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  1. And now imagine you're driving instead of your partner, and they have to give you chat commands on top of having to type /r. Believe it or not, we try to call shots fired out with chat rather than voice. There's generally an unspoken rule that in-game chat should be used as much as possible, and TS comes into play when you're completely overwhelmed and unable to type out the command since in-game input is required (i.e. pursuit). No offense, but maybe that's your problem? You've got no idea what it's like to RP a LEO and what encounters, situations and challenges you face on a daily basis. Again, not trying to be rude, but don't you think you gotta educate yourself on the experiences before giving your verdict? Trust me, people in the LSPD/LSSD reading this aren't happy to see the guy struggling either. Nor are the LFM. No one is being an AH here telling the guy that he can't play.
  2. There's a lot of situations that we come across because we hear gunshots. Most of the Davis/Strawberry/Rancho gunshots aren't discovered because of people running or whatever, they're discovered because you hear shots popping off in the distance. It's not about winning or losing, it's about having an appropriate response IC that would otherwise happen if you were able to hear them.
  3. That's your choice and arguably a bad one, but who's to tell you how to play. I also like to listen to music when I patrol, but I turn up my game sounds so that I would be able to hear shots if they went off next to my character. That's integral for a proper IC reaction.
  4. Sorry, but no. I'm against RPG systems, let alone a half-made stress system that only exists to push people towards using drugs. I respect a lot of players in this community for their knowledge, expertise and wits but there's no player I'd trust to create an extensive system to serve as a replica for the human psyche.
  5. Same answer as to your suggestion, doesn't save over diff. login sessions. Toggling ambient sound is saveable, why shouldn't /togad, /toggle faction be?
  6. Kinda tooting my own horn but on top of encouraging people to /ex others, (btw, you can use "part-of-name" instead of the ID, if you didn't know!), I'd like to point out a suggestion that might come in handy if it goes through. tl;dr it's a toggleable overlay in plain text (single format) listing age range + height (would be filled in /attributes) over character's heads (think above the name, under the /ame). Think of toggleable as you hit a button (i.e. "N"), and it shows the age ranges & height of all characters around you. Helps in those situations when you need to check the very basic info on people's characters, fast. I don't think it's correct to merge two different discussions in one but on the subject of robberies, I also see a lot of people take a borderline questionable stance against robbery roleplay on an OOC level.
  7. Man, I can't stand seeing this argument brought up over and over again. Please, stop. Yes, Rockstar are the creators of the game. Yet Rockstar isn't running this community. Rockstar wasn't creating the game as a platform for roleplayers. The entire universe Rockstar's going for is full of parody and caricature, but that doesn't mean that's what we're roleplaying here. We may settle for some things like street names and certain brands (like cars and their models), but we're not going for the satirical world that the GTA V universe is. So yeah, Sandy Shores was created to embody the rundown redneck county concept, but that doesn't mean we're sticking with it.
  8. Hope I'm not spamming the suggestion up with this but, man the first ~30 days on the server with my first character were great. Until namechanging and using "change skin" in the clothing shop a month after joining, I was able to change my outfits anywhere. Believe that's a bug, apparently. I had outfits lined up for their w/ jacket, w/o jacket versions; I'd roleplay taking it off, tossing it into my car and hanging it somewhere, etc. It was /great/.
  9. I'd say it's even broader — let people change clothes anywhere they are. Yes, that sets up room for abuse, but potential for abuse should not prevent the community from progressing. That'd be like removing 200k newbie paychecks because "some people may use them to farm money". We gotta weed out the bad guys, not keep the entire community back from getting viable features.
  10. I honestly think that this rule doesn't need to be added because that's just subpar roleplay, much like ramming people with vehicles to rob them. I get that clearly defining what counts as subpar RP makes this a more transparent community, but I'm generally against specifying these encounters since they send the wrong message — they make people go search for a workaround, another loophole to abuse. It's common sense that calling a taxi with the deliberate intent to rob makes no sense just like... looting bodies in the middle of the road after a shootout.
  11. Big nope from me. Characters is that one thing you just don't mess with. Many of us develop a bond with our character and having someone come into your world and take it away doesn't feel right. There are those of you who won't be on board with this since like you don't feel the same about your characters — and that's fine, but for players like me, having your character just wiped off the server would legit make us quietly bail. I'm completely, vehemently against ANY forced CKs on the server. Be it faction CKs, admin CKs or any other. My character is my creation and no one should have the right to take it. Now let's take a look at it from a different perspective — CK as a punishment, or punishments in general. The goal of the admin team is to educate players and improve, ensure and guarantee the quality of roleplay in the community. Punishing doesn't teach you to roleplay better, it only teaches you not to get caught next time. I'm not advocating the removal of jails and bans, but jails aren't supposed to be "punishments" as much as final warnings to players before facing a ban. If a person seems to be unable to grasp the concept of roleplay or doesn't live up to the standards of the community, they should be taken off the server. Again, it's not a punishment, it's creating an environment that fits everyone. They should and do have a chance to be allowed back — by proving they're reformed in the ban appeals. Rules concerning fear roleplay or general individual types of encounters and cases aren't practical. If anything, they streamline roleplay into a very niche format. Instead of telling people to roleplay fear to the point of shaking knees and chattering teeth, we should promote the mindset of keeping your character in check and keeping your OOC emotions in check. It's natural that all human traits are ramped up to often unthinkable levels in roleplay. If we're talking bravery, it's outright heroism. If we're talking fear, it's "mewling and begging for your life". If we're talking character flaws like being in a bad shape, it's making your character so unthinkably obese it's ridiculous. The important thing to keep in mind is that your character needs to be a believable human. It's not about finding a way out of every situation, it's about finding a way that your character would likely take. That's the mindset we should be promoting in this community, not playing whack-a-mole with rules on what's allowed and what isn't, and CKing/punishing people left and right.
  12. Yeah, that's fine too. I'm just saying, there seems to be a myth going around that "wholly based on IC events" is the one and only true path to developing a character. I mean, basing your character on the interactions you have with people is great, but there's nothing wrong with creating a rich background story intertwining your character story with those of other locals in an area you're going to roleplay, for example.
  13. Because establishing a story with some great narration isn't wrong. Not every character has to be off the boat and stumble across and awkwardly befriend the faction you want to join. 🙂
  14. Talked to a couple of people about this just to get their feedback on idea and we've sort of discovered one minor exception to add — having masks on should hide the "age" field in that view but keep height.
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