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Facebrowser Rules

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Selena    447


Facebrowser's Rules and Regulations


Facebrowser is an IC platform and an alternative platform that all players have access to in order to enhance their character development and to progress in their roleplay. This platform is essentially the in-game version of Facebook and by no means should it be misused. 



  • Every user is responsible for their account, sharing the details for your account is not at all advised, however, if you do share your details it's at your own risk.


  • You are not to post IRL (In real life) photographs of yourself, another person, and in general - they will be deleted.


  • Rule 19 still applies to Facebrowser, you are not to post gore, GTA lore, any form of torture, inciting sexual violence, sexual content, photos that are explicit on the website - this will be deleted.


  • Abusive of offence remarks against another user is highly discouraged and it will be deleted if reported.
    • Examples are, threatening someone, attacking someone based on their religious beliefs, posting a swastika, etc.


IC Rule (OOC context)


  • It is prohibited to post about illegal activities you have engaged with that violate IC laws, this includes, selling firearms, advocating for criminal activity and issuing illegal substances
    • As a result of posting the above on Facebrowser, the content will be flagged and reported to the authorities immediately by the IC Facebrowser moderation team.



Facebrowser secures every user's data and ensures their privacy is maintained. As aforementioned, sharing private information to another user is the user's discretion, however, posting confidential and/or leaking their private information without consent is not tolerated.

This includes sharing people's home addresses, posting intimate photos of someone, posting general photos of someone, and hacking information. All of which should be reported to the Facebrowser moderation team immediately.


If users are found violating the rules listed above they will face repercussions; removal or limiting their content. You are able to appeal your ban by getting in contact with a member of the Facebrowser moderation team, however, if you re-offend and violate the rules it will result in permanent removal from the website and potentially in-game too.


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