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  1. Okay lets start off with this. I am not shitting or hating on FD. However I have known that more times than one FD lacks urgency badly. People will be on the ground bleeding out and it takes them like 5-6 minutes to even get them in the ambulance. They do things like checking pulse, ect but when IRL someone is suffering GSW's first responders 1. Apply pressure 2. Get them in some sort of vehicle 3. Deal with things like pulse, injures while they are being transported. Why isn't it like this on the server, if someone's bleeding out you aren't gonna check their fucking pulse why they lay on the ground you aren't gonna ask "who did it" or "did you see anything" they should be instantly placed into an ambulance and then floored to the hospital.
  2. Drug reworks, from selling to addiction to more drugs would be a start.
  3. around 50% of the server = illegal rpers yet only 10% of the updates (not even) in the past year or so have been focused towards legal rp. 10% of updates for 50% of the server...
  4. uh tbh my name is like "Doom" cause i was like whats a really edgy name.. well doom is edgy... so when i was making my forum account, america was going through hell cuz u know covid and it was like well whats a good forum name so DoomedAmerica
  5. Yeah theres no "free excuse" or anything.. its been 2 years... what a few guns? thats it.
  6. Didn't management legit threaten to punish people in the illegal faction discord causing it to disband? LOL
  7. Separate county? nah just rp it as Catalina island.
  8. Imo? I don't think that it should be anything specific. I don't think it should JUST be a resort or JUST be cartel/criminals. RP it as any other area like Davis, Vinewood, and Sandy, if players are portraying RP unrealistically than it will be treated like any other area and admins will get involved however to limit a WHOLE island for resort/vacationing is dumb imo.
  9. It will be added but at the same time they could just say "dont go here or get banned" or "this is LSPD only" or "this is vacation resorts only" this is to talk about what its gonna be used for or if its gonna be used at all.
  10. Theres "hard" people on both sides. We aren't harassing the fucking devs threatening them or demanding them in anyways. The purpose of the thread is to acknowledge the lack of illegal updates and the amount of legal updates. thats all.
  11. The they work for free excuse, is meh. They add updates, none of these updates are illegal updates... I could understand if NO updates were being adding. This isn't just a month long thing, this has been on ongoing for nearly a year where the server has saw VERY few illegal updates. The drug market is shit, illegal RP'ers want more updates. NOTHING.
  12. Solution: Don't tell people what can and can't happen on this island. It doesn't happen for Paleto, Davis, or Sandy why this island? Let people do what they want on the island and if its unrealistic admins will step in.
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