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  1. I have a 3090, game is clipping as well with 40 to 50 fps in davis at peak hours in 1440p, the issue isn't our GPUs, it's the streamer from ragemp. But yeah apparently this mod wouldn't be too fps heavy as it's a map mod and not a streamer mod, like cars and all.
  2. DESCRIPTION Looking to sell my apartment, tastefully furnished in a modern design, perfect for a first purchase or a need for a cosy cocoon, this place comes with one bedroom, one bathroom, a lovely open kitchen, and a living room that will keep you company during all of your Netflix and Chill nights. The building itself has a large hall that allows for friendly gatherings, is equipped with two elevators regularly maintained, and a shared garage for the different apartment owners, which often has more than enough space for your car, whether it's an old American classic or a modern European. The building's terrace is open to the world, with a swimming pool for you, your friends and your friendly neighbors, perfect for your summer barbecue around the pool, or your midnight baths. PRICING Starting Price: $200'000. Auction end date: 26/NOV/2021 @ 8PM. Min. bid increment: $5'000. Buyout Price: $350'000. PICTURES Interior: Entrance Hall & Garage: Exterior: Swimming Pool: ((Property Information:))
  3. I'm all in favor of both given they don't provide performance issues indeed.
  4. Willing to offer 220k as a starting, to help you get rid of this place. Do you have any auction end date planned? Withdrawn.
  5. And stop all being 12 years old kids used to professional killing in cold blood please, this screams robobanger from afar
  6. I don't have any problems with crime booming, like robberies. But the play 2 win mentality drives people into rushing robberies, with barely the minimum rp not to get reported, it drives them trigger-happy aswell, how does a gang member have a kill count larger than a warlord in Africa? More importantly, how do most of gang members have a larger kill count that said warlord? Are they killing machines with no emotions? So, yeah, sure, more wealth brings in more crime, but it doesn't excuse bypassing char development to create throwaway chars for lowlife crime and shootings.
  7. I think that's an unsolvable problem and you indeed can't do much to solve it sadly, because you'll always have people complaining for either one thing or the other. Take as an example the two threads that passed by not so long ago, namely the first one complaining about the lack of police response, then fast forward two weeks the thread about the abundance of police response.
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