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  1. Available to be viewed in person? Willing to swap a Vespucci canals standalone house for this one? 5413
  2. First Name: Laura Middle Name (if applicable): Last Name: Green Phone Number: 44352 Email address: [email protected] Bid: $600,000
  3. The apartment has been sold.
  4. Starting Bid: $200.000 Buyout Price: $400.000
  5. 2240 OCEAN FRONT WALK - FLOOR 1, ROOM 1 Starting Bid: $150.000 Buyout Price: $300.000
  6. Interior Pictures: Starting Bid: $300,000 Buyout: $850,000
  7. Lowering the boombox distance without admin permission should be fine, raising it makes sense to require admin permission.
  8. Mike

    New UI Discussion

    All the posts that appear within hours after a new feature releases always manages to piss me off, people complaining about "going back". I think St3fanNL deserves all credits in the world to create a new clothing system which is faster to use if used properly and has much more options for customization than using the old system, it's outdated. Give it time. You're all upset because you have to suddenly re-do all 30 clothing slots and some in factions have to re-do all their 20 uniform slots too. Once everything has been setup you'll hopefully be glad that this system exists. Provide constructive feedback on how the system can improve instead of cracking down on it. If you're one of those people that have nothing positive to say, please become a junior developer and make something yourself lol, this takes hours.
  9. You can still use the arrow keys, just click on the slider where the numbers are, then you can use the arrow keys.
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