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  1. Must be a house. Preferably northern jamestown street. 250k max budget.
  2. I am hiring a video editor. Must be able to do the following: Record and merge video clips together, add custom music/audio to videos. Pay: Discussable Contact: [email protected] (Forum PM)
  3. Also for everyone saying stolen goods such as jewels and phones... rarely ever will you sell these.
  4. Yeah exactly, you RISK going to JAIL just to make the same amount of cash that you can from working at a restaurant...
  5. Yes I understand this, however think about the risk vs reward that goes into making knifes and such.
  6. I would say that 80% of items sold at pawn shops at melee and lockpicks.
  7. PAWN SHOPS One of the hardest legal businesses to run. Okay so to help you understand this better let me put this in perspective for you. (Person A chops a car selling the parts to a pawn shop) These parts can be quite a hassle to get, sometimes it takes weeks to get a steady supply of car parts. The only way to obtain these car parts is illegal. 1 Metal Part = 3 Car parts 1 Switchblade is 5 metal parts or 15 car parts. 1 Knuckleduster is 4 metal parts or 12 car parts. 1 Lockpick is 3 metal parts or 9 car parts. A pawn shop to make profit would have to buy a car part for $200-400 or so. In a hour I usually have around fifteen people coming in via /openbusiness, around three or four buy an item. In total making around 30k an hour, not to mention the struggle of getting all of the parts, as well as the person chopping the car, getting caught and send to jail, and the garage whos scrapping it taking the chance of the garage being closed. Now for comparison, here's two types of businesses. Nightclub 500 entree fee. 20 people coming in the club within an hour. At Least 5k from tips and other various items.' 35k, with not near as much risk, or effort that a pawn shop goes through. Restaurant Around 20 people entering a day. Around 10k from food and drinks. 30k with little to no effort put into opening up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What i'm getting at here is that pawn shops offer less reward than they do risk, and effort. Leave some feedback on what you think about this, and what you think should change.
  8. Hey folks Dawn here, I am going to be hosting my first ever group meditation tomorrow at 8 PM, Sunday. Please come if you want to chill and unlock your third eye, we plan to meditate for around ten minutes, as the energy from the sun beams our skin. When: Sunday 10/25/2020 8 PM. Where: Beam me up Mountain East of Sandy Shores. Rules: -No Hate Speech -No violence -No Police Please leave a comment down below if you plan on coming so I know how many people to expect. Stay woke Los Santos Comments Enabled.
  9. ((A video would be uploaded, filmed through a go-pro of a man doing parkour stunts in Vespucci)) Username: VespucciParkourDude Comments are: ON. Username: Comment:
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