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  1. Didn't get to meet you as well, but I've heard all the good you've done for GTA:W and how you helped it become the amazing server it is today. I'm sorry for what happened to you, may you rest easy in peace from now on. 



  2. Selling a fully overhauled Recreational Vehicle checked by a professional mechanic. Engine work has been done as well as heavy duty suspensions, transmission and lighting equipment have been installed for off-road trips and outdoor camping in the middle of nowhere. Featuring 360° equipment, and an hydraulic (light) motorcycle carrier (Rated for a Sanchez / Esskey's weight.), you will easily be able to carry your bike along for your camping trips in the nature, should you wish to go for an expedition without moving your new personal extremely versatile home. The bonus? This vehicle has been fitted with solar panels to allow energetic independence for your TV, your electrical stove and microwave thanks to its high-efficience battery. This vehicle is a must, and will benefit all your needs at a price defying all competition. PRICE: $70'000. TEXT INTEREST TO PHONE NUMBER 00-911-934 OR IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. PICTURES: ((OOC STATS))
  3. This is probably what happened where are you located, what was the company? I've pulled the specs from the reference you mentioned, but it's not far fetched that you might indeed have ended up with differences such as the 1TB SSD. Any chance there was a heatsink that is not back on, is the laptop overheating/heating at all? Good to know on the bloatware and windows reset. Sadly without trying with a spare one there's little to no way to actually see if the problem is the battery or the port. Most of the cases, it's the battery, and if they didn't bother replacing/checking it, a defective battery could still be the problem. And yes, if they billed you 165 € with no detail as to what they've done, only step by step booting it, it's shady by nature.
  4. From what you said, I can say the battery is either still f**ked or it's the cable/port connecting the battery to your mobo. Is the computer still under warranty? I assume not since you paid for repairs. Do you have a rundown on what they did exactly for the price you paid? Right now you will probably need to try and change the battery (again, yes, if they even bothered doing anything at all) As for the slow start, maybe they added a timer in the BIOS for the BIOS POST delay. in seconds, which can explain why it doesn't pop up right away, and see if you can optimize windows' boot, by getting rid of any bloatware, and unwanted programs (Bulk Crap Uninstaller works wonders for that, be careful not to uninstall essential components with it, though. make sure windows softwares are hidden in its options when using it). Besides that, I see you have a SSD+SSHD combo, could use having 2 SSDs instead or, you could have like 1 500GB / 1TB SSD for your system + game(s) and have a hard drive for the data, or rock 2 SSDs (the best option in your case, only replace the sshd for a ssd.) I hope you didn't get scammed, OP. Tag me if you have further info, here or on Discord (HappyPancake on GTAW's server, as I might miss the mention on the forums).
  5. This is so controversial yet you're so damn right. I am against both cat ears and (M) gangs doing constant shootouts. So if I'm against putting back cringy kink material I'm a homophobe? If I don't agree with your opinion in favor of adding them back I'm a homophobe? Just cut the bullshit.
  6. Please no, I do not see any reason to wear cat ears besides: - For a troll. - Weird ERP kinks. In both cases these are not things I would like to see roaming on the streets. Plus on the server it's way more spread than it would IRL and I don't want to see that. If it was a single incident, sure. Sarcasm aside, facebrowser is basically only filled with the same redundant posts that promote no originality and bring no value basically.
  7. I think it looks better in my opinion. Also, performances on the website have been imporved as well. Please don't revert those changes.
  8. Although it looks really good, I'd have to say either this one or the one presented on the first post by Nervous, but not both. Souht Central needs some housing projects, but it needs not to be ONLY housing projects. It still needs a few commercial areas like the ones behind macdonald street and such. From the looks of the videos, adding both projects would basically replace everything unless they're not where i think they are
  9. Shootouts and gun shots are basically like a white noise machine, and I hear them at least twice an hour for the whole night.
  10. I have a 3090, game is clipping as well with 40 to 50 fps in davis at peak hours in 1440p, the issue isn't our GPUs, it's the streamer from ragemp. But yeah apparently this mod wouldn't be too fps heavy as it's a map mod and not a streamer mod, like cars and all.
  11. DESCRIPTION Looking to sell my apartment, tastefully furnished in a modern design, perfect for a first purchase or a need for a cosy cocoon, this place comes with one bedroom, one bathroom, a lovely open kitchen, and a living room that will keep you company during all of your Netflix and Chill nights. The building itself has a large hall that allows for friendly gatherings, is equipped with two elevators regularly maintained, and a shared garage for the different apartment owners, which often has more than enough space for your car, whether it's an old American classic or a modern European. The building's terrace is open to the world, with a swimming pool for you, your friends and your friendly neighbors, perfect for your summer barbecue around the pool, or your midnight baths. PRICING Starting Price: $200'000. Auction end date: 26/NOV/2021 @ 8PM. Min. bid increment: $5'000. Buyout Price: $350'000. PICTURES Interior: Entrance Hall & Garage: Exterior: Swimming Pool: ((Property Information:))
  12. I'm all in favor of both given they don't provide performance issues indeed.
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