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  1. If I get into an accident in my city I'd lowkey expect seeing the guy hand me a paper: "/b skip?"
  2. There's been an update since. Chances are your link provides the same glitch than is currently ongoing...
  3. Short description: Allow server-keys customization. Detailed description: The idea between this suggestion is to allow a server-keys customization. Some keys aren't adapted to all keyboard layouts, and this can sometimes be a problem, for example the new ELS system for LEO factions. The stage down key is Shift + Q, which on French AZERTY keyboards is the equivalent of QWERTY's A, meaning turning a stage down will make me turn. The idea would be to be able to customize the server keys to make them fit your choices/likings better. Commands to add: A menu, or a command like /changekey
  4. I'm thankful for respawn otherwise there would be way less players with all the shootouts
  5. Username: Luke. Comment: **Comment was removed by its author.**
  6. Username: Luke. Comment: ??? All I can see is firefighters, and other people. No one seems to be dancing.
  7. Username: Luke. Comment: You know it kinda defeats your point when you say they lied and he's innocent, then you scream LSPDK and LSSDK, but heh, not the sharpest tool in the shed I guess?
  8. Username: Anonymous Comment: How could a firefighter deserve to die, they literally jump into burning buildings to save you, or run under bullets to save your ungrateful ass
  9. Username: Luke. Comment: I cannot believe this happened. I wish this was only a nightmare, that it was not real. You will always be remembered for the great person you were, and for how good of a Firefighter you were. Everyone has one day or another learned from you, we are already missing you. Sleep well, brother, thank you for your service.
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