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  1. I totally understand that, and it's not just about starting over for me. It's that when I create a character, it's more than just their personality or backstory, it's who I see them to be. It's really hard for me to let go of a character like that. I want to put them through the entire journey that the server can offer — whatever their background is and wherever it takes them. And I get them. I'm not tooting my own horn here — I've never roleplayed a violent crimes character on this server. The closest I've gotten was roleplaying a car thief. I've had two encounters where my character was robbed (well, the second encounter was him more of being jumped, threatened and then released out of pity) and neither were poorly RPed. I'm not trying to give people like Smilesville or others I've replied to in this thread a hard time. I'm genuinely sorry they've had poor experiences, but in some examples, these very people are displaying the same "I no longer want to lose" attitude that they have an issue with in the first place. Which brings me to my next point that this approach is only going to lead to the deterioration of quality of RP. I'm also against introducing rules that instill the "play to win, never lose" mindset. I've talked to a few people about this — some of them admins — and the main issue it all comes down to is people don't report players who rob characters poorly. I understand that no one wants to develop a habit to keep their index finger on F12. There could be better ways to solve this, like creating trackable commands for robberies specifically that admins would receive alerts for (in and out of the game), because this issue can and should be resolved through reforming players that RP poorly, not playing whack-a-mole by introducing additonal milestones like hour count and so on.
  2. To clarify, I disagree with all forced CKs on the server. Even those related to lifetime incarcerations. I think players' characters is that one thing you don't mess with. It's very likely that if one of my characters just got deleted out of the blue, I'd quit RPing altogether because I'm motivated to roleplay just that character. I disagree with how fear RP is enforced on the server. I think it streamlines all near-death experiences into a very narrow niche, and roleplaying anything outside that niche can easily get you punished. At the same time, I'm aware as to why that rule is in place — the majority would be inclined towards taking risks. I guess I would want GTA W to be a community of people that respect each other and work to create great RP together, not walling themselves off into cliques or hiding behind the rules like so many other communities do.
  3. Surprises and pains me to see a staff team member, let alone RP quality team member take this stance. Walling roleplay concepts off behind hours count sends the wrong message. Instead of telling people they should roleplay their robberies well and put effort into crafting realistic encounters, you're directing their attention away from creating roleplay that's fun for both sides to just getting their required amount of hours and that's it, you're in the clear. The current ruleset isn't flawed, it can be strengthened through more open and direct definitions to get people to understand the standards of roleplay in the community. It can be further enforced through admin action the same way looting bodies was addressed. What's most upsetting though is that you seem to be taking a stance to paint robbers as poor roleplayers based on the two examples of bad roleplayers you have seen. Only leaves me to hope you took action in those two cases. 😕
  4. Huge fat no. Forced CKs don't make people roleplay better, they make people afraid of interacting with others. On the other hand though, I get how someone with your background would love that — after all, you seem more eager to shut down others' roleplay attempts and shield yourself from interactions you don't have the ability to dictate. Secondly, if someone is roleplaying a robbery poorly, you can take screenshots (or even a video) and report them. It doesn't matter if they have 1 hour on their account or a thousand — admins are happy to take action and guide the player to RP better next time. Your personal hatred of the robbers is your problem, not the server's.
  5. 1. What I'm saying is you can't make money through real estate and that's a problem — for obvious reasons, real estate pays well IRL. However, all houses are essentially priced the same around 200k to 300k, so moving elsewhere IC'ly is an option. Hell, you could roleplay renting your house out to someone else and find an apartment to rent in a different part of the city. 2. You were discussing the IC solution and that is your character getting a gun. I was telling you that you're jumping to the conclusion that getting a gun is the ONLY way a character can deal with robberies, and that tells of a faulty play-to-win OOC mindset on your behalf. 3. See point #2. Look, I don't think you're getting the point here and if you're keen on staying this way, I can't do anything to change that. You need to work on your issues with trusting other players to RP well, that's what it all ultimately comes down to.
  6. Well, I'm not attacking Smilesville, and I'm not trying to tell them that poor OOC behavior in robberies from the criminal side is alright. But he's clearly going over the edge with generalizing /every/ single person involved in robbery roleplay on the criminal side as a bad apple in the community, seeking nothing but to grow their OOC assets. I mean that doesn't even make sense to me since chaining robberies isn't allowed and admins are quick to shut that down, and 5k a robbery doesn't even begin to compare to welfare paychecks you can get for working at a 24/7 like in Davis. You're right though — there is and has always been an issue with people assuming the worst about the other side in conflicts in RP. I really love how far GTA W has come — returning to GTA RP after a 7-year break surprised me as to how there's fewer /b arguments, there's more openness and maturity, but imo it's still not enough. Just as GTA W has managed to instill a lot of good principles like staying IC & always RPing in the community, they need to work to instill respect for other roleplayers. Just because someone's driving a sports car, doesn't mean they're a mallrat. They might have legitimate reasons for doing so. Heck, they might've stolen that car for all you'd know — but discarding their roleplay and their worth as roleplayers based on these presumptions? That's something that kills any chance of good RP happening. Survivorship bias is also a valid point — looking at what went wrong without acknowledging what went right is something people tend to do a lot. I'm willing to bet that there are a lot of good mugging experiences in the community if you're willing to be open to it. And not to go around in circles, but if you're taking the very idea of getting robbed as a bad type of roleplay, no good roleplay is going to come out of it. To reiterate in a tl;dr, yes, there are issues with robberies. I liked someone saying on Discord, "if you have to ask people not to stall in /b, then perhaps you're doing it wrong in the first place". I would agree with some direct suggestions, for example, adding it to the rules that players have to take their environment into account when engaging in violent crimes. I agree that there are certain issues with robberies happening in neighborhoods like Mirror Park in broad daylight. I disagree with painting robbery RP as OOC asset grabbing.
  7. Again, unrealistic robberies can be reported as such. You were talking about IC solutions and I addressed that part after /you/ brought it up. 1. You're contradicting itself with your own arguments. The house market isn't inflated, it's pretty much stuck in the same 100-400k gap due to the MPx3+Furniture rule. I agree that it means the market and real estate roleplay are essentially non-existent, but that's exactly what allows it to resist inflation. 2. Again, you're imposing an OOC mindset in an IC situation. If your character continuously experienced threats, you bet they'd go to the police. Instead you're ramping their reaction up to "get a gun and blast them fools, whoever comes up to me looking weird". 3. Didn't suggest a neighborhood watch, I suggested bringing it up to the neighbors and addressing the government together through a petition. Or, alternatively, again going to the police with such a petition. You seem keen to blame people for being motivated by an OOC asset grab, but you're also just as guilty in seeing robberies and muggings as harmful content rather than source of roleplay, and your reasoning borders on mixing IC/OOC sometimes. I get it, you've had bad experiences, some pretty severe ones from what it seems. Though you need to acknowledge it's made you have a biased stance on muggings and robberies altogether.
  8. That issue you're referring to is with the quality of portrayal, not the system itself. Perhaps the faction management team should be more focused on establishing a balanced lore — while new factions don't have to roleplay "fresh off the boat" characters, it might make sense to start small as a new branch or something of the sort.
  9. You are referring to going back to the original system where the select few factions got official status while the rest were kinda "just there". I've elaborated on this in two-three replies in this topic but it seems to be a trend in this community to derail discussions and get lost in a ton of individual 1-on-1 exchanges that ultimately lead to nothing. 😕
  10. you didn't add me and i can't add that name either. either you misspelt it or you're on another server. 😮
  11. anyone feels like duoing lately? am jungle, gold 4
  12. Let me just chime in here to address this part of the post and ask you something back. Does that plan of action have to include getting an own weapon? How many people do you think would go for that, especially given their first-hand experience with robberies? How many would seek to be more careful, change their neighborhood if it's a bad one (move to another district or even city), or seek IC ways to solve it like reporting it to the police, getting neighbors on board with the need to have heightened measures against muggings (increased patrol presence, CCTV, non-sworn officer patrols, etc)? I'm just saying, you seem to be focusing on "get a gun and blast them fools" as the only response. But hey, if you ask me, I think the part you're separating this into victims and robbers makes it an even greater issue. You haven't really been willing to accept my position on that earlier though. 😕
  13. Providing stellar roleplay is rewarding on its own. The problem with the system you're referring to is how biased it can be and how much drama it can cause. There have been factions that shouldn't have become official in that one community you're referring to, and at the same time there are factions that didn't become official for a long while even though they should've gotten it right off the bat. The problem is, again — and I guess I'm repeating myself — is that the system instills, promotes and endorses elitism, instead of being blunt and honest in granting people the tools to roleplay. I mean I guess we could introduce community awards but hey, as much as it pains me to say this, they'd eventually turn from being actual awards for outstanding roleplay into the most basic form of circlejerk. That's why I'd also be against any reddit-like karma system on the forums, etc. Now to the second part of your point, I kinda get where you're coming from. If a certain OC has established control over the market (to simplify it with a media example that by no means serves as hard IRL evidence, think of the Greeks in the Wire), it should be part of the lore. But let me just say here, that the current system is designed to be compatible with the lore. It's designed to let factions mold themselves into the lore of the game. What I'm referring to here is the traditional "take it IC" mindset that GTA RP communities have. While I totally agree with the sentiment, it seems to rule out the narrative leading up to the point you begin roleplaying. Think of it this way, do you think it's okay to create a character that's been mildly known in the neighborhood for a while to join a gang, or do you think you have to roleplay popping up out of nowhere and suddenly being involved? There could be arguments made on both sides. I frankly think one shouldn't rule out the other, as if we had to take it IC as an RPG progression through the storyline, we'd all have to start with "fresh off the boat" characters in a heightened setting spearheaded by that principle. Ultimately, I think it depends on the product that you're a supplier for. I wouldn't presume to know illegal factions here — if anything, I love not knowing any single one besides having a natural guess that El Burro has a hispanic gang and K-town has a few Korean groups, and even a Chinese one. I enjoy not knowing my way around the faction boards and I never visit them — I just don't want to know something my character would have no clue about. Getting carried away here, sorry — my point is that I don't know which factions have supplier roles and how supplier roles even work on the inside. I can only assume that you're given an ability to spawn drugs or guns. If you're saying that anyone with a supplier role can just spawn things out of thin air, I'd agree that the system might need some form of rework. Same thing goes for generalizing supplier roles as "guns" or "drugs" only. I don't quite think it works that way IRL. If you have a connect for coke, you have a connect for coke. You won't spawn LSD or PCP out of nowhere. So I reckon someone with experience and relevant amount of research should grade those drugs and give people — factions — a chance to choose which drug(s) their connect would be able to supply them with. That is, if the system doesn't work this way already. But again, my ultimate point is, even if the supplier system is flawed as you say it is, I think we need to work on ways to fix it in the existing model rather than invent a new model. That said, I'm not totally not against any different new models, I just don't think going back to that old one would be practical and beneficial to the server, /at all/.
  14. On the other hand, the system you're promoting serves as the perfect breeding ground for elitism and bias. GTA W takes a different path in that it assesses your ability to roleplay well and grants you the means to do so. It grants factions the means to enter the server realistically — with resources that allow them to support their narrative. This system isn't ideal but it's a definite winner between the two.
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