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Found 6 results

  1. The Chinatown Collective 唐人街集體 The Chinatown Collective is a predominantly Chinese (Hong Kong) organised crime group consisting of second and third generation Chinese-Americans with loose connections to the city of Hong Kong. It is a secretive and well established organisation that puts up a legal facade to the public eye through the use of the Chinese American Association, the organisation’s legal front, while operating behind the scenes on a deeper criminal level. In recent years the group has been forced to adapt as a result of the city's ever harsher crackdowns on organised crime, shedding its old name and structure in order to survive. While the main figureheads of the group operate in complete secrecy however they utilise a street gang in order to maintain a presence on the streets of Chinatown. The organisation as a whole is responsible for the smuggling of arms and drugs, extortion, prostitution, human trafficking, gambling and other white-collar and violent crime. The organisation has a steep hierarchy, with the most senior and experienced members holding the most authority in the group. Traditional Chinese values such as respect, loyalty and honesty are seen as vital components to the organisation’s success. Chinatowns Chinatowns are ethnic Chinese enclaves located outside of mainland China, particularly common in the USA, the first Chinese to arrive in the U.S came through New York in the early 1800s as tea and porcelain merchants, but it wasn’t until the San Andreas gold-rush of the mid-1800s that thousands of Chinese migrants, mostly from the Guangdong Province started entering the country at the prospect of making their fortune, working in scattered mines across the state. Chinese migrants also proved instrumental in the construction of the central pacific and transcontinental railroads. The Chinese migrants found life challenging in their new home, as is the case with all migrants, even as San Andreas became a hub of Chinese culture in the U.S. A lot of the newly arrived Chinese migrants worked to send money back to their families back home, as well as pay off any debts to the Chinese-American merchants that sponsored their passage across the pacific to America, these financial pressures meant that many Chinese migrants had to accept work at reduced wages, work longer hours with fewer days off. Discrimination was common, causing areas dubbed ‘Chinatown’ to become increasingly more segregated and concentrated. Because of this, it wasn’t uncommon for Chinese migrants to band together as a community as a response to anti-Chinese motivated attacks, these communities often turned to crime in order to better sustain themselves, the Los Santos Chinatown is no different. The Chinese American Association of Los Santos The Chinese American Association is a non-profit organisation that exists to provide the impoverished youth of Chinatown with local job opportunities, host community-ran events and cultural celebrations, as well as providing financial aid to local businesses in the area. Behind the scenes though, the association is merely the legal front of the group, serving as the puppet organisation in which the collective can legitimise a lot of its criminal activities. OOC Information The Chinatown Collective aims to portray a realistic approach to a unique Chinese organised crime group based in Chinatown. Above everything, we emphasise character development & authentic scenes to occur within & outside of the organisation. Coming into the faction, your expectations should be that everything must be treated strictly in-game. At any time your character may be insulted, assaulted, or even killed. Recruitment & progression will be all IC and may take a while or short time depending on interactions with your character. Characters looking to get involved with the faction should be impoverished, young Chinese-Americans, although we’re not against recruiting those of other east-Asian ethnic origins, such as Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Filipino, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian. Our faction is open to both illegal and legal characters, or simply a mix of both. For more information on the faction, please do not hesitate to message can#8229 or george#4074
  2. This will be a continuation of Catalan Rui's story. Short Story: After jumping in for his own race during a brawl outside Kowloon Palace (Chinese fine dining restaurant) his fate was sealed with a particular group in Chinatown that mobbed it. Friendly and mostly passive, he has undergone through multiple struggles and hardships that has made him what he is today. Now essentially a made man in the Chinatown Collective, he continues to strut on in Los Santos, only wanting to protect those who cares about. The Hook: Shameful that he wasn't able to stand up for his entire life, fearful of being outed, of being powerless, and seeing how people always looked down upon his ethnicity he had enough when he saw a group of Mexicans fight a group of Chinese workers outside the Kowloon Palace. Fueled by his people standing on their own he joined which evidently sealed his fate into organized crime. Sunny Woo: Sunny Woo took a liking to Catalan due to his naïve nature. Sunny Woo, an ex-member of Wah Ching who later formed the Los Santos Triad took Catalan under his wing, later becoming a father figure, and adoptive grandfather down the road. Related Links:
  3. Lotus Garden Projects (莲花园) General Information The Lotus Garden Projects is a three story public housing complex in the Southern end of Chinatown, Los Santos along Sinner Street. In total, there are 12 apartments. The Projects serve as a minor landmark due to it's relative location to the surrounding Mission Row Police Department, yet however blends in with surrounding landscape among the high-rises. History The Lotus Garden, in it's original concept, was to be an all-affordable development to serve the growing amount of families moving into the growing neighborhood in the late 40's, following the conception of Lee Wah Shew's New Chinatown in conjunction with Soo Hoo and 26 other founding members in the late 30's, with construction completing in 1948. The original dream of being a tourist-drawing development soon faded as a reputation for a high crime rate in the downtown area, specifically in the ethnic area of Chinatown gradually grew, and the idea of the Lián Huāyuán's grandeur was misplaced due to poor planning and cramped conditions in the projects. By the 1980's, worsening conditions by means of soaring unemployment, the beginning of a crack cocaine epidemic, and the LSPD's crackdown of neighboring homelessness "containment zones" lead to the Projects to become a hotbed rife of squatters in condemned rooms as the growing homeless population in the Southern neighborhoods found their way into bordering Chinatown, causing the poor conditions of the projects to worsen and constantly as indecisive landlords allowed their apartment complexes to fall to disrepair in the face of the epidemic and rumors of re-development of the area. With the dawn of the 2000's comes Soo Hoo's New Chinatown's gradual decline in the face of the 2008 Economic Recession following massive increases in housing prices in the area, and the growing aim of the city to develop the remainder of the Chinatown area, causing another dislocation crisis for the majority of the Chinese-American community in the neighborhood, bound for other Asian-American hotspots in the city as a result. With the dawn of the 2020's and the subsequent movement for a new Chinatown spearheaded by the Fukien-American Association of the Greater Los Santos Area, and the establishment of Little Fuzhou on San Andreas Avenue and surrounding blocks, the sudden re-population of the Lotus Garden has spiked yet again more issues within the community following it's constant trend of overcrowding, leaving it as a center for remaining squatters, arriving locals, and Soo Hoo Chinatown holdout locals. OOC Section The Lotus Garden Projects is an application-only public housing project featuring a multi-interior for plentiful space for community roleplay, our aim is to make a real, living environment for roleplayers aiming to stay in or around Chinatown. We urge people to make niche, well-rounded characters to fit this setting, meaning to fit the description of "an occupant of an around or below the poverty line-majority, ethnic apartment complex". As for the application process, there is no format as a judge of competence and character, but we will afford applicants simple requirements; All applications are to be sent to @slump in a forum PM and will be judged on quality, not quantity in a round-based style, meaning we will be opening and closing applications as openings come, and it is not first come, first serve, we recommend applying in groups (whether that be through having family members or room mates). We reserve the right to accept or deny anyone based around our standards of quality, complaints about denial sent to Property Management or us will result in barring from future applications, depending on circumstance.For more information or any questions, please feel free to join our discord for the project, which will hold guides and in the case of acceptance, local events and IC details in the confines of the Projects; https://discord.gg/a9jMdedfxJ
  4. The story of a troubled youth finding his way in life.
  5. (( This is the development thread of Marvin Yip, AKA Goblin ))
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