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  1. Bump EDIT: Car found new owner already!
  2. Truly underrated car is Rancher XL and oh look, someone is selling one even! What a chance to own underrated car and be one of the cool people!
  3. Low mileage Rancher XL for sale, only 143 miles on the meter! Some performance enhancements installed, like turbo, engine and transmission upgrades! It will be yours for only 17 grand! Contacts trough email! ((Forum PM)) Pictures: (( Vstats: ))
  4. Celebrating two months of this ad being up and still looking!
  5. Will this mean that player owned businesses get drowned in big lists of other businesses? I have never been trucker myself, but I hope businesses that are owned by players would take priority in the list.
  6. I don't envy truckers, but love them since they keep my little store stocked! 😛 I just hope, whatever fix there will be for truckers, doesn't screw us business owners in return. Resupplying works currently great from business point of view. Don't have to put high prices just to get noticed by truckers anymore, also doesn't take multiple days anymore to get fully stocked.
  7. Long as its not those silly movie silencers that silence sound completely.
  8. Long as I can own multiple sport horses, wear animal ears and shoot bad guys. I'm all up for some western RP.
  9. Up up and away! Still looking!
  10. Restocking day is so painful, have to sit in the business watching over the deliveries whole day. So the business wont get "robbed" of all its money and getting overstocked.
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