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  1. Username: I-rate-lizards Comment: ** Comment has automatically been deleted **
  2. We let you go through because we felt bad for spamming ... Let(s go back to normal now.
  3. @Noobie @Oxygarum have you reached a verdict re. @Enygma316 yet?
  4. Gonna namechange the thread: "Count to 5 without a staff member interrupting".
  5. L&A'd this per request. If you need to delete a post on one of your own threads, the best way to go is to report said post and ask for it to be deleted in the report's comment section, so this can be handled quickly.
  6. first (all the others are fake news) congratulations!
  7. Very good idea but a duplicate, feel free to post over there to confirm that it's much needed, I'll close this topic for the sake of not having duplicates.
  8. Name: A1000Myles Comment: LGBTQ+ are over-represented in our great city of Los Santos. No kidding. LGBTQ+ means LGBTQ + everyone against straight people, does it make pride month a month of hate against straight people? Instead of condoning a world of hate against straight people, I would much rather celebrate a month for two subjects very important on their own, and sometimes could be linked together: LEO & FF/Medics month; in which people devoting their lives to the community are finally recognized, and men's mental health month, which focuses on a subject often forgotten about. I have seen and heard of fellow friends going through hard times and this is not something to take lightly. Happy Glorious Month of June to all LEOs, Firefighters, Medics and happy men's mental health month to all my fellow men. #IStandForRealValues #LGBTQ+IsAHateGroup EDIT: While I am writing this on my computer through this website, I will gladly meet you up in real life anywhere in Los Santos and tell you this face-to-face, I stand by my values.
  9. Name: A1000Myles Comment: Have a Glorious Month of June to all Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Medics and Public Servants out there!
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