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Lets talk about the lack of updates for illegal RPers.

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Craazy    267

I'm calling it right now, this thread's getting locked. Might not be this page, might not be the next page, but it's coming.


All we need is a way to sell drugs that doesn't require the playerbase, because as pointed out in the original post, there will always be violence in Davis, but the violence spreads out and affects us in a bad light, because the "low-life criminals" of the server make money selling guns, scamming people's $$ for guns, or robbing people for guns. Guns should not be more profitable then drugs, and while rarity of firearms is good for the server in some sense... it's also the reason players are so desperate to loot bodies mid-shootout instead of focused on getting away, and that reason is to have the gun.

I agree, it's unrealistic to not worry about getting away, or the fact that you're looting your closest dead friend's body without even saying his name or checking if he is dead, but it's more unrealistic that pistols are (at a street-level) priced at $20,000 to $25,000. Now this may not seem like a lot of money to a lot of legal RPers, but for an illegal RPer who is a low-life, it is unrealistic for him to own a business or one of the most profitable sources of income, and most have to either A) grind out legal jobs to make $$, or B) rob, loot, shoot, and scam to make $$.


My suggestion is NOT to make guns cheaper and less rare, but to make drugs profitable. If players can make good or better money selling drugs than they can selling their stolen, looted, and/or scammed firearms. This way, they can rob and loot less people, causing less violence and also revive drug RP because let's be honest, a overdose, individual lines for coke, etc, all that would be nice, but as Nervous was screenshotted saying in the original post, these won't change much.

We need a straight up virtual market so that drugs can be profitable, because selling it to actual players ain't it, chief.

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15 hours ago, Свето said:

Illegal RP update < Anim bedfuckfemale



Yes, they spend time adding 100 dance anims. #makeclubbinggreatagain

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yerro    33
5 minutes ago, Mister Barrowsky said:

Yes, they spend time adding 100 dance anims. #makeclubbinggreatagain

you're killing your own suggestion with this immaturity, you know? instead of derailing the thread, how about you talk about systems that you want to see added. because as someone that's not doing much "illegal RP" (gosh, i hate this labeling), i don't have any idea what this server is really lacking and what you guys actually want to see added.


not to mention adding anims and adding new systems are two very different things.

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26 minutes ago, yerro said:

you're killing your own suggestion with this immaturity, you know? instead of derailing the thread, how about you talk about systems that you want to see added. because as someone that's not doing much "illegal RP" (gosh, i hate this labeling), i don't have any idea what this server is really lacking and what you guys actually want to see added.


not to mention adding anims and adding new systems are two very different things.

Drug reworks, from selling to addiction to more drugs would be a start.

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yerro    33
23 minutes ago, DoomedAmerica said:

Drug reworks, from selling to addiction to more drugs would be a start.

Sounds great, but that's exactly my point. Again, I agree with the message but disagree with the delivery. I don't think this is the place to adopt an elitist attitude and bitch about animations being added (even if they're for ERP). Instead, you guys should at least make a list of suggestions that you'd want to bring up before the community and the staff team.


You guys should be asking for the team to acknowledge you not leading the topic to get locked. 😞

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.Pluto.    32
5 hours ago, Henning said:

Yes because lockpicking and new guns is what we've all been craving. /s


You can say the dev's are unpaid and should be allowed to work on whatever they want but there comes a point and time where management should just go "Hey guys, we need to really focus all our attention on this". It's not like we've been secretive about what we need added.







Thanks for putting my suggestion here. In my opinion, illegal roleplayers are the ones who are making any roleplay server good and alive. It's actually all about the illegal roleplayers. PD/SD will always have 50+ members, or even 100+ members, and they have all they need. We, from the Judiciary have all we need, huge buildings and offices, nice interiors, huge Courthouse, everything, so all the legal factions don't actually need updates. Even the civilians who are not members of any legal or illegal faction have all they need, so I think the Management's focus has to be on the illegal roleplayers and the things they want. 

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Свето    858

Just gonna clear this up, the lockpicking script wasn't something brand new, it had been on the server before and just got readded. Apart from that, the lockpicking script is a gimmick.


Adding further, much like you adding a layer of polish onto to your rusty '98 civic, the polish doesn't remove the rust, the rust in this case being the fundamentally broken car chopping script.


As a final word, I think we all need to realize it's Nervous's castle and we can beg, cry and moan but if he doesn't want to implement or devote time to it, he doesn't have to. As much as I think that Nervous listens to the community and tries to hear them out, he doesn't owe us anything, it's his rodeo.

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Koko    74

Most of what I get from reading the forums on illegal issues lately are conflicting threads like:


  • Nobody is buying drugs.
  • Please add more drugs (that currently nobody is buying).

I'm sure that everyone is frustrated in the illegal side of things, but (and I don't mean it to generalize about the faction or single out specific users) reading some replies here there's people that sound really hard to even discuss something with. And I'm sure that it doesn't help that you have been left out abandoned for so long. I'm really trying to sympathize because I'm aware of your passion and dedication.


Progress for the illegal side is progress for the server, end of. If we all get to develop in the ways we want, we can all add to the server. Club RPers, 'mallrats', Legal, Civilians...  I would just kindly ask that the vague tone of elitism surrounding that side is left aside real quick. We all have cringe in our closet. 


Why not gather and make a faction-wide thread of ALL issues that the illegal factions as a WHOLE agree need fixing, with their agreed ideas for fixing it? I'm sure it'll build a bit of pressure and it's also a good representation of illegal factions as a group rather than individuals in illegal factions throwing their suggestions and copy pasting the same threads every couple of days to see what sticks.


Don't take this post as me pissing on you, illegals. I love you, for real.

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Nervous    3,559

I'm going to lock this and explain what's happening with illegal development :


1) None of you agree. Lot of different suggestions are submitted and you are disagreeing with each others. I see many people support NPC selling for drugs, while many of you also disagree with it. If we implement it, it'll be a massive drama. Most of the suggestions linked here are also suggestions that were denied in the illegal FM discord by many of you, and I'm not going to work months on a script just to see more drama and for it to be reverted in the end.


2) The drug update is slowly coming yes, and it's also because you can't agree on a common base: Let me give you the only facts everyone agreed on - the ability to store drugs in containers (like baggies) in smaller sizes, test the purity, create more drugs, add more drugs. This requires a full revamp of our inventory system, which is at the core of every functions in our gamemode and it is currently being done by @Static who already wrote most of it but is busy IRL with some stuff, he will finish when he has time and we're not going to take over his revamp as it would take a lot of time to understand what he started to build since we're not him. Once this is done, we'll have containers really scripted (bags you can drop with items inside), and thus containers inside containers will be possible.

Purity of drugs, tests etc will follow very quick after that.


But let's be honest, will 2) fix anything about the drug market? No it won't. And you'll be back here complaining. I appreciate the fact that some indepth suggestions were made about drug market but you need to understand that I cannot implement suggestions that will make half of our playerbase laugh at it and claim we're a light roleplay server for having NPCs. While you might think this is not the case at all and it'll in the opposite improve the roleplay, other people don't think the same way.


So I am still pending real suggestions about drugs that would help fix the market without the addition of NPCs or robotic scripts that removes some roleplay.



Now I indeed gave the opportunity for illegal factions to submit suggestions with high visibility, let's see together what was submitted the past month :




We cannot add unique usergroups to each factions, our forum doesn't allow moderators to be moderators of a group only and thus to add people in that group without having more rights. It would be massively time consuming for the 3 people with administration access and impossible to handle.




This is a nobrainer and more a bug to fix, but nothing that adds roleplay to IFM.




This was available in our very early days, and later disabled because the community didn't want it anymore and it was abused a lot. While I am in support of this suggestion, it requires some custom sync which will take a lot of time to do as RageMP doesn't natively support it. It has already been added on our internal board for development though.





This was denied at the release of the jail, and will still be denied. We don't plan on implementing automatic CK in jails. This is not directly a script but more a rule change though.



No agreement on the suggestion thread itself for now.



This suggestion can be doable in 1.1 as we have more damage control, but it was also implemented in the past for the ragdoll and removed. It made gunfights extremely unfun and weird, people would fall in ragdoll mode after 1 shot without understanding anything and players would try to abuse it in gunfights.



A new feature was implemented.


8 ) https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/34200-chopping-vehicles/



While there is some good ideas in this, it requires way much work than how it sounds when it's written (the VIN number linking, itemizing mod parts etc), and we fear it might just promote more mass car robberies whereas we're happy today with the current balance. There are definitely some things to do around car chopping roleplay though in the future.


9) https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/33953-off-record-assets/



This doesn't make much sense realistically speaking, you just need another player to buy the asset for you instead of owning it yourself. Same as IRL. What could be added though is the ability for a company to own a house instead of a player, thus hiding it behind a company. 


The main issues is that illegal roleplay isn't "scriptable" like legal roleplay can be with businesses types, games. Illegal roleplay relies on all the gamemode's systems and weapons / drug roleplay. Everything else is from your creativity. We keep adding indepth features that help illegal roleplay but you don't necessarely see it directly because your faction does not need it.


If I can take a big example of what will massively change illegal RP in the coming months is our economy revamp : We're working on introducing bank accounts, cash money being real cash money (used for illegal purchases or small daily purchases but what's on you is on you), bank accounts, and all money transactions will be logged / visible for an IRS-like group that will have the ability to investigate accounts and money flows.

Which means that it'll introduce dirty money and money laundering through businesses (you can hire someone to furnish your business and overpay it to launder some of the dirty money etc, so on the wire transfer it'll show as a legit transaction but it'll be overpriced to allow some dirty money to get into a bank account).

While this isn't directly an illegal feature, it's a feature that will drastically change illegal roleplay and introduce money laundering roleplay.


As for the suggestion linked in this thread first post, it is actually pinned and one of our high priority suggestions that we keep for the drug revamp. We plan to use it for meth creation and base the drug purity changes on it too, so we both agree on that.






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