server has literary problems
  15. I'll level mine by severity. We need more incel characters. Riced out cars and rainbow coloured cars aren't even that bad when you look at real life videos and pictures of L.A We need supercars to be available, even if just a lease. Some trolls who have been banned shouldn't have been banned. We need to stop letting Europeans be in government. Adding onto yours, we should allow more edgy roleplay in general under permissions once more. Even if it's just fade to black shit.
  16. As I understand it currently and been told by many players of this community, the time to get to Paleto Bay from Los Santos is approx. 4-6 hours. Is this how we're supposed to actually perceive it IC? If so, this doesn't make sense since that would imply Los County County is way bigger than we know it as. This timeframe is especially weird considering the fact for most Americans, traveling for at least four hours you'd be in a different state, or county (depending on what state you're in).
  17. Something tells me you guys really don't care about this being a problem, and it stems from the meme of mechanic roleplay being dogged on constantly.
  18. Username: Onyi Comment: wow this is a shit article and only shows the mommy and daddy's money cunts of the car community. ratio + L + seethe + cry about it
  19. Bullets and humans do crazy insane shit sometimes and having it where it matters via script would be annoying as fuck for the future. I think it's fine how it is right now, just because again, bullets and human beings are uncomprehendable and just insane to work out and having RNG be a factor would just make extra pointless work. Adding in random factors for bullet damage and shit would be pointless.
  20. pot meet kettle. the only people who cared about rushed roleplay in deliveries were and are people who spend too much worrying about others, and not themselves. if you cared so much about people having shit portrayal then asides from crying about it with a circle of friends, make a forum report or rpqm. this is a problem created by people who just in general were too anal about small things on a video game.
  21. months ago: "lmao trucking rp? low tier your suck" now: "where trucker :(" you guys really write the best modern tragedies. the roleplay is boring and it's sickening when you get mass lumped in for "lazy roleplay" and a "grinder" by several players of the community.
  22. I have a pretty high tier system for GTA V, and months prior I was able to play the game with no issue. The following weeks I've barely been able to roleplay out in the city without texture loss and/or frame loss. Last night during a pursuit that started in the county and ended in the city it was fine out in the county, but once it hit the city limits? Texture loss with frame loss. It hit me like a bad omen which is incredibly annoying. I feel like it was a combo of the new Buffalos and the amount of lighting changes happening. I feel this because once more vehicles left the pursuit and when the sirens turned off my textures and frames started to stabilize rather quickly. It's worth looking into the lighting changes the sirens give off, and perhaps lower the amount of new cruisers every department need.
  23. Civilian roleplay is weak because there's little to no punishment for low quality roleplay. Same goes for illegal roleplay, and so on. Players will keep doing their low quality roleplay because they notice the punishment for such low quality roleplay is weak. I'm 100% sure most players who care for their roleplay will care if they see people get banned for breaking over one or two rules in the same situation; which should be the norm. This isn't fault of administration at all as they try so hard to do their work. As for civilian roleplay, illegal roleplay, and legal roleplay? Grouping off sort of roleplays into categories creates a linear mode of thinking for lesser experienced players (which behold, creates poor roleplay). Players who think "i'm a cop" will only try to think as a cop at all times, same goes with those who think "i'm a criminal" will think like a criminal all the time. Being a cop is secondary to how a character should be, and being a criminal is secondary (and I guess being a sex fiend should be secondary). Either way I just believe we should remove these categories of roleplay and just have characters.
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